Monday, March 12, 2007


Someone's birthday is around the corner,
lurking nearer and haunting me...
wat to buy for him?
where to take him to?

and so I was busy like fark *as usual*...but
I still have to plan something for him kan??
So I brought him to enjoy classical musique performed by MPO,
conducted by Thomas Zehetmair.

it took some efforts to get seats on the stall.
Well since it's his birthday I have to make it special wut....
takkan I put him together with the rest of the audiences.

So fussy monkey managed to get the whole special stall reserved for both of us.
:)...I think the ticketing counter cannot tahan me already.

It was a 2 hour performance of Haydn very last symphonies,
and Mozart's viola concerto performed by Ruth Killius...

*thank God he didn't fell asleep*
unlikes those ang mohs
I can see the driving range!!
the weather was lovely and someone couldn't go whack some balls,
coz we had to attend the symphony orchestra..
I make do by taking him to his home course for dinner..

Made him frus only..
can see the course but cannot whack balls.
Dinner at Kogetsu, Saujana Golf Course & Country Club.
and of coz his pressie....

Cartier lighter with platinum finish...

so today is March the 12th....
Happy Merry Birthday to you baby..

*I have to go home early to make his b-day cake later*
*Since when I am so domesticated??? Help!!*

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