Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Kipouvo River

we were on our road trip to Donggongon,
some Kadazan's area....

until JS saw a hanging bridge and decided to let us urbanites explore.
"Ma!! Look no hands!!!"
JS walked all the way to the other end.

Don't ask me why the Kipouvo name....I think it's some Kadazan language
this river is situated near to Kasigui, Donggongon.
yeah all the Kadazan names I supposed.
Maybe I should change my name too to Monkeygongon.
I walked like a duck trying to balance meself
and somebody was jumping high and lo to create a tsunami on this hanging bridge.
okie this was the furthest that I went....
not even half the bridge....
:P pfffttttttttttt
crystal clear water down there
we saw fishes swimming innit
and Prince C was so tempted to fish!!
Heroes - Prince C & Tremain went all the way to the other end
nyek nyek nyek
Monkey & I Ching sent some tsunami waves down fr the other side..
and lil Tremain cried..
shame on us 2 adults
bohohohoho :(
and Jungle Boy JS scaled down the steep terrain
all the way down to the crystal clear stream
it's so clean...
how come our rivers are like teh tarik?????

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