Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I almost killed someone on the road!!!

If u think Msians drivers are dangerous,
wait till u observe the pedestrians.

Yesterday, monkey was happily driving home after work,
an extremely kind driver gave way and let me through.
*see, there are still obedient, kind, careful drivers out there!!*

Little did I know,
there's this dumb woman trying to cross the road,
right in front of my CAR!!!!!

when I was turning left out to the main road,
and this dumbo crossing fr the left to the right!!
HOW the fark am I to know you are crossing thisway!!!!

Rule number 1
YOU DO NOT cross the road in any directions you want

Rule number 2
YOU DO NOT cross especially at a junction where vehicles are coming out

Rule number 3
YOU DO NOT cross at a junction where vehicles are coming out on the opposite directions, coz the driver can't see you!!!

Rule number 4
YOU DO NOT cross in front of a moving vehicle unless u wanna commit suicide or claim $$$$ from your insurance policy!!!

Damn, this was not the only time,
one pleasant morning,
eventhough stucked in the horrible jam,
there this uncle trying to cross the road in the sea and mountainous of cars....

like playing hide and seek,
he appeared out fr the front of a van,
mr. motorcyclist couldn't see him and hold on to the emergency brake and fell,
yeah...fell...ONTO MY CAR!!!

I just need to be extra careful in the future,

Pedestrians don't look out for cars and walk safely on the pavement,
We drivers have to look out for them...and stay out!!
Coz if you knock them..*or they come and knock u*
U'll be in jail.
Time for my usual cuppa latte
and my fav croissant,
this time a bit overboard with the fillings in it,
ham, eggs and cheese.
yeah Republik Pisang opened its door,
nohing fantastic to cause me to part $$$$

Mens' range positioning: higher than Raoul
Ladies: at the range of Kookai for dresses and shirts at the range of Ralph Lauren.
Deco: very British India look and casual.
Staffs: helpful but low knowledge on its product range *prollie it's stil new*

Now which is the next new boutique?
Uncle Choo opening this month end..
watch out ladies and be pampered with his beautiful chooooooooeesssss.

*pokai man and I have yet to spend on SGS*

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