Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lu Ai & Calvin's reception dinner

Ass Kickin Vonne & Su San at the registration table...
yes sudah jadi "kuli"
but they had a great time doin it.
dinner was at Overseas Restaurant
same place where Carol had her reception as well.
Mee Mee and Monkey
Jimmy and Mommy Carol
How time flies eh....Cammy is already 8 months old.
Mee Mee came with Teofu.......
we were just saying that all our partners in crime has a nick
cept for Shell Shell.
hmmmm so when are u gonna do it???
Kindy Chai & Me
she rushed home to Malaysia....then flew off the next day to Narita...and then back to San Diego.
hmmm u are really a supergirl.
Mee Mee's wedding was just 2 months ago but it still felt like yesterday.
I lurve your new hair cut :)))))))))
Lu Ai & Calvin with their nephews...
so cute~~~~~~
hmm but it seems they were fighting or struggling there.
Back: Mommy Carol, Su San, Rebecca, Wendy, Ass Kickin Vonne, Shell Shell
Seated: Mommy Connie, Kindy Chai, Monkey, Mee Mee
so many guests!!! I can't even see the stage!!!
that's Shell Shell with a flower on her hair :)))))
yessss... yuuummmmmmm TEA.
Su San was on the other table with the guys
Lu Ai defined this as single and available table
Rebecca and Ass Kicking Vonne just right at the back of me
earlier when she was planning the seating.
"wei, I wanna be on the same table as Vonne!!!"
Lu Ai: "kenot"

Lu Ai: "Ah Moi, U are already off the stock market. Kenot trade liao. Her table is for singles."
-_-" okie lor...I have nothing else to argue already.
Mommy Connie, Mommy Carol, Yoga Master Su San
When are u gonna teach me more yoga pose???
Lu Ai cried while giving her speech..
aaaaaawwwwwwww dun cry!!!!

We truly enjoyed your wedding...
and appreciate your dun cry ya.
cept that we didn't get to torture the heng tais.
erm, I think Mee Mee and Shell Shell trying to do the pose on the poster.
Shell Shell actually bought the RED dress + RED shoes to attend Mee Mee's wedding
mana tau...her cruel heartless tobacco company made her worked on that particular day.
Shell Shell, Wendy, Mee Mee all in red despite the free and easy dresscode.
Great minds think alike eh?
I want one pic also!!!!
and another one!!!!
Su San all ready to yum seng again with her glass
Ass Kickin Vonne challenged the groom
He accepted the challenge!!!!
see, his semangat so berkobar-kobar....kekekeke.
and so were we!!!
Mee Mee looked so cute here :D
*this group really has long long breath, long life my friend*
Lu Ai still with her glass while sending off her guests.
I think it has been glued to her hand.
Noel's fiancee, Noel, Kindy Chai
According to Kindy Chai, Noel proposed to his fiancee in the plane
at wat???? 28,000 feet?
hmmm he's a pilot...he can propose at any heights he wants....haahaha
Long Lost roomies, Rebecca & Wendy
Calvin: "Thank u Cherry, thank you. Thank you for comin."
"Erm u just said that to me 30 secs ago."

I think too much of whisky and wine.
Calvin: "Thank u, thank u for coming."
-_- U did it again!!!!

Calvin: "Ok ok, I enjoyed your blog a lot with all the delicious food."
"hmmm, u'll see more of your pics next week then."
Calvin looked so happy here,
yep he's the happiest man around....
I thought I can hear the guys on my next table crying.
yep, Lu Ai was the faculty's "hao fah".
so I must say u are damn lucky Calvin.
cam whores must alwiz have a last pic before they leave.
*pic stolen fr Ass Kickin Vonne's Nikon*
professional and amateurs cam-whores....can u differentiate?
Anyway Wendy is giving classes soon....anyone wanna sign up?
Many many congratulations to Lu Ai & Calvin...."the Chans"
enjoy your honeymoon...
let us know when u guys are back ya!!!!

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