Thursday, July 07, 2011

Jade Palace, Singapore

crispy pork = siew yoke
served with mustard

yes it was prepared this way bcoz dun waste time eating the meat
u just want its crispy skin + small amt of meat and fat

anyway have to bid goodbye to siew yoke
been living in such an unhealthy life
can't wait to start back my swim and gym routine
*like I have such regime?*
sorry I will rephrase = can't wait to start a swim and gym routine next mth
Also have to bid farewell to crispy fish skin with fish paste inside
this one is the signature of Jade Palace
it was fried with pork lard hence extremely sinful

also good bye to yummy Roast Duck
:"( *sniff sniff*
Sayonara yummy caramelised carrot cake
anything with high amount of FAT, SUGAR, SALT have to go
Looks like we have to stick to cheong fun like this?
and what about wines and alcos????
have to go too????
should learn to eat simple and clean palate food like this....
Hong Kong wan tan mee in clear shrimp broth
but then dried shrimp has got very high cholesterol
wat about in oyster sauce?
but then it's high in sodium
my favourite Durian Mochi????
simply indisputably the best Durian Mochi in the whole of SINGAPORE
but then it's high in sugar too............
egg tarts?
well anything to do with eggs u better stay away
yes I finally found something healthy!!!!
Chinese Wolfberry, ginseng and chrysanthemum jelly

I've alwiz said Life is dun care...wat watever u want!!!!
but then again Doc said...u r making it shorter by indulging
so can I still eat all of the above by in MODERATION???
pleaseeeee pleaseeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant,
BB1-13, The Forum Shopping Mall,
Orchard Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6732 6628


js said...

Actually according to doc's cholesterol guide, pork is not tha bad as animal spare parts like brains n intestines, squid, etc. Chicken egg oso very high. Eat one egg only n u would hv use up yr cholesterol quota for the day! Duck egg is 2X the cholesterol of chicken egg! Butter, ghee,cheeses,dairy products all not as bad as you think. So really not too restrictive in terms of diet.
Just need to load up on the exercises to increase the HDL :)

neil said...

I agree with JS! Eat what you like in moderation, and exercise! =)
*Muaks* Bee Ree