Monday, March 05, 2007

I am home

The moment I touched down...

I missed my bed so much....
I missed Carol's wedding dinner,
I missed Chap Goh Mei,
I missed slothing around at home,
I missed my frenz,
I missed so much last week....

Monkey was away in Singapore,
6 solid days without enuff sleep,
was really torturing..
monkey, cutie Alex, lovely Jacky, Pretty Amy, Sexay Jamie and Michael da president at the back...
Alex is a golf freak...look at his tan lines...just like batman!!! all thanks to Oakley.
we had dinner at Vansh Restaurant since those gweilos wanted indian cuisine...
nothing fantastic there...not even worth ranting here.
Jacques-Alain the sales director, super leng cai Antonio the GM and Janet
can't remember which nite though,
went out clubbing till the next morning..
at St James...
we ppl work super hard and partay like there's no tomorrow.
sober me and drunken boss
Jacky with Michael here...
he's the President of the company,
and daddy is the owner...
and Michael is still single and available..*pssttt he's only 31*

No doubt he's good looking,
hence he's the only person I danced with..

Mike is Swiss,
grew up in Los Angeles,
so he is super americanized...
and rap like P.Diddy during all the karaoke sessions..

alrite as usual,
drunken partay animal *monkey* with my lovely colleague here.
Amazing ssshhheeeattt that I still can take lovely pictures in this condition.

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