Thursday, March 15, 2007


was having a chat with a galfriend,
on soul mates, partners, bfs, whatever you call them nowadays.

Most of us working ladies are single,
it's either you don't meet the right one,
no time to meet one,
or just simply can't be bothered to meet one,
or it could be that your taste is so eccentric that it's hard to find one.

or it could be that you wanna remain single by choice,
Ladies nowadays are so independent,
Emotionally and financially.

so I guess men were intimidated,
now that everyone been expressing that men and women are equal,
shouldn't the ladies sumtimes make the 1st move???

in the end after our discussion,
this galfren got so frustrated...
I don't understand either..

She is soooooo beautiful,
just like a princess..
with a very good family background,
and of coz very successful at work.

Being a director at her age in a fashion magazine,
is a dream come true for any ladies out there..

Bottom line is....
she's just too good to be true that men are afraid.

You'll eventually meet "the one"
I believe there's a soul mate for each and everyone of us.
You just need to look for him.

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