Thursday, April 10, 2014

Daily Schedule

Morning Rise and Shine - eggs, swiss mushrooms and crispy bacon
the organic free range egg yolk was really staring at me :P
I'm not really a breakfast person, I know I know...chill people...I know that breakfast is the MOST IMPORTANT meal but....but....but...

I'm not a breakfast person full stop. But I HAD to eat because it will be my only meal till 12 hours later. So I HAD to force food down my throat but the thing is I'm not trying to produce foie gras outta my liver.

sometimes I have Asian breakfast like instant noodle with lots of beans sprout *at the bottom* with cilantro at the top....wuahahaha I managed to buy beans sprout from the gourmet supermarket...yes beans sprout in Switzerland.

A cuppa of fresh kiwi fruit juice, cappucino, my fried eggs sprinkled with Japanese seaweed sprinkles to give my egg some savoury umami-ness...It's meant for rice but then on eggs was so so so yummy. Finally I needed some fiber so a single yellow plum
and sometimes when I needed more fiber, I'll prepare a large bowl of salad to go with my breakfast of more crispy bacon and eggs again sprinkled with umami japanese seaweed.

Preparing breakfast was easy and fast. I can't really cook so I'll just dump watever that I can find in the fridge, wat I FEEL like eating for the day and begin cooking...:P It takes about 10 minutes to prepare some edible breakfast....but EATING it was a major took my 30 mins to down me breakfast.

SEE I told ya I'm not a breakfast person, it's so difficult to shove food down my throat. BUT I HAD TO EAT. 

and finally washing them was pretty easy peasy....just dump everything into the dishwasher after some brief rinsing and scrubbing. Then off I go to prepare for work.

Walking to work was again easy 5 minutes? But I took 20 minutes or was it 30 minutes or longer??? BAHAHAHAHA. Coz there's too many pitstops. I'll tell u why in the next few pics.
First of all, it's such a feast to my eyes to have all these darlings greeting me GOOD MORNING MONKEY. PLEASE BUY US!!!!

All the beautiful pearls in outstanding size, lustre and color. A few months ago, I couldn't bring myself to purchase that gold pearl earrings at Mikimoto. Now that these are cheaper bcoz it's a trade show, perhaps I should.
My eyes were seeing's actually the dual layer of security glasses
I rubbed my eyes again....60.06 carats huh? hmmmm in Fancy Intense's Ok lar bcoz it's not that yellow but 60 carats!!!!

Then there's my favourite and most expensive of the yellow diamonds - the FVY classification Fancy Vivid Yellow. Don't they make ur heart skips??? Mine almost popped outta my chest.

oh why hello there Beautiful.....I'll never be able to afford you but looking at you everyday every morning on my way to work somehow brighten up my day so so so much. Very MUCH!!!

So that's why I took 30 minutes to get to work...but I'll usually arrive by 8.30am and another busy day has started.....back to back non-stop. There's no weekends here. >.<

Bcoz I'm so in love with Yellow Diamonds, dearie Reezal decided to impress me with his custom made canary yellow suit. It only take a fashionista like him to carry this so well :)))

oh well no pics of me working, coz too busy, mind was so focussed, passion for work was so deep. I don't know how long can I do this afterall it was my 7th trade shows.  Each and every year, I'll say this will be my last trade will be MY LAST. And each year I came back -_-" 

Veal Sausage on a bed of sauerkraut - my one and only lunch throughout those 2 weeks. It was on the day before the trade show begins. Before the mad crazy period.

Thank you so much to media friends and friends of the industry who hand-carried lunches to my booth for me :)))) U guys are the sweetest. :)))) If any of you decided to lose some weight, this would be a great job for u. *wink*

This was me on the last working eppy...looking up into the sky for the first time. Yeah coz I don't see daylight...every day once I'm done with work, the sun has already set and it's dark outside.

There's alwiz lights at the end of the tunnel isn't it? Hahahahaha...I call this square with a huge hole in the middle...the cupola of Horology Church.
Hallelujah my work are done!!! I don't have to see u anymore, at least for another 11.5 more months to go.
Foie Gras mousse with figs
I had my dinner everyday....outside...entertaining.....
sometimes it's good food...sometimes not so but most of the time it's really good.....I've been having a lot of hits and misses throughout the years and have bookmarked some restaurants and banned a few
and I've been to a few honest italian trattoria which served pretty authentic home-cooked italiano cuisine. Just simple fresh produce cooked by mom and pop
On certain nites, when I am not entertaining, Chris da Boss would insist that I go to his apartment for dinner with a few other guests. When u have home cooked food, u can't decline an invitation but jumped at it....hahahahaha

and his speciality is chinese - Toufu with minced pork

Monkey: "where the hell u got this piece of awesome toufu? Looking neat there."
Chris da Boss: "Asia Market!!!"
On another nite, he cooked Bak Kut Teh *Smacks forehead*
Monkey: "U made this Yu Tiao?????"
Chris da Boss: "Asia Market!!!!"

oh gawd...u can practically get everything these days around the world including Fried Yu Tiao!!!!

Stir Fried Kangkung with belacan.

Monkey: "Don't tell me u bought these kangkung at Asia Market!!!!"
Chris da Boss: "Yes!!! Asia Market!!!"

it must have cost a bomb but surprising not.....only CHF 1.50 = RM 5.80 per bunch
I think RM 5.80 for kangkung in Switzerland isn't expensive at all considering everything is so exp like a piece of sausage is already CHF 8.50 = RM 32.30

Chris da Boss: "Our dearie government asked us to eat kangkung, so I'm promoting it even in Switzerland"
Prawns stir fried with lotsa garlic and dried chilis
Steamed chicken in chinese tong guai and wolfberries and red dates
Wow this dinner is tooooo much!!!! It's a luxury to have all these here in Switzerland!!!

When it's not dinner with clientele, the press/media/jourmalist or the bosses or chinese meal at Chris da's more work-related dinners.. Here we were recee-ing a venue for future event. It's so beautiful and classic.

The Marketing Team were bz snapping pics as Owner of the place explained wat Hermes did here at their last event. The painting was original and this place is a few hundred years old. We couldn't helped it but Walt-ed around this room like Queens.

 the crazy mad loud fun Gals of the marketing team

I usually went home half sober...coz for there's another mad crazy busy day in a few hours. I gotta wake up at 6.00am again...for the routine repeats itself....cook breakfast, shove food down throat, go to work, work WORK WORK work, dinner and entertainment, drinks and parties and sleep~~~~~~

Can't afford to partay too late into the nite. I'm no longer 18 nor 22 years old. Very soon I am gonna hit 18 + 22. Hahahahaha. Right???

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