Thursday, March 08, 2007

Romanee St Vivant

It was someone's birthday,
and he flew down to Singapore to celebrate,
amid my busy schedule.
yummy super outta this world tiramisu
Parma Ham with sweet rock melon
hokkaido scallop carpacio
grilled veges....I really need them as I was low in fiber for the past days.
their alio olio was superb
haha...they actually took the trouble to wrap the pasta and grill the top of the paper
Ta-da!!!! spaghettini
seared tuna....with beef carpacio at the bottom
lovely roast rack of lamb
this was my favourite, rib eye...can u see the blood ozzing out?
Chef Michele Pavanello fr Northen Italy
Doc brought a very good Ruchottes, SGD 280
as usual, we brought our own burgundy glasses...Riedel "O" series
JS brought his amazing....Romanee St Vivant 1993, SGD 1200

I've graduated a few steps ahead after tasting this one...
This wine needs no introduction to wine lovers.

If you wanna find out more about it, pls google it.
Too long to describe this lil jewel.
the bday boy....
Monkey & JS
I didn't sleep for 2 freaking nites,
made time to get out fr my hectic schedule to join him for his bday dinner,
I have to, since someone flew all the way and brought the party to Singapore,
for monkey....sigh..*guilt strikes*

I looked so horrible here...*yikes*

Pontini is a very nice authentic italian restaurant,
tucked in Grand Copthorne Hotel

We sat in the VIP room which is also a cellar,
so it was farking cold in there.

I am not a good partner,
I did not arrange any dinner for him,
any party for him,
nor purchase his b-day gift yet.

Sooner or later lightning will strike this monkey.

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