Tuesday, March 20, 2007

le Tour de la Bourgogne

We are planning to do a tour at Burgundy, France.
This coming October....weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Since we are goin to be there,
might as well do another champagne tour...
at Champagne itself..

Lawrence the wine enthusiast is goin,
Augustine the wine expert, our wine lord, wine trader is organising,
Terrence of Culina Gourmet Shop is joining,
of coz JS and notti Monkey..

and we will be asking Prince C today.
after calculating I-Ching's due month...*she's 3 mths pregnant*
confirmed Prince C can go.

suddenly....*the braking and screeching sound....nyeeeeeek*
Monkey blurted out...."I cannot go" >_<

JS --__--"

"I am organising a party for Raja Permaisuri and it's Ramadhan Month."

JS -_- stress gile

Since I can't blog bout "le tour de la Bourgogne"
I will take u to "le tour de la Briyanni"
Monkey made this.
Step 1: Fry the marinated leg of lamb with 1 tbsp olive oil/ ghee.
Leg of lamb is the most tender part of the lamb.
Marinate it with garam masala, tumeric, cumin and salt.
You don't want to overcook them!!
with the remaining juice and fat fr the lamb, sautee the garlic, ginger and onions till it's translucent.
then fry the basmati rice for 2 minutes
next arrange the lamb on top neatly and pour in the chicken stock
jam the bugger into the oven for 45 minutes at 2oo
serve with cilantro/coriander
it's yummy and of coz different fr our usual fantastique briyanni gum..coz I followed Bill Granger's recipe...so it's gweilo style. Budweiser and SingHa

I am still trying to see how can I go to Burgundy in October.
dom dom dee dum...