Friday, July 29, 2011


Yes I needed a break and it came sooner than I expected :P

but then at the same time there's so much to do
gotta pimp up my car :D:D:D
it's been quite some time already
have lotsa personal work to finish....hai....
need to submit all my forms/bank statements etc for Visa application....another big hai.....
so it's gonna be work + leisure :)))))

to all of u out there...have a smashing weekend

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Makan-makan @ Home

our favourite cold capellini with raw japanese prawns and caviar
a lil of konbu and the secret ingredient was this awesome vinegar fr Si Fu
this dish was inspired by Chef Takashi of Cilantro :D
prepared by our Masterchef JS at home :P
no sous chef...he did everything himself
from preparing mise-en-place to cooking to cleaning
so tell me ladies, where to "buy/get" such automated chef at home?
the preparation of this pasta was so clinical
the plates were chilled
loads of ice were used
so this was actually a cold pasta
and lastly topped the pasta with caviar in mixture of konbu and chopped chives
it took us 3 minutes to chomp down the appetizer

our guests were all decked in black
such a coincidence
there were also a salad and iberico ham with melons, forgot to snap pic :P
prawn oil pasta for the kids
JS slowly painfully patiently fried the prawns head for one hour to extract the flavours
the kids were just bz with their activity - glued unto the iPad
the best-est gadget ever invented and thus have caused market share of other Toys to drop tremendously
easy to store, no maintenance, no clutter.
and best of all....One gadget for all
it serves daddy to mommy to the kids
with unlimited number of Apps available

if u r too bored with the Games u can alwiz do reading on any of the e-books available for downloads
but well that seldom happen....reading......:P
the adults were waiting for these.....4 slabs of MEAT
JS did em 2 ways
Angus was done to perfect PINK!!!!
the Thomas Keller way :)))))))))))))

so yummy with that extra crunch bits on the outside
no sauce were needed....just a few flakes of Maldon salt
Wagyu beef Tetsuya style
99% of our guests requested for RARE but out came PINK coz the 1% wanted medium
the blood.................
we finished everything............O_O
only thing left were the sides which were supposed to be eaten as accompaniment
but our guests said dun waste time and concentrated only on the beef

as for the leftover Beef Fats....were used to fry rice
just a simple fried rice full of flavours :))))))))))))))
Mandarin Orange Souffle baking in the oven
the tiny small one was for kiddos
we couldn't get Vanilla ice-cream fr Haagen Daaz coz out of stock so the next favourite flavour was Rum & Raisins :D:D:D

Peakie D said she never ever had Souffle at home
and very seldom host will attempt souffle while entertaining coz MANY THINGS CAN GO WRONG
can u see the mandarin orange pulps?
JS took almost 1 hour to remove/separate it

JS ar, next time while u transfer the souffle base can make it pretty pretty?
so after baking it will look even prettier? :D:D:D can ar?

WOTN = Beaucastel 1990

our guests can really drink
by the time cold cuts were served, we already finished the Dom Perignon 1996
followed by Clos de la Roche 2001 during the 1st and 2nd pasta

while Grands Echezeaux and Beaucastel = meat
think it was not enuff...should have opened that bottle of white earlier for the cold pasta

Lyndon & Peakie D

toast to great wines and awesome company
may u have more winery visits in France
yes we are goin again this year end :D

and we r lookin fwd to our next wine dinner
with Master of Wine as guests....think me & JS better polished up our wines knowledge
*ahem ahem*
Thank you for cooking :D
may u cook more yummy food for Monkey :D:D:D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Travelling with Berr

Chinese Junks sailing at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

Berr & Monkey are best travel mates
we've been to Rome, Paris, Venice, Bangkok, Milan, Zurich, Hong Kong, Bali and Melbourne together
and oso on the usual monthly trips to Singapore
so early this mth, when I was securely seated in my plane.....ready to retrieve him outta my handbag *his usual sanctuary*
I was in panic coz HE WAS NOT THERE!!!
:~~~~(((( cry.........

JS: "I've reminded u to take him but u were in such hurry"

JS: "Well usually I dun touch nor mind ur stuffs....."
"U SHOULD HAVE bla bla bla bla bla bla yada yada yada"

and the argument continued till we landed in Singapore
while Monkey sulked the whole trip :P

haiiiiii my bad... my mistake...
sorry Berr :((((((
Berr likes to sit on top of my pillows
so the choice of pillow is really important 
he doesn't like SOFT pillows coz he can't prop himself well there
and usually ended up toppling down like a humpty dumpty
so FIRM is the very best for him
well not every often u get hotel which provides 5 different types of pillows
fr different comfy-ness, texture, materials fr feathers to synthetic....
Berr :)))))))))))))))))
my precious~~~~~~~~~~~
I'll never leave u home alone again...

U'll be on my every trip and enjoy all the views that I wow-wow-ing at
feel the air that I breathe in
lay on the pile of snow with me
sit on the sandy beach while i make sand castle for u
be in all the rides that I do fr chinese junks, to venetian gondolas to cable cars and all the roller coaster rides~~~~
or just simply stroll in the park with me
and be in all my manic shopping spree
coz u are my lucky charm :D
well maybe just that u can't enjoy the food that I'm indulging at

sorry readers, this is such a lame post
coz I feel so lame today
and tired
and exhausted
so drained, I need a break soon


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yum Saap, Bangkok

Yum Saap has got such a queer name but this chain is everywhere in Thailand
we chanced upon it by accident 4 years ago and been returning ever since

where could u get Thai fast food that's so awesome as this???
Yum = salad
saap - errrr need to ask JS
so Tom Yum Goong is
Tom = Soup
Yum = salad
Goong = prawns
and most of all it has got salad made fr my favourite Thai instant noodle = MAMA!!!!
Monkey screams in happiness!!!!!!!

MAMA noodle is big business in thailand
in Msia they only sell one flavour = Tom Yum in small packs

while in Bangkok, Monkey loaded home XTRA big packs that's enuff to feed me contentedly
in mutiple flavours.....
spicy duck
pork broth
creamie pork soup
black pepper chicken
spicy prawn steamboat
coagulated pork blood flavour
roast duck

all in BIG packs.....aAAAaaaaaaa
*smack lips*
so at Yum Saap u can order a plain MAMA noodle
which was blanched perfectly to retain that texture
MAMA noodle is Monkey's No.1 instant noodle ever since she can cook one
ermmm no. 2 is Myojo instant noodle :)))))))
fruits slurpee is so common in Thailand....
perfect for spicy food
so we ordered coconut and watermelon slurpee!!!!!
yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum
slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp
JS: "chill la...ur food is not here yet....u'll need that glass of slurpee to go with all the spiciness!!!"
with the amount of chilis...this is not for sissy

the taste is so balance with the right amount of fish sauce to give u the savouriness
enuff palm sugar for sweetness
sufficient bird eye chilis for that superb kick
and sourness came fr lime
all the shredded green papayas and long beans were crunchy and RAW

I like its texture esp when the crunchiness of the crispy skin hits ur head
krob krob krob krob krob krob
my main I had MAMA noodle with crispy minced pork loaded with a lot of spices and herbs and grinded crispy rice
and tonnes of dried chilis.......
sweet spicy char siew Thai style
this is another type of salad

the format here is EVERYTHING SALAD
believe it or not, this is the Thai Kangkung = morning glory plant
it has a thicker sharper leaves

so JS went and ask wat about the normal KangKung
"that's the Chinese Kangkung"

this place has got tonnes of yummy salad
Lychee Prawn salad
Coconut shrimp salad
Egg Salad *my favourite*
winged bean salad
crab salad
mangosteen salad
scallop salad
aiyo it is endless lar......
and the above costed 327 Baht = RM 32.70
inside Central Mall

for more information:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Object of Desire 0011

the iPad's comfy sanctuary
inside the soft intrecciato leather
color: Sapphire
but this new Early Fall color is so me
Color: Ametiste
it looks very similar to an old color called Orchid *the one that Flatmate Amy has got*
to be or not to be
to buy or save $$$$

why or why they alwiz have such yummy exquisite colors that make u go GAH
and make purchasing so dificcult *yeah even if u have decided to spend on it*
coz then u'll kill more brain cells thinkin which color to get

anyway time to pimp up my iPad 2.0
yes it is now jailbroken so all of u can download watever u want like a hungry wolf

Friday, July 22, 2011

Funky Kit Kat only from Japan :D

Kindy Chai tagged me in all of these pics....bad gal >_<
and made me salivate :~~~~~(

Red Pepper Kit Kat??? maybe for a certain Si Fu
the green one was a limited edition melon flavour...
hmmmm this is quite normal
but I can't judge coz I haven't tasted any from this post

Tiramisu and caramel flan???
I hope this is not too sweet :D

Edamame flavour? wahhh this one must try!!!
another limited edition to raise funds for Japan's Earthquake

Kit Kat apple
gosh wat flavours that THEY DUN HAVE?????
Oh no!!!! there's the rock melon, the Wasabi the Green Tea
I think our luggage bag gonna be filled with these........
but also ain't cheap eh 1,300 JPY = RM 51 for a box of 12?
err actually is tat cheap or not? coz I dun buy Kit Kat in Malaysia :P

Thanks for the tags Kindy Chai
now I'm having a hard time coz I need to bring more luggage bags to store all my purchases on top of all the Kit Kats
Happy Friday folks!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Rheanna's Baptism Partay!!!

All pics were stolen from Hot Mama Thevi's camera(s)
Thank you yea :)))))

Last Sunday was the christening of Baby Rheanna :))))
the ceremony was followed by a partay at the Ramalingam's residence around noon.
so most of us sleepy heads only attended the party
Daddy Stuey and his precious Baby Rheanna
she's sooooo darn adorable
look at the tiny feet!!!!! arghhhh I wanna pinch her everywhere

one for the memory - Baby Rheanna Jayne Ramalingam
she's just 5 months old....

at first I can't decide if Baby Rheanna looks more like Mommy or Daddy
I guess she has the best of both
Thevi, u know she's gonna be a heart breaker???

she's perpetually SMILING!!!!
did u all feed her with eppy pills or something?
shooooooooooooo I wanna pinch her now!!!!

Hot Mama Thevi and Baby Aiden
he's no longer a big boy already :))))
such a pretty cake...and it was yummy too!!!!
Butter cake with lots of royal icing
inspired me to bake butter cake that very same evening :P
*ok ok ok I promise that I will blog about my 1st butter cake someday :P*
ehhhh who made this? I didn't get to eat this!!!!
guess I was too busy stuffing my face with grilled lamb and satays :P

Sharoness & Beautiful CS
the new BFF :))))

okie we better do another dinner before u head home to London :)))
yes London is ur home now.
 Sexay Back Maggie, Monkey & Devigaga

Monkey stared at Devigaga
"Woi woman!!! how much u drank last nite??? u looked......looked....hmmmmm"
Devigaga: "think I'm getting old......only 2 carlsberg."

"u mean 2 barrels of carlsberg?"
knowing her....2 is nothing.....but guess she was just burnt from work
pat pat Devigaga....u need a holiday!!!!! and more drinks of coz :P

Sexay Back Maggie has got a really cute dress with doughnuts, candies, cakes, lollipops
and as usual an open back that earned her the title sexay back
the newlyweds - Macho Mani & Sweet Devil Rachel
they came later and I missed them
coz this Monkey has got to rush to the airport

eh u gotta tell me about your honeymoon yea
Daddy Stuey & Hot Mama Thevi thank you for having us and it was an awesome party & great food!!!!
I think the adults had more fun than the kids kekekkekekeke
can't wait for our next cookout - when when when???