Thursday, October 30, 2008

Burg nite @ Sage

Chef Takashi create a special menu for a special nite,
really special indeed
coz the whole Spore gang came down.
or came up...hehehehehe.
Si Fu Lawrence & Tracie touched down on Saturday,
and went straight to the restaurant.
coz a certain someone forgotten he has some branding forum/conference/seminar
otherwise he wouldn't have missed the dinner @ Overseas
"oh the bread is good very good"
"folks, stop eating so much of bread.....we have 8 course dinner waiting~~~~"
confit of ocean trout with konbu
Salad of pan fried crayfish with topinambour + truffle jus
well topinambour = jerusalem artichoke
roasted foie gras with anago and scallion
anago = japanese salt water eel
Prince C: "I still prefer the other roasted foie gras."
I Ching: "I like the foie gras with red wine sauce more."

"errrr, okie folks...u guys have discerning taste. I'll have to work harder for your palate."
Tracie got this for me
wrapped nicely in organza
hehehehe now I am the proud owner of a handbag holder
Si Fu Lawrence & Tracie
thank you for the gift,
and many many many congratulations!!!
I've marked my calendar April 25th :))))))))))
and start looking for a dress....erm wat's the theme ya?
Prince C & I Ching
cozy together coz they are flying off to Melbourne tonite!!!!!
hey I'm gonna miss u both heaps coz when u are back....I'll be in Europe!!!
Doc & Emily
the "makan" doctors
Munchie MC & Wei Nee
came in matching green outfit..
the red-like-lobster host.....

"I'm wearing red!!! dun copy me."

JS: "Nvm I'm already all dressed to go."

"-_- u copied me."
JS: "Nvm lar................."

"U copied me -_-"
slow roasted lamb wtih Pistou
Pistou = cold sauce of basil, garlic, secret ingredients.
went so well with this Chambertin
my fav of the lot!!!
we have bout 5 burgs, 1 barolo, 1 champagne
in order of my preference fr left to right....
okie champagne was exceptional though it was placed last...
alwiz my fav especiall a good one like Salon.
as usual I get to keep all of em!!!!
etuvee of jap seabass with porcini mushroom
very huge portion there.
excellent fedellini pasta with muscovy duck and kabu
a few days earlier when ms Monkey got the menu
"there's duck....u want me to change???"
JS: "It's ok, I'll try it."

On that nite....slices of duck went over to Prince C's plate.
JS & Si Fu Lawrence
Lamb ragout pasta to share
spicy and tasty
and Chef's signature reginette of prawns + mozzarella
Toast to more good wines and good health!!!
dark grape granitas
made fr japanese grapes????
everyone was hunting for this highly priced grapes
and lastly Ecrasse of strawberries w/ vanilla ice cream
the ladies :)))))))))))))))))))
and ended the nite with the usual coffee and tea

Si Fu Lawrence: "a good ending to a good dinner. Not overdone like Les Amis."
Chef Takashi in action,
he refused to have his pic taken...
hmmmmm maybe that's why he looked so serious and agitated.

very good dinner there,
so u all must come back ya.

Sage Restaurant, Wine & Bar
Level 6, The Residence,
The Gardens,
Lingkaran Syed Putra.
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6032287 2189

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Doc!!!

Oversea??? I thought it's Overseas???
the last round when Doc & Emily came, they bought 2 kg of char siew...
this was 3kg.
I've never seen anyone buying char siew by the bulk.
Ms. Monkey took 3 mins from Marriott's parking to its valet,
it was easy using the backlanes.
Bukit Bintang is my playground.

while.......JS took 2.3 hours to reach fr KLIA.
welcome to KL city Doc & Emily!!!!
with the terrible Friday jam.
wat a way to greet our guests fr Spore.
MSD has been Doc's favourite..
and MINE too :))))))))))))
absolutely easy to drinking....despite the travels fr KL-KLIA-KL
crispy can die roast pork
and the famous Overseas's char siew
Hairy crab ROEs shark fins soup...
so much of roe that it turned amber.
sweet like candy!!!!
Emily's favourite of the lot - mixed vege in fermented beancurd
steamed star studded Grouper
erm, in short it's 7-sing-pan
absolutely yummy with the coriander.
sticky sweet prawns...
this one was my favourite...
I dove for the heads!!!!
JS has been a chambertin person
it was so smooth that it cured Emily's back ache....

Emily: "aaaAAaaaaa I felt so good after the wines."
erm......*scratch head*
aussie abalone with mushrooms,
I don't like it to be cut this way - in chunks...
still prefer them sliced thinly and neatly
I was looking hi and lo for a cake @ Bkt Bintang that afternoon,
and been asking around....but it's either commercial cakes or cakes-which-are-not-cake.

Anonymous 1: "WAT CAKE U WANT LAR???"
Monkey: "ermmm, cake...birthday cake...something more gourmet?? :P"

Anonymous 2: "U go to Lavender."
Anonymous 3: "Try Haagen Daaz."
Anonymous 4: "Isn't there a Secret Recipe around???"
Anonymous 5: "cake???? I dunno, dun ask me."

and so during the late afternoon, I was seen trottling around
looking for a cake.
-_- and ended up at Sally's door in Ritz Carlton.
"I want a birthday cake!!!"
Sally: "Sure darling, we have this this this this and that that that."

so folks if u want anything gourmet @ Bukit Bintang,
pls go to Ritz Carlton.
Doc & Emily
Happy Birthday Doc....
He has been celebrating since a week ago,
that also spells drinking and be merry for the past 7 days
and more to come..
Nice pic!!!

Overseas Restaurant
Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2148 7567

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DJ Sassy Pandez @ Zeta Bar, Hilton KL

Monkey, So Hilt Sharon, Beautiful CS
all beautifuly made up by I Nuovi.
Thank you
My fav products would be the lashes + eye shimmer
Hot Babe Shen had dinner with Devil Rachel at Spoon earlier

"How was dinner?"
Hot Babe Shen: " was ok.........hmmmm."

Ok I got it.
I'll stick to Senses's RM 88 express 45 mins set lunch.
hey both of u looked so HAWT
and raised KL's temperature that nite
must use I Nuovi products kay..
that nite was all about DJ Sassy...
she's super HAWT
born in 1981 and started out as a supermodel...
she was then known as Bambino Cindy Crawford.

Still ultimately UK's No 1 hip hop R&B DJ.
we danced till god knows wat time it was...
more like time to go home coz it was a weekday.
couldn't get a good shot of her though.
and she was too busy.....even for a TV interview.
our japanese slipper
concoction of Midori, Cointreau and lemon juice.

Beautiful CS: "I want something stronger!!!!"
"Hey do u know that I can only have one drink tonite!!!!"

Beautiful CS: "WHY????"
"MR. JS had imposed drinks limit on me!!!!!!"

Beautiful CS: "..............WAT???? -_-"
Beautiful CS's Monogram, Monkey's Vernis, So Hilt Sharon's Mini Lin
It was a Louis Vuitton nite I suppose
and poor No Longer Available Jui Hong babysitted our bags....
thanks ya!!!
and of coz thank you to the host......
tee hee hee

Zeta Bar @ Hilton KL
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2264 2264