Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fusion Monkey

Am currently waiting for the dates of KL Gourmet Festival,
and the list of menu...
they don't even have a venue yet..

I've been cooking a lot for the past months,
*ok ok ok I helped JS to cook*

I am lucky that whatever that he
I can take it....
and whatever that
monkey whack,
he enjoyed it too.
*cept that he doesn't consume duck*
vine ripen tomato consomme with pearl onions.
this consomme took 5 hours to make!!
and 5 minutes to consume.

1 long hour to let the crushed tomatoes to rest,
and another blarrdy
4 hours to let the juice drip,
after all the hours, u'll get 100% clear tomato juice.
and serve on a hot plate/bowl with extra virgin olive oil,
chopped romas,
taragon and basil.
Nee Lee will ask every evening b4 I log off,

"What are you having for dinner tonite?"
"What's for dinner tonite?"
"What's JS cooking?"

so Nee Lee, the above is the honourable smoked tea salmon
*if u can't imagine how it looks like and I am tad lazy to explain*
confit the sashimi cut salmon belly in spiced oil,
then smoke the bugger with tea...

actually this is a jap fusion dish,
hence served with
wasabi mash, jap leeks..
and all the yummy condiments.
*daiko, pickled ginger and cucumer*
I lurve this a hell lot,
though it's salty like mad.
Indian cuisine is the best!!!
bursting with flavours,
esp for a person who loves lamb.

Monkey made the lemon spiced rice,
easy peasy.
while the lamb requires 101 types of spices.

Yea luff all u want,
we do everything from scratch...
no cheating with bottled sauces, packed spices,
ready made curry paste.

Worth the time and hardwork,
Cooking is really a stress reliever.
*not for some though, I've seen pots & pans flying*

Now the
hardest part would be,
archiving all the recipe and pics.
hmm, that can wait...
but it's been waiting for the past 12 months???

I am the Queen of Procrastinator!

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