Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chef Takashi Kimura

Nope this is not Chef Takashi Kimura *it's home chef Lim JS*
Though often dined at Cilantro,
I've never met the chef in person before.

Just found out they have special Friday lunch,
as usual u eat wat the chef cook.
Frankly speaking, I can memorize the menu by now.
so requested something different fr chef...
He knows our out came a wonderful seafood pasta..
not in the menu.

Absolutely wonderful with conch, scallops and prawns.
and of coz the chilies in it...
hahaha that's monkey's palate.
And of coz it has to be spaghetti, no other funny pasta.

and my fav leaves on top - aragula/rockets.
somehow it's not called Ms. Cherry's pasta....'s called Mr. Terry's pasta.....fark!
*I don't want to be shadowed by u anymore*
Prince C was not that happy the last round for the choice of restaurant I chose.
We had chinese at a chinese seafood restaurant...
coz I am so sick of fusion/mediterranean/rich food.

though we had a wonderful lobster sashimi,
and other absolutely yummy chinese food.
In the end he labeled me as "chinak"...WTF.
I had a slow roast lamb....and gave almost everything to both of them!!!
STOP pinching on my food!!!!
and Monkey don't alwiz get to pinch on their food,
coz they are still growing up...need nutrients..*duh*
well I do pity them after 18 holes at the course,
they'll need all the energy more than me.
we brought an awesome bordeux,
The same one that we had in HK..
but this's much older..1985.
imagine after 22 years in the bottle...
it is still so beautiful.
Market price: RM 1800
We still have one more bottle left in Spore.

got some notes fr the sommelier on this lil jewel,
"structured and mellow"

When will I be able to describe wines like him??

and we told him about our Richebourg Meo accident....>_<
shy man!!!

"Oh won't be able to find anymore Meo around!!"

JS and monkey unisonly

Sommelier was so keen on the tasting notes...
we were too speechless over the incident to share anything with him.
All I can say is...."it's chocolatey"

" Mr. R, why don't u come over to my place whenever I open a bottle?"
"......hahahahaha......I would love to ma'am."

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