Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Koh Samui

Yes!!! I flew to Koh Samui via Penang,
with Firefly..
It is operated by MAS at a fraction of the price,
similar to Air Asia but the seats are numbered,

I've never travel with Air Asia b4,
but heard numerous complaints bout it..
well it's cheap so shuddup!!!
wah!!! the plane damn small..
I scared leh!!!
I've never boarded such a tiny plane....
almost in tears and JS got to pacify me to board!!

The journey was pleasant and slow.....
1.5 hours fr Penang.

When I touched down...I was in tears again..
this time luffing!!!
U'll know why
are we in Wonderland??
There's this cute themepark choo choo train,
which will transfer us from the tarmac to the terminal building...
This is the passport ctrl counter...
very bare minimum...
No conveyor belts for your luggage,
just manual labor to transfer them for you.
If u have anything to declare...this is where u go to.
JS hired a driver with a farking huge tourist van for 3 dayz..

"Wakakakakakaka....no joke. Do we need such a big van?"
We stayed at Amari Palm Reef Hotel...
such a different environment fr the airport.
Monkey all comfy again...
My Pina Colada,
with fresh coconut cream...
So while the men went to their green playground,
Santiburi Golf Resort..
the only golf course in the whole damn island..
Monkey laze around in her 2 pcs.
and bbq-ed myself to death.
weather was so lovely,
no sun...

those europeans were asking!!
"Where's the Sun??"
"The Sun needs a vacation too."
even their boat is so artistic!!
Looks like Minangkabau!!

As usual, ppl think I'm Thai!!

Hotel staffs spoke Thai to me,
farang tourists think I'm local!!

the Scuba Dive trainer thought I'm Hongkie..

"Yes chinese...not Thai. U are so smart."

U can't just go that you are malaysian...
coz they'l'l argue that I don't looked like one!!

have to be more specific like,
so complicated man.

JS was mistaken as japanese!!
Super crispy can die roast porky
at nite, we went for foot massage,
the fat ladies automatically will take the men clients.
while monkey's one is a petite Thai gal,
If those fat ladies touch my feet, I'll scream.
for they'll use all the hidden strength they have and try to kill u!!!
My yummy Mojito,

Too many pics..
lazy to post..
tomorrow la!!!
*procrastinate procrastinate procrastinate*

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