Thursday, October 29, 2015

Faure Le Page Calibre 21

I've finally got it...
after marvelling it and posting bout it in July *read here*, it has become my must have!!! So in mid July, Monkey was actually in Osaka and visited its store and to my dismay....they don't have the Calibre 21 for it's only available in Paris.

there's only 2 stores in the world...I hope they will have more stores soon.

Faure le Page started out as a firearm maker back in 1717. So that explains the lil cute gun on this bag. There were a few colors of choice and I guess dusty grey is so me right now :))) You can use it as a body over sling or even as a handbag. Love its versatility.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris

The iconic building, seen from afar like a huge sail boat is the home of Louis Vuitton Foundation. Opened just under a year ago, this was the vision and brain child of Monsieur Bernard Arnault the CEO and Chairman of LVMH. The mentioned of his name sparks another awe and admiration. Everyone in within LVMH group look up upon this gentleman with deep respect for he is the Father of LVMH group. He is one of the very few business magnate that is still involved in the business at every level and aspects. Listed as the most richest man in France and #13 in the world, Monsieur Arnault came up with this vision of building a space dedicated to arts and culture right here in the beautiful garden - Jardin d'Acclimitation.

Hey JS!!! We are here :)))) on a lovely sunny Sunday :)))
What a great day to visit the museum and garden. Louis Vuitton Foundation is one of the very few museums that were built by a private entity/corporation and is open to the public - with a small standard museum fee of course.

The land was leased by the Government of France to LVMH for this. After 55 years, it will be pass back to the city's government together with this stunning building.

Now let's move on to the architect of this stunning building that caught everyone in awe. He is not foreign name but an amazing famous and talented designed - Frank Gehry. Whose creations are world renowned buildings and the later works were all considered the important works of 
contemporary architecture.

Highly regarded as the most important architect of our age, Mr. Bernard Arnault has chosen well - the 2 most important men in their respective industry, came together, combining mission and vision to build the stunning Louis Vuitton Foundation.

The space is vast with even more vast and great works of important artists. You can come and visit a few times a year to look at their latest curated installation and exhibitions. When we were there, the collection was Pop and Musique. It was extremely refreshing to view these veritable works of total art, transformed into perception of space. which in returned made music the medium of memory.

Which is very true, bcoz music and sounds have got such deep connection in our brains. Some sounds/songs/tunes evoke such memory, feeling and taste in us. This was proven to be so true that some restaurants even made you wear headphones as they orchestrate each dish that will deliver such sense and memory to you from the sound of sea waves crashing into the rocks and beach as they serve you the entre of shellfish and oysters. Oh well we haven't have got the chance to experience such dining experience yet. Hehehehe....soon....coming soon :)))

Look JS, even the black commas balloons gliding effortlessly is an art installation. This reminded me of Andy Warhol's Silver cloud :)))

But this is really different from Andy's puzzling and yet juxtaposed works. The black helium balloons in commas were the works of Phillippe Parreno of Speech Bubbles, referencing those used in cartoons. How cute :)))

the 8 metres tall Rose II by Isa Genzken

Music and Arts of Popsim
of musical notes, manuscripts and broken records and album covers. How intriguing!!!!

On the background were Andy Warhol's the 10 portaits of Jews in the 20th century done in 1980.

You will see that Mr. Bernard Arnault is a great fans of Andy Warhol, amassing many works from this particular artist.

I hope JS wasn't too bored as Monkey could spend a lot of time on a certain usual talking to herself, mesmerizing by the works, the brush strokes, the paints, the texture, the kaleidoscope of colors, and even the size of the canvas. I dunno why I love talking to myself....JS usually ignored me but some strangers and visitors will reply with even more questions. Sometimes I do get answers but most of the time, they will enquire even further from if I am the tour guide of the museum. 

and yes JS found amusement in capturing moments like this, of the staffs at the museum taking care of this piece - Couch on a freezer by Betrand Lavier. Eyeing those visitors so that no one touches it. After snapping this shot, JS even walked to him and showed him this pic. LOL

YEAHHH finally we are at a room dedicated to Andy Warhol's self potrait.

sulking face Me and Andy :))) no reason for sulking hehehehe.

this piece was sold from Tom Ford's private collection back in USD 32 million. I've already stopped counting the value of all the piece inside this special room dedicated to Andy. :)))

While JS was more intrigued by the architect of the entire building. Made with 7 main principal materials in mind of different types of glasses, steel, wood and stone.

Just got a position a human there to understand the size and magnitude of this building. It's really spacious and huge with lots of natural lights.

the bolts!!!

amid all that, there's a lot of greenery too.

something weird has landed here on the terrasse of Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Titled "Where the slaves live" by Adrian Villar Rojas it consisted of a water tank with a lot of stuffs innit....from organic to man-made items. This structure will change over time, as items will rot and plants do grow on it.

Look!!! there's on sports shoe there!!!
zucchini flowers, yummy when stuffed with cheese and deep fried :)))
and I found other things like ropes, feathers, bones, glasses, fossils, corals, rotten apples, coal, cement, clothings......really weird installation but this will be permanent as it was a commissioned work.
Another commissioned works by Cerith Wyn Evans of 20 suspended transparent flutes playing notes inspired by the design and architecture of Frank the flutes have transparent pipes that transfer and blow air into it to produce such harmonious sounds and tones that assimilate with the buildings and surroundings.

Installation by Olafur Eliasson, which we selfied hahaha. The installation consisted of an array of tall mirrors, positioned alongside a calm pool at different degrees, so if we were to stand on the other end.....we could get a sequence of reflection of us....depicting the passing of different angle. Cool but we forgot to snap a full pic of it :P

with all the walking and analysis, soon our tummies were rumbling.....and we headed downstairs for a late lunch.

toasting with a glass of Ruinart Rose :))) of coz all the wines and spirits portfolio of LVMH are served here at the Le Frank restaurant. They named it after Frank Gehry of coz....the quality of food and service here is really good. There were a few vintage LV trunks hanging on the wall as part of the decoration.

helmed by a michelin starred Chef Jean-Louis Nomicos, we were really surprised by its neat and really good menu lineup.

JS had a yummy fish for he didn't wanna have too much of food. Saving stomach for dinner he said :P

Monkey ate a hearty perfectlly charred sea prawns with shaved greens. Simple clean and yummy.

I wanted to capture the beautiful lights hanging from its tall ceiling....of fishes dancing/swimming in such beautiful form.

Here it is, captured on my iPhone :))))
so stunning right? Feasting under such beautiful sculptures.

the lemon tart was AMAZING!!!!
Soon it's time to say goodbye for now...for we will return for the next installation of exhibition. If you purchased the museum ticket, you get complimentary entrance to the park. Else you will need to purchase a different park ticket for entries.

The view from the park is even more amazing!!!

This pic captured by JS was so stunning!!! actually all the pics were really good :)))

an old tower functioned as pigeon tower back in 1870. Where the pigeons were used to deliver messages.

The garden is too pretty and stunning with flowers in full bloom!!!!

and I had to snap this pic....memories of childhood. It was Sunday and families came out to have a great time with so many choices of amusement rides...of crying babies, happy faces, faces smudged with chocolates, ice holding cotton candies...and more balloons...and of coz screaming kids refusing to go home!!!! LOL!!!!

then we headed back to city enjoy the sun :)))

We were indeed blessed to a beautiful weather on that afternoon. :)))

If you are interested on visiting Louis Vuitton Foundation, pls access its main website for more details: