Monday, March 19, 2007

Desserts galore

No matter how full I am,
how round my stomach is,
be it after a full 4 course dinner,
or 13 degustation size meal...

There's alwiz room for desserts...
So during the weekend...
I made these.
Little mini lemon pudding with yogurt and blackberries
egg custard tart served with plenty of blueberries
after this, no other egg tart is yummy...cept Leonard da chef's egg tart.
There goes my weekend..
no mood...dunno wat to blog..


licheng said...

the pics of food on your blog always make me drool..heheh..

cher-ry said...

haha..I shall post a warning/disclaimer note. Do not read this blog with an empty stomach!!!

Have a great week there Chai!! Cheers.