Sunday, March 18, 2007

What to do with you??

You looked at me directly into the eyes,
and gave me that dopey gaze..
Not only u did not utter a word,
but u kept silent and stood still...*gosh*

U've been asking around about me,
it's quite obvious by then,
Fr that moment on,
I kept my distance.

You knew damn well,
that I am not available,
nor have any interest,
esp towards You.

yes You have your very own jet,
and a yacht at the Mediterranean,
wealth stays with you,
just like the aura & charisma you have in you.

I think u basically have everything in the world,
from fast cars to super chicks,
good looks to everything so yummy about you,
and such a gentleman.

Everyone told me to go for it,
give yourself and myself a chance *roll eyes*
I felt so awkward whenever you are near me,
It made you try even harder.

I do not know what to do with you???
even more how to deal with you,

Do I accept your calls?
reply your emails??
Even more, go out with you???

Why do I wanna put myself in such a difficult situation?
at a cross road I've been many many times before,
when I know at the end it's not meant to be...
*and I don't feel for you*

I'm glad you are back in LA at the moment,
for it gave me some space,
from yourself and all the ppl around me..
Life for the past weeks revolved around you.
I hated it.

Now I'm dreading next month,
for I'll see you again,
I really don't understand u gweilos...
perhaps bcoz we are fr such different culture & upbringing.

all I know is..
if I am not looking at a future for us,
I won't take your heart for a ride.

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