Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Prego, Westin Hotel

"Shall we go out to dine tonite?"
"What's the occasion baby?"
"hmmm...just felt like taking u out for dinner.....may I?"

so got a nice table at Prego Italian Restaurant..
but everything else was....*no comment but lotsa complaints*
their starter was a bit let down though it was highly recommended by our waiter...
the roast rack of lamb in thyme sauce was alrite
Staffs were of little experience....
they do not know how to handle our wine..
JS handled it himself and corkage was RM 60.

menu was quite extensive though,
Chef was a local one...don't mean to insult our capable msian chefs...
but Italian restaurant must MUST have an ITALIAN CHEF(s),
for it's authentic flavor.
for dessert we parked ourselves at Haagen Daaz nearby...
yes I rather have my dessert there!!
Monkey alwiz eppy eppy after her dosage of ice creams!!!
yes both of us were tipsy after only a bottle,
JS's eyes are really really brown in color.
Reminded me of Siew Ling who owns a pair of envious hazel colored eyes.
I want...erm...misty grey colored eyes!!!
Anyone out there with natural misty grey eyes???

Prego is not really that fantastic...
probably if u wanna catch a light pasta lunch with frenz,
that would be a nice place.

So when I was back fr Brunei,
JS cooked up a storm...
the moment the doors of the lift opened,
ooOOooo, I can smell the yummy dinner coming fr my unit.
MY FAVOURITE!!!!! lamb cutlet with coriander and spices....served with a lovely parsley & coriander dip.
caramelized pear and rockets served with blue cheese and walnuts
this was the SGD 80 burgundy....the label looked so similar to the SGD 800 Meo, no wonder...aiks.
my favourite lime cake!!!!
I was just away for a few days,
If monkey is away for a few weeks,
I wonder what will JS cook for me...
tee heee heee heee heee...

So on Sunday,
I teman-ed him shopping.
he showed me his ugliest face
Z Zegna at Avenue K is having a relocation sale,
everything at 40%, 60% and 70%...
and it's the latest spring/summer collection..
if only they have something for the ladies..

So we spent 1 hour there,
trying every single damn nice pants/shirts/shoes...

and FINALLY.....
my company's plastic has arrived...
Thank u Boss.
Now I dun have to go pokai spending my own $$$ first,
on company's expenditures...
*sigh of relief*

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