Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Mee mee is the most beautiful nerd
I've ever known.
Intelligent, smart, quirky, humorous..
brainy, sweet, beautiful.

Monkey moved in as your roomie,
in one of the most awkward situation ever.
You were away somewhere....*I think pak tor-ing*
and I just crashed in coz I have no place to stay.
*thanks to the unihostel flood*

Spending a year together in house 12,
was very memorable to me.
Happy time passed us by in a blink.

Somehow we were meant to be roomies again,
we were placed together with Nee Lee,
in the Cyber Land with Cyber Cows.
Nee Lee, Mee Mee & Bee Ree
*hmmm...that's not my lion...*

From playing Sims to Pharoah,
and laser-laser with some hunks in HB1,
esp when the Cyber City is in pitt black.
Today, Mee Mee is a beautiful young lady,
and I think she is still playing Sims,
somewhere out there....*hahahaha*

Lucky the game is not damaging,
otherwise 3 of us would be speaking Sim-ish,
walk like one, eat like one...and slice/chop things with our palm.

Anyway we've already given ourselves Sim-ish names.
*is that damaging enuff?*
Now all three are busy settling down with their own life and career,
The eldest one already has a not so lil rambutan monster in kindergarten,
and you with the wedding bells coming soon,
and of coz notti monkey here still as notti as she used to.

Happy Birthday to u Mee Mee,
age is just a number *oh Gawd, 3 of us share the same number now*
as long as we still call each other our code names,
we are still a bunch of yummy young Sims.



Odin Cards said...

*Nose bleeding after looking at picture No. 2

CHER-RY said...

Drink more water then. Too heaty at your place? Muahahahahaha.