Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Monkey Koh in Koh Island

It's pronounced as "Kok Sze Mui"
Kok = Island
Sze Mui = safe heaven
Fat Monkey woke up early as usual,
weather was again lovely without the evil sun
*poor european tourists*
Big Buddha...
really big and I was too lazy to climb the steps up,
bcoz it is COMPULSORY to take off your shoes...

Lucky they don't make you crawl all the way up!!Sometimes I wished I have so many hands to multi task
my already multitasking workloads.
Very Thai influenced temple
This is near the toilet...
If I don't tell u won't know rite???
Ahem...must be the good photography skills.
I don't have the habit to "wai" whenever I'm in a temple,
*wai = slight bow, palms pressed together in a prayer like fashion*

JS: "U MUST WAI B4 U SNAP ANY PIC!!!!!!!!!!"
*grithing his teeth*

Monkey: "ooooOoooo....I tot U were a catholic."

JS: "I'm a protestant!!! Nooooowww WAI"


Cheu-ly & Teu-ly
my name and JS's name in Thai
We made donation by buying bricks to build their temple.

I tell you, JS's writing buruk macam cakar ayam,
*he writes with both hands = ambidexterity*

If Monkey were to write Thai,
buruk macam chicken intestine.
nope...not chicken intestine,
multiple dragon heads..
*hmmm...Kee would lurve this*This statue guarding the entrance of the temple was scary to me,
scary enuff to ward off notti monkeys.....
BUT....they have....
Darth Vader wor!!!!
aaahhh!!! from the aliens and the predators!!!
These are souvenirs made fr scrap metals,
How creative.
This is the main town
checked out all diff type of chilies they have in the market!!!
had steamboat at their famous Thai franchise - MK Restaurant
similar concept to COCA but so so so much cheaper.
yummy fried bread with prawn fillings
green spinach pasta/noodle,
alio olio style.
Best roasted black sesame tong yuen in the world!!!
served with caramelised ginger syrup.
and their famous dessert,
forgot wat name.
my fav coconut slurpeeeeeeeee
Came with the receipt was this!!!!
Total calories consumed per head = 1,55.10 >_<
Protein = 58.6
Carbo = 151.4
Fat: 80.80 (we had a huge portion of roasted porkie)

The rest I forgot...
I can't read THAI!!!
wondered how did JS picked up Thai so fast.
Grandfather & Grandmother stone,

I didn't go to this place in Koh Samui,
too many places to go in such a short time,
it's so near,
can go anytime again.

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