Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Prime Burger by Rene Schudel

While the whole Malaysia was going go-go-ga-ga over the GCB aka Grilled Chicken Burger which I have yet to try, Switzerland was abuzz with the The Prime burger under its Signature collection. The Prime was introduced late March 2014 which is less than a month old.

Along with this posh burger, 3 different salads was also introduced - Potato salad with tried tomatoes, ebly salad with melon, tomatoes and wheatberries and a coleslaw with fine dressing. The New fries were chunky stumby ones.

Visual speaks for itself...
180gm of beef patty, with slices of crispy bacon....yummy rustic swiss cheese, aragula, tomatoes, onions, coleslaw *minus the dressing* and a very really special spicy sauce which got me hooked

the star was the beef and the spicy sauce. The rest just paired so well especially aragulas. It's a huge burger, the size of my face. Mcdonald's boast that this Prime burger has got character, size and taste which I totally agree. I have no idea how a tiny gal like managed to whacked the entire burger on my own. with 180gm of BEEF!!!!!

As for the weird looking fries that's more like chips...I didn't purchase it, knowing I will have trouble finishing my burger. So I have no idea how delicious/terrible it will be. hahahaha.

The only problem is, this Prime burger is only available in Switzerland, created by renowned Chef Rene Schudel. Guess Mcdonald's has gone upmarket with association to a chef.
It's really super yummy and my only regret was, I only have the time to have one/once. This didn't give me time to indulge at my favourite Burger King Angry Whopper which is only available in Europe, United States and Thailand. Burger King's Angry Whopper is fully loaded with jalapenos, angry sauce and angry onions....yummmzzzzz.....Too many things to eat, too little time. Sigh...has alwiz been my problem.

Only complaint bout this burger was the price tag.
Staggering CHF 10.90 = RM 41.40 just the burger alone!!!!
no wonder Mcdonald's call it the Posh Burger.

Now I am waiting for Mr. JS to emulate something like this :)))) shouldn't be a problem for him I guess??? Read bout Mr. JS's burger partay *here*

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Resolutions Project: Jamie Oliver's Chili Con Carne Meatballs with Bulgur Wheat

My 2014 Resolutions Project isn't a defunct one yet....not yet...after 2013, Monkey has continued onto 2014. Somehow this year had been rather busy and first quarter has already gone to my horror.
Time waits for no one and u gotta be fast. After all this is the year of Horse...galloping up and down. If u can't chase and reign the horse....u will be perpetually chasing after it this year. So u command the horse and don't let the horse command u.
the secret to success of Jamie O's 15 minutes meal is...that u have everything within sights...and your utensils must already be within reach. Doesn't matter if it's the water kettle, the food processor, the knives or the ingredients to the last details like food clipper for u to store back ur stuffs. Unless you don't really mind having all ur stuffs thrashed around everywhere and risked them being spilled EVERYWHERE. Also all your pans on the stove must be hot hot hot~~~~~

anyhow I wasn't rushing for time, so I took my own sweet time and surprising everything from the start as in really the start where I had to retrieve my food processor till the very end of merchandising my dish, Monkey took 35 minutes. It was pretty quick.

So if u are not really rushing for time, u start from blitzing about:
2 stalks of spring onions
1/2 bunch of coriander
4 pieces of grilled sweet pepper *those in the jar type*
700gm of passata *basically this is tomato puree in jar, you can get them from the tomato paste/puree section*
1 tsp of smoked paprika

blitz them until they looked the above...
but it tasted good...hahahahaha
just dunk all the stuffs into the hot pan over high fire and let it boil
this can actually be a pasta sauce u know :P

As the tomato puree are boiling.....measure a cup of Bulgur wheat onto another pot, put in a stick of cinnamon and 1 or 2 pcs of preserved lemon. I didn't manage to find any preserved lemon so instead I used lemon juice and salt but of coz the taste profile isn't the same.

So the key is for every cup of bulgur wheat, add 2 cups of water
If u are not a fan of bulgur wheat then use 1/2 cup with 1 cup of water.
Later I found out that bulgur wheat has got lower calories than rice, higher in protein and vitamins. It's easy to digest and high in fiber too. Hmmmm should have this more often in my daily diet.
400gm of minced beef. I got some really good quality ones for making burger. I can't remember if they were angus or wat...but it has got such a nice beefy nose to it.

Just some salt and freshly grinded pepper and scrunch the meat. This was so much fun to do :))). By then ur frying pan should be heated and drizzle some olive oil into it.

As u scrunch, make balls the size of ping-pong. And as u make them, dunk them into the hot pan. The sizzles and the smell was really's just beef!!! with nothing else.

If u have anymore available burners, just grill-burn some red chilis
Thankfully JS's gigantic stoves has got 6 burners...
One was boiling the tomato puree
One was bz cooking the bulgur wheat
Another was with a fying pans with lotsa meatballs innit

in just a minute ur meatballs should have such beautiful colors...just shake shake the pan and ur ass for a bit, and the balls will move around the pan easily. If it doesn't move just use a tong to turn them over. I was more interested at the jus at the bottom of the pan....all the yummy goodness of protein.
U don't wanna overcook the meatballs, coz it will still be cooking over on this side. Using a tong, just transfer all the meatballs over here to continue boiling.
Drain a tin of red kidney beans, say about 400gm. It will cook with the fat and jus from the protein. Add in a pinch of cumin seeds for that extra kick. The beans will pop and the skins will undressed itself revealing the yellowish bean on the inside. Then immediately transfer this entire pan of kidney beans onto the pot of boiling meatballs and tomato puree
With the same tong, turn over ur grill-burnt chilis. I like it that Jamie O usually minimise his utensils but somehow I don't agree bcoz I am already using 2 pots and a pan plus a food processor waiting for me to be cleaned and washed....hahahahaha.

As the Meatballs were infusing itself in the volcanic tomato puree, the chilis were grilling, turn the fire off the bulgur wheat and fluff them up by removing more steam outta it. Just get a spatula and dig in, the steam will vent up. If u are using preserved lemon, just mash and mix it and remove the single stick of cinnamon. Since I don't have any preserved lemon...I just gotta remove the inedible cinnamon stick.

Get a flat plate and transfer all the fluffed up bulgur wheat. Make a hole in the middle like a well. Switch off the fire of your Volcano then transfer the meatballs and tomato sauce in the middle. Use a tong to pick up all ur grilled-burnt chilis on top. Cut some lime, throw in some coriander leaves and spring onions. Scoop down a few tablespoon of natural yogurt for that contrast.

and dinner is ready :))))

The recipe
For the meatballs:
- 400 gm of ground beef
- salt and pepper

For the bulgur wheat:
- 1 cup of bulgur wheat
- 2 cups of boiling hot water
- 1 or 2 preserved lemons
- 1 stick of cinnamon

For the tomato sauce:
- 700gm of passata *puree tomato in a jar*
- 4 pcs of grilled red peppers *fr the jar*
- 1/2 bunch of coriander
- 2 sprigs of spring onions
- 1 tsp of smoked paprika
- 400gm of red kidney beans

- 1 pinch of cumin seeds

To dress:
- 1 lime

- 4 red chilis *grilled on open fire*
- 4 tbsp of natural yogurt

- some coriander leaves
- some spring onions

Happy Cooking folks!!!!
it's Ok if u take longer than 15 long as it turns out yummy :)))
This recipe is simple, easy and really delicious.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Breakfast at Garden Terrace Resort, Nagasaki

*pic stolen from the web*

We luckily stumbled upon this resort while browsing online for accommodation in Nagasaki. Anyhow there weren't many pictures on its website and description of the properties and hotels were at its minimal. Maybe it's the theme of this resort? Minimalist till there's not many words/information.

Bcoz there's not many other nice place to stay at Nagasaki, we took the risk and booked this property. The location isn't that centralised, located on the other side of the bay. Meaning everytime u needed to do sight-seeing, u have to cross the bay over to the city of Nagasaki. Soon we found this is like only 8 minutes car ride away and Garden Terrance Resort provides free shuttle service. :))) very very convenient.

When our driver pulled over to the high security property with checks and so many checks including names and reservation details....we were already so impressed. Plus we have yet to see the main building!!!! and when we finally did, JS asked me how the hell I got this resort. :P

designed by the famed architect Kengo Kuma, who also designed Suntory's headquarters building and LVMH group HQ in Osaka, we were so intrigued by this name. Soon we were bz googling about Kuma-San.

*again, pic stolen from the web*

this was the main reception building with restaurants, checking-in facilities, and the infinity pool which overlooks the bay of Nagasaki. The Million Dollar view...according to the locals around here. Soon we found out many other established hotels and resorts have set up their properties on this side of the hilly area of Nagasaki.

I will blog about our suite once the pics are ready. OMG we are lagging so way way way behind on our travel postings. sigh!!!!!!
Good morning Mr. JS
pls wake up....u looked like u are still zzzzzZZZZzzzzink-ing away on ur bed...time to shove food down ur throat. Anyhow he has got no problem eating breakfast bcoz he enjoys breakfast so so so much...every single day. Even if it means only a slice of toast and a cuppa of espresso.
More like it's Monkey having problem shoving food down her throat early in the morning. I just noticed JS and I were in similar dress code. I can't remembered who copied whom but I like to think that he copied me. Bahahahahaha.

a typical Japanese breakfast is really humongous but when I enquired most of them said they don't eat like this everyday. Just coffee and toast. *macam JS saje...*
Let see wat we have here...there's grilled fish, loads of mentaiko which was so so so yummy, a speciality of Kyushu. Eggs, rice, some pickled vegetables, beef stews, silky soft fragrant toufu with good quality soy and spring onions, clam soup and fish sticks. Also nato which I don't really eat.

They were so so so delicious. and I was having problem consuming everything!!!!

Looks like I don't need lunch after this. Which was so true. Enuff to get us going and moving and walking around Nagasaki until dinner's time.

Our conversation revolved around this single stalk of vege with flowers. It looked edible something like Nanohana which is pretty yummy with light soy and bonito flakes on top.

From where we were, the camera could zoom down to the huge Mitsubishi Shipyard. Really a busy port.

From the main building, we just needed to walk down to these rows of Ocean Suites. There's only 6 rooms here at the Ocean Suite.

JS: "Why so clever and booked Ocean Suite?"
Monkey: "Coz the main building was fully booked."

Not bcoz I wanna rip his pocket. Bahahahaha. If I wanted to, I would have booked the Tower Suite. HAHAHAHAHA which we can even throw a party in the suite.

Do wait for more posting on this property which I'll highly recommend to any travellers who's visiting Nagasaki :))))

For more information visit:

Friday, April 11, 2014

My first experience with Qatar Airways

Beautiful view of the snow capped Swiss Alps
It was a relief when I bid goodbye to Switzerland. This ain't a vacation so travelling for work is no fun at all. Especially when u need to endure long flights. And bcoz of this....Monkey waited....and delayed and waited until the very super last minute to book her flights. *in hope that she's not needed in Switzerland*

everything was fully booked and I've refused to fly with certain airlines. Then my ever reliable travel agent tried her very best to sell me Qatar Airways. I have NEVER flown with them before....and was....errrrr......hmmmm...skeptical.

she didn't sound convincing either especially on the transit part. I hate transits esp certain sectors with Emirates in Dubai. Travel Agent informed that the transit with Qatar Airways in Doha will be similar to Emirates at Dubai because their main airport is under construction to prepare for the World Cup 2022. Currently Qatar Airways is the proud sponsor of FC Barcelona.

Out of desperation I was sold and bought the tickets to Zurich with Qatar Airways. It's either Qatar or I will have to swim to Switzerland.
*pic taken fr the web*

and the sectors to/fro Zurich is with a 787 Dreamliner....
oh Hello there Dreamliner :)))) You are so so so spacious. Every seat in the business class is an aisle seat. This is so wonderful, and because I was travelling alone, I had the window seat. :))))))))) Awesome....My privacy was never invaded and I don't like to speak to other travellers/cabin crews, just my policy.
*pic taken from the web*

the windows on the Dreamliner is 2x the length giving passengers more space and view. The windows do not come with blinds but more of a dimmer. Check out the round button below the u just touch up/down to dim or brighten it up. It could dim all the way till the cabin is shrouded in total darkness for u to zzzzzzzzzZZZZzziiiinnnkkkkkkkkkkkk

With 2 personal tables, there's plenty of space for ur stuffs, including a laptop at the side. There are 2 compartments, one for your bottle of water and headset, while the other one was big enuff to stuff unwanted things in sight.
The screen is a touch screen with multi windows...and yes I was watching "We are the Millers". Do watch the uncensored version, damn farnie can die. Bahahahahaha.

Qatar Airways is fully wifi-ed as well. What have we become???? We need to be perpetually connected to the virtual world?

*all pics of the cabin were taken from the web*

It's too impossible to snap a pic without other passengers innit. Hahahahaha. Plus the pic quality on my iPhone is simple terrible!!!!

There's a lil leg rest on the inside, just below the screen and table if u could see. My feet were not longer enuff but once you've put on the flat bed u should be able to use that leg rest. For me, even the entire seat was on elongated flat bed, my tiny short feet still can't touch it. LOL

There's Amuse Bouche served for every meal...the above was crispy rice by Nobu Matsuhisa. Yeah their menus were crafted by 4 celebrity chefs of Nobu, Tom Aikens *read bout our experience at his restaurant in London here*, Ramzi Choueiri and Vineet Bhatia.
Hearty tomato soup. I hardly see airlines serving soup like this. I forgot to snap pic of my Seafood Soup by Nobu at one of my sector.

 Fish with long grains and grilled vegetables. For all sectors, I've tried at least one creations from each chef....somehow the food wasn't that could be me :P

I was so tired, I didn't bother to have desserts. Qatar Airways really spoil their passengers for every course there's a selection of 3-4 dishes. Meaning there's 3-4 appetizers to choose from, followed by 4 main course to choose and up to 4 desserts!!!!!

Unknowingly to me, Mr. JS was bz tracking me on his apps. He had this flight radar thing for a few months before the MH370 incident. Now he's even more active on it, tracking my every coordinates and speed....and altitude -_-" and been emailing me and taggin me on Facebook as I was flying.

Yeah I know...I can never run from you so u might as well install a GPS chip into me...
or *gasp* maybe u've already have!!!!!
Breakfast fruits platter

Monkey was so tired she couldn't wake up for her meals. In Qatar Airways you have a dedicated/designated Cabin Crew whom will attend to all your needs. Then the Head Steward/Stewardess will also speak to you about your needs and requirements. Such impeccable service that I felt so so pampered. It's like a personal butler u know.
Crepes with orange syrup
The breakfast was pretty huge, there's yogurts, muesli, cereals, pastries, different loaf of breads, all sort of jams, omelette, rice dish, sausages and freshly brewed coffee from cappucino, latte to macchiato u name it. Then there's desserts for ur breakfast too.

I just took a few bites of my crepes, down my coffee and went back to zzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. So so so tired.

The sector back home to Malaysia was on an Airbus. Landing was pretty smooth and believe you me, the transit in Doha was EXCELLENT. Transfer was done separately once you've alighted off your plane in Doha. First class passengers were transited with BMW 5 series and Business class with premium bus. Then the First and Business passengers were put at a different building/terminal lounge. So u feel less crowded, less people with much more ease and comfort.

Finally YES I would fly with Qatar Airways again esp when the transit is only 2 hours. Looking forward to more journeys with Qatar Airways :))))))))))

For more information:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Daily Schedule

Morning Rise and Shine - eggs, swiss mushrooms and crispy bacon
the organic free range egg yolk was really staring at me :P
I'm not really a breakfast person, I know I know...chill people...I know that breakfast is the MOST IMPORTANT meal but....but....but...

I'm not a breakfast person full stop. But I HAD to eat because it will be my only meal till 12 hours later. So I HAD to force food down my throat but the thing is I'm not trying to produce foie gras outta my liver.

sometimes I have Asian breakfast like instant noodle with lots of beans sprout *at the bottom* with cilantro at the top....wuahahaha I managed to buy beans sprout from the gourmet supermarket...yes beans sprout in Switzerland.

A cuppa of fresh kiwi fruit juice, cappucino, my fried eggs sprinkled with Japanese seaweed sprinkles to give my egg some savoury umami-ness...It's meant for rice but then on eggs was so so so yummy. Finally I needed some fiber so a single yellow plum
and sometimes when I needed more fiber, I'll prepare a large bowl of salad to go with my breakfast of more crispy bacon and eggs again sprinkled with umami japanese seaweed.

Preparing breakfast was easy and fast. I can't really cook so I'll just dump watever that I can find in the fridge, wat I FEEL like eating for the day and begin cooking...:P It takes about 10 minutes to prepare some edible breakfast....but EATING it was a major took my 30 mins to down me breakfast.

SEE I told ya I'm not a breakfast person, it's so difficult to shove food down my throat. BUT I HAD TO EAT. 

and finally washing them was pretty easy peasy....just dump everything into the dishwasher after some brief rinsing and scrubbing. Then off I go to prepare for work.

Walking to work was again easy 5 minutes? But I took 20 minutes or was it 30 minutes or longer??? BAHAHAHAHA. Coz there's too many pitstops. I'll tell u why in the next few pics.
First of all, it's such a feast to my eyes to have all these darlings greeting me GOOD MORNING MONKEY. PLEASE BUY US!!!!

All the beautiful pearls in outstanding size, lustre and color. A few months ago, I couldn't bring myself to purchase that gold pearl earrings at Mikimoto. Now that these are cheaper bcoz it's a trade show, perhaps I should.
My eyes were seeing's actually the dual layer of security glasses
I rubbed my eyes again....60.06 carats huh? hmmmm in Fancy Intense's Ok lar bcoz it's not that yellow but 60 carats!!!!

Then there's my favourite and most expensive of the yellow diamonds - the FVY classification Fancy Vivid Yellow. Don't they make ur heart skips??? Mine almost popped outta my chest.

oh why hello there Beautiful.....I'll never be able to afford you but looking at you everyday every morning on my way to work somehow brighten up my day so so so much. Very MUCH!!!

So that's why I took 30 minutes to get to work...but I'll usually arrive by 8.30am and another busy day has started.....back to back non-stop. There's no weekends here. >.<

Bcoz I'm so in love with Yellow Diamonds, dearie Reezal decided to impress me with his custom made canary yellow suit. It only take a fashionista like him to carry this so well :)))

oh well no pics of me working, coz too busy, mind was so focussed, passion for work was so deep. I don't know how long can I do this afterall it was my 7th trade shows.  Each and every year, I'll say this will be my last trade will be MY LAST. And each year I came back -_-" 

Veal Sausage on a bed of sauerkraut - my one and only lunch throughout those 2 weeks. It was on the day before the trade show begins. Before the mad crazy period.

Thank you so much to media friends and friends of the industry who hand-carried lunches to my booth for me :)))) U guys are the sweetest. :)))) If any of you decided to lose some weight, this would be a great job for u. *wink*

This was me on the last working eppy...looking up into the sky for the first time. Yeah coz I don't see daylight...every day once I'm done with work, the sun has already set and it's dark outside.

There's alwiz lights at the end of the tunnel isn't it? Hahahahaha...I call this square with a huge hole in the middle...the cupola of Horology Church.
Hallelujah my work are done!!! I don't have to see u anymore, at least for another 11.5 more months to go.
Foie Gras mousse with figs
I had my dinner everyday....outside...entertaining.....
sometimes it's good food...sometimes not so but most of the time it's really good.....I've been having a lot of hits and misses throughout the years and have bookmarked some restaurants and banned a few
and I've been to a few honest italian trattoria which served pretty authentic home-cooked italiano cuisine. Just simple fresh produce cooked by mom and pop
On certain nites, when I am not entertaining, Chris da Boss would insist that I go to his apartment for dinner with a few other guests. When u have home cooked food, u can't decline an invitation but jumped at it....hahahahaha

and his speciality is chinese - Toufu with minced pork

Monkey: "where the hell u got this piece of awesome toufu? Looking neat there."
Chris da Boss: "Asia Market!!!"
On another nite, he cooked Bak Kut Teh *Smacks forehead*
Monkey: "U made this Yu Tiao?????"
Chris da Boss: "Asia Market!!!!"

oh gawd...u can practically get everything these days around the world including Fried Yu Tiao!!!!

Stir Fried Kangkung with belacan.

Monkey: "Don't tell me u bought these kangkung at Asia Market!!!!"
Chris da Boss: "Yes!!! Asia Market!!!"

it must have cost a bomb but surprising not.....only CHF 1.50 = RM 5.80 per bunch
I think RM 5.80 for kangkung in Switzerland isn't expensive at all considering everything is so exp like a piece of sausage is already CHF 8.50 = RM 32.30

Chris da Boss: "Our dearie government asked us to eat kangkung, so I'm promoting it even in Switzerland"
Prawns stir fried with lotsa garlic and dried chilis
Steamed chicken in chinese tong guai and wolfberries and red dates
Wow this dinner is tooooo much!!!! It's a luxury to have all these here in Switzerland!!!

When it's not dinner with clientele, the press/media/jourmalist or the bosses or chinese meal at Chris da's more work-related dinners.. Here we were recee-ing a venue for future event. It's so beautiful and classic.

The Marketing Team were bz snapping pics as Owner of the place explained wat Hermes did here at their last event. The painting was original and this place is a few hundred years old. We couldn't helped it but Walt-ed around this room like Queens.

 the crazy mad loud fun Gals of the marketing team

I usually went home half sober...coz for there's another mad crazy busy day in a few hours. I gotta wake up at 6.00am again...for the routine repeats itself....cook breakfast, shove food down throat, go to work, work WORK WORK work, dinner and entertainment, drinks and parties and sleep~~~~~~

Can't afford to partay too late into the nite. I'm no longer 18 nor 22 years old. Very soon I am gonna hit 18 + 22. Hahahahaha. Right???