Thursday, June 21, 2007

of camwhores & Equally camwhores

professional camwhores....
Monkey & beautiful CS
amateur and equally camwhores
Nigel, Alex & Brian standing.
*with Zhang Ziyi on the background :P pfftt*

When Gals wanna snap some pics,
guys will go all rolling eyes,
rolling and rolling

When Gals offer the guys to snap for them,
they'll go....
"nah...I don't take pics"
"neh, I don't want"
"oh come"

and go all wishy bashy pai seh.
In the end, I think guys can be equally good camwhores as Gals.
*they get addicted to it too!!*
Hey CS,
U looking yummy as alwiz..
let this monkey be done with all the events,
then I'll cook up a storm for the 3 of u!!

In the mean time,
we'll lunch at Bkt Bintang then.
tee hee hee.

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