Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I am a Mongolian

Day time were spent..
thrashin in the boardroom.

arguing which market should spend more,
which country should have more budget,
who can fight for the most pieces for his country.
All I can say is...I got wat I wanted...
Always hold all the cards in any negotiation game.

Nite time we were thrashed...
dining and be merry...
from places to places.
all indifferences were put aside,
arguments and hard feelings were gone.
I can't remember the last time I played pool....all I remembered was..slut dancing with Janet & Michael most of the time.
leng cai Antonio...this pic did no justice to him!!!
I luff everytime Alex sings cantonese, coz he sounded so retarded...
having to hold the mic for conference during the day and karaoke at nite is just too much for Jacques
Clare of Ozzie market.....the sportiest of the lot..

there were colleagues fr Japan, Thailand, Indonesia,
India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia...

Indons don't go out coz they can't drink,
Japanese can't speak english,
Thais were too snobbish and alwiz an island of their own,
Indians....just know how to shake their head left and right *but they were friendly*
Hongkies.....erm...we just deserted them.

Singaporeans are party animals plus they were the host...they have to *hahaha*
Taiwanese were super friendly,
and Aussie??? Need I say more? Clare is my best friend there!!
and I am her secondary smoker...

and Malaysians??? You decide!!
Michael da President & tipsy *as usual* Monkey

He commented that I don't look chinese at all...
no chinese eyes, no chinese face *???*, no chinese accent,
I was like......I dunno wat am I...
I am a Malaysian and proud to be one.

in the end, Mike said Monkey looked like a Mongolian..
I've been mistaken as Thai, Malay, Portuguese but Mongolian is new..

he said that was a compliment...WTFWTFWTFWTF!!!
I shall start drinking yark milk,
riding on camels/horses...
and get a mongolian looking boyfriend,

pls note...mongolian looking only.

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