Monday, March 26, 2007

Brunei Darussalam

There's free lunch after all,
only in Brunei.

Here are wat I've discovered,
during my uneventful visit there..
even when I told my media that Monkey will be in Brunei...
"Brunei??? aaahhh YAWN....enjoy."

cept that I made new frenz there..
Mr. N, a German who works for the Sultan designing his private planes/jets..
Mr. L who owns the most exciting retail outlets in town,
Mr. S who owns the hotel I stayed in, the malls that I visited, the road that I stepped on.
and of coz pretty sweet Vienna who's fr Miri....
Bandar Seri Begawan is a small town,
with 300k ppl in the whole country..
so that left with 100k in Begawan itself.
nothing much changed though
compared to 20 years ago...according to Chris da Boss

so why there's free lunch in Brunei anyway??
lemme begin my findings...

1) Free education
The government will sponsor everything from your
tuition fees to textbooks,
to lodging to cost of living,
to the underwear that u'll wear..
to any country which you wanna further your education.

2) Bountiful jobs
When you are back...
there are already jobs waiting for u...
starting pay for a fresh grad is BR$ 2,500
same currency as SGD...go figure it out.

3) Free hospitalization
Yes we do get these as well....but theirs is 1st class..
If u need to perform an operation overseas..
the Government will fly u there, pay for your accommodation,
allowances for spouse/family members who's there to take care of u..
Government will pay for your hospital fees, bla bla bla bla bla...
and fly u home....

4) Free entertainment
Imagine the Government built a theme park as big as Disneyland.
with roller coasters..ferris shutter...bla bla bla bla bla..
and it's free...
just walk in and ride in any of the rides you want...
It's even bigger than Disney HK.
Merry go round!!!
yes they call their theme park a playground...WTF!!!!
5) Free 5 stars concert
Imagine the Sultan paid USD 50 mil to Mr. Michael Jackson
for two appearance in Brunei...
One only for the royalties..and another for the rest of Bruneians..

anyway it's quite a boring life there for this hyper active Monkey
Empire Hotel & Country Club
it's a 6 stars hotel
it faces the beautiful South China Sea
this hotel used to be the holiday home for the Sultans,
until they lease it out recently..
WTF!!!! only a holiday home already so beautiful..
I really do wanna see the palace.
Chris da boss drove me by
Can't see much, it was covered by lushy trees...i can't even see the palace!!!!
one of the beautiful mosque
Plenty of beautiful mosques around
one of the shopping complexes - Yayasan

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