Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Salut Seafood

Salut Seafood is a MUST GO whenever we are in Sabah
*pssttt dun go to Gayang*
they are just next to each other anyway.
oysters.....we never ever order oysters fr seafood outlet like this
just in case....
esp when u are planning to eat them raw.
GIANT CLAMS!!!!!!!!!
chopped garlic with cili padi and some kasturi juice
another must have in Sabah
Sabah Choy - sweet potato leaves
actually u go for the crunchy sweet stalks
to begin with, steamed sweet prawns
they were so fresh with the head intact
morning glory with belacan
steamed cockles....
when it's this fresh, u only want em steamed
I dunno what do u call these....
some top shell or wat.
yes I know they looked disgusting!!!
they are DISGUSTING!!!
the yummy huge GIANT CLAM fried with ginger and spring onions
fern leaves
U only get this in Sabah
the steamed fish was excellent
fresh and sweet
Sabah exports most of its fishes to HK
crispy deep fried soft shell crab
this was the best pineapple juice I ever HAD!!!!
solid and awesome and JS had 3
3 freaking pineapples!!!!
at RM 8 each.
Gardenia Durian ice cream
yes Gardenia as in the bread maker...
they manufacture ice cream in Sabah.

Salut Seafood Restaurant
3 Mile, Jalan Tuaran Telipok,
Tel: + 6088 301 300

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