Tuesday, November 30, 2010


so tired can die..............
gawd.... work really never finish huh?
after one down, more to come....popping out of nowhere

now busy strategizing and planning for April 2011 onwards
I need a career that moves slower...as in more normal
not like this......

or maybe just maybe I lurve to torture meself :P
but then again, everything is urgent
maybe coz I'm a perfectionist
aaaahhh that explains it

need to mix around with ppl who dun care less
so I'll be normal a bit
but THEN AGAIN....these are the ppl that stress me out the most

I can't change me
neither can I change u

can't switch my mind off work
everynite for years.... I dreamt of work as in me working in my dream, executing all my tasks........real tasks...
and the next morning I woke up confused...asking meself...have I done that yet...*flipped thru to do list* nope...it was just a dream

Miss Monkey, it's time...
stop being so stubborn and go seek help
u need a doctor or someone or something....I dunno wat....


Monday, November 29, 2010

Domaine Romanee-Conti

Wine collectors.....
yep u didn't see wrongly....it's the Romanee Conti of the DRC
the world greatest wine fr the world greatest producer...
aaaa.....still mesmerizing back to that amazing bottle of La Tache :D

so in order there's the:
Romanee Conti *pic*
La Tache
Romanee St-Vivant
Grands Echezeaux

I am so lucky to have tasted all from this winemaker cept the king.....the Romanee Conti

so there's an offer now to purchase - as per picture
they are only selling by the case....not bottle
vintage 1978 at RM 732,000

T_T *boh lui*
any takers?

set to arrive in January 2011

the day I open a bottle of RC
has got to be THE DAY!!!!!!
in the mean time, keep drooling at the pics.
also counting the days we r heading to Burgundy
hehehhehee hahahahhahahah

Friday, November 26, 2010

Balenciaga First

Balenciaga First - limited edition in lizard skin
it's limited....so slim chance of getting it...but one of my fav piece
in pomegranate color....so nice kan!!!!!!
so dear a certain someone who is reading......is this the color u wanted?
and is this the exact model u want??? this is not a Giant City but Balenciaga First.....lemme know yea...
in Bois de Rose
but maintenance is a nightmare
Balenciaga Giant First in sea green
I dun have any bag in this color but this is so not me and so seasonal
Balenciaga Giant First in Peony
okie I just got a Prada in this color....so....no no

again dear a certain someone....
there's a difference between City and Giant City

*tap tap tap*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feeding Frenzy

the 2 cyborgs watching tv
yep we were watching some 3D demo blu ray disc
coz I dun have any 3D movies that we can watch :D
*aside fr Coraline & Ice Age 3 which were given by Panasonic*

no time to go out to get em
*shows how busy we really are!!!!!!*

the sound system is great!!!!! shake ass, bums and all my glasswares/windows at home
3D quality is AMAZING
it can also convert 2D to 3D on its own
cool eh?

ok ok must must must find time next month to get some 3D blu ray discs
the other thing is.....we are praying hard that the condo management will install Astro Beyond in this couple of months.....it'll cost the whole place 240k to do it...so exp!!!!!

there goes our sinking funds~~~~~~~ alongside with the ugly orchids plants and weird fountains they are constructing
and there's still no swing and lounge chairs by the pool -_-"
ok dun get me started or else this posting will end up complaining >:(
finely chopped sashimi quality salmon belly served in top of grainy japanese rice
glazes with wasabi oil and sprinkled with even finely chopped spring onions and japanese seaweed
the reason it is in heart shape coz we couldn't find a ROUND one
those thing dunno wat u call em, to stack food and shape em up

anyhow this lil starter proved to be a hit
guests came back for more and more....and some even had 3 portions
and there's 2 whom went to the counter and stacked it their way on their own
eh...u r not supposed to stack em like hamburgers kay....u need to adjust the right amount of rice vs salmon vs wasabi oil...
so it ended up either too HOT or there's too much rice bla bla bla~~~~~~ T_T

think so easy hor??? see Monkey do u wanna do oso
lil sailormoon only had rice and tonnes of prawns
she lurve prawns!!!! and whacked em all :)))))))))

simple pasta
this is usually wat we have for dinner at home

JS made two portions and all gone before he sempat to eat
hence he named this posting "Feeding Frenzy"

JS: "They were like piranha wor!!!!! everything gone.....I have nothing to eat"

kekekekkeke...ok ok soli Chef....
this shows ur food is yummy kay.....

Saint Veeny taught me to do this Bacon & Avocado salad
which is alwiz a hit!!!!
Thank you *hugs*
can't wait to see u in 2 weeks time :D

JS's roast porkie
this one was "on demand" so he got no choice but had to prepare it for this group of makan frenzies-an

and again, all gone quickly!!!!!
esp its crispy crunchy skin
its meat were soft, moist and flavourful with a gazillion of spices and herbs which he pounded himself

some say it was a porkie orgasm
in fact the bones were gone too.......
truly piranha but so eppy to see ppl eat their heart out at your home

5 diners excluding hosts whacked all 3.3kg of porkie
record breaking!!!!!

roast sweet parsnip and french shallots
simple easy and yummy!!!!!

pressie time!!!!!
and yea again, due to privacy......no pics of guests will be uploaded
super sensitive these days and I've been getting requests
no uploads/no updates/ no this n that....
ok ok ok ok
we got beautiful Bohemia crystal collection
a cake holder and coasters!!!!
lurve it...so exquisite :)))))))))))
*JS holding it like he won Wimbledon.....yeah he was a tennis state player last time :P*
Banana Tarte Tartine was a hit and it wasn't enuff  :P

it was a great feeding frenzy....
had a good time with u all :)))))))))
will definitely do this again...

we will prepare 5kg of meat for u all
and more pasta
and more desserts.....hahahahaha
and more rice....
wat else yea?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday Celebration at Gattopardo

Gattopardo has been in operation since a few months ago and it's fully booked
well done Chef Lino *clap clap clap* :))))))))

and it's a lovely place for all sorts of celebrations
we were celebrating a certain someone's super important birthday
but Monkey won't be posting any pics of it due to privacy purpose :D
rule of thumb during dinner...
no matter how superb and delicious the bread and grissinis are...do not pile on it
there's still so much more yummy food to go
but no......everyone was gobbling down em -_-"
the sweet red prawns with caviar
we were so looking forward to it.... :)))))))))
freshly imported fr Italy
sashimi of scallops...perhaps I shouldn't call it sashimi coz that'll be japanese and it's unfair to the beautiful Italian cuisine :P

yes in Italy, they eat their seafood raw bcoz it is of extremely high quality
fr the Adriatic sea
this calzone was so yummy
anything that goes into the Stone oven sure yum yum :D
fresh chanterelle mushroom cooked with fresh pasta

pasta with bone marrow :D
was SLURP!!!!!!
rich and good yea
chinese said, if u wanna nourish your bones...eat more bone marrows...kekekeke
linguine with fresh vongole :D this one was a fav for all

and chef had to cook another portion of vongole....hahahahaha
2 months ago when J&J said they already prepared something for this day
we did not expect a La Tache :D
special rare wine requires really special celebration
it has a very beautiful nose and everyone enjoyed every single drop of it
hahahhahahaah yes more precious than any gems :D
for a change we had roast beef Italian way :D
and another request fr Monkey, a rustic Italiano salad....hehehehe
medley of simple Italian desserts
this one a very good quality olive oil fr Sicily :D
aaaAAaaa still mesmerizing the wines ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the most expensive, most SCARCEST, most aristocratic, purest wine in the world
according to Mr. Clive Coates
I can't afford this one :P
Monkey had to break her bank and arms and legs :P
*and tail*

thank u J&J for this :))))))))))))
Chef Lino & Monkey
since all the guests whom attended the event are ...ahem...high profile ppl
kenot post on the blog...so.....

Buongiorno Lino......we are not high profile ppl so we can be on my blog :D
si si? :)))))))))))
grazie mille for the wonderful dinner!!!!!!!
111 Canning Walk,
Fort Canning,
Singapore 178881.
Tel: +65 6338 5498

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Breakfast from leftover scrap :P

Peugeot pepper and salt grinder
yes Peugeot as in the car Peugeot
so these babies grind like a ferocious engine

kakakakaka nope just kidding
they are just normal grinders manufactured for Peugeot
looking clean sleek and chic
Monkey made breakfast fr leftovers the fridge :P

eggs were leftovers for making desserts
bacons fr the avocado salad
chopped garlic was leftover fr dinner prep
thinly sliced onions were oso leftover fr the mis-en-place tray inside the fridge

well maybe cept the tiny portobello mushrooms
so sad rite our mushrooms fr Cameron/Genting
ooooh yea sprinkled wif chopped *in this case I was lazy, just used scissors to cut* Italian flat leaf parsley
it was oso left over from pasta preparation :P
then later out came the croissants....yummy cappucino
and in the glass jar was some Ginger Molasse cookies I made the nite before
errrr it was too sweet and JS educated this Monkey that whenever u r using recipe fr the States
pls minus the sugar at least 30%, if possible 40%
Monkey doin peek-a-boo

very lovely to have breakfast
in ur pyjamas.....kekekekeke
esp on the balcony with a view
and enjoy the morning breeze

ooh oh oh forgot to mention
I used leftover lard/fat/oil fr the roast pork to cook the above

so moral of the story,
dun waste food......kekekekeke

Monday, November 22, 2010

I look forward to.....

counting the days....dom dee dum...

but before Monkey can pull down her luggage bag to start packing
she has got tonnes of stuffs to sort out

get her back in shape for 13 hours flight
*the pain is gone but no more carrying heavy stuffs or monkeying around like she used to be :((*

workload is mad towards year end
with a major event/launch next week
personality interviews
year end closing
all the year end xmas lunch with the press
and catching up session
an International Regatta on its planning stage

but I am still so looking fwd to it :D

hummin to the song of.......

Je ne vous pas Travailler
Je ne vous pas d'jeuner
je veux seulement l'oublier et puis je fume...


Friday, November 19, 2010

Senja Restaurant by Chef Giovanni

Monkey have not visited Senja for like errrr 7 years I think
and it has changed a lot
cept it is still on the lil lake in the property of Saujana Resort

Anytime we'll prefer Italian over French or Spanish
Italian food emphasize more on food prepared with heartiness, it's fresh ingredients and produce, simplicity and love....
and u chow them down with gusto....hhehehhehehe...

French is too anal and Spanish there's too much of seafood
but seriously the best cuisine in the world has got to be chinese
*nyek nyek nyek*
agree or not?????
 seafoof pasta with lotsa fresh ingredients but all the men wanted was PASTA
if like this, pls order alio olio enuff dy
I had sea bass grilled nicely till its skin was so crispy
it melted in my mouth
served on top of a bed of mash and beans and cherry tomatoes
but the best-est stuff fr Chef Giovanni has got to be his bread and pizza
coz they have got a huge STONE OVEN

the base was crispy, I wondered wat type of flour they used to make pizza
topped with artichokes and fresh mozzarella cheese

if u are attempting pizza at home pls do use FRESH mozzarella
those balls packed in water....
u may forget bout PROCESSED mozzarella
 tiramisu that looked rather deconstructed
this one was good, parfait wrapped in a skin that was made fr sweet semolina

would come back here anytime for pizza
but the settings is kinda too fine for me to monkey around and chow down with gusto
esp when u gotta eat ur pizza with ur hands!!!!

maybe they can do takeaway for me :))))

Senja Restaurant
Saujana Resort, Persiaran Golf,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel: 603 7843 1234

Thursday, November 18, 2010

GUCCI The Bamboo Exhibition

We were just in time to visit the Bamboo Forever exhibition in Singapore
it has been touring round the world from Geneva to Prague to Hong Kong to Taipei
and will leave for Rome then Napoli and lastly Venice
the classic piece dated from 1947
bamboo collection started when bag designer had to think of a way to create a beautiful bag during times of WAR esp when they are out of many types of raw materials
*see ppl are so fashionable...during war still must put FASHION in priority :P*
**Italians are really passionate* 

at the same time, they need to maintain the high standards of GUCCI and its identity + exclusivity
today Bamboo collections is really an ICON
the bamboo handle were made by softening it with a fire flame
then curved into a U shape
and today the New Bamboo from Spring 2010 coll
with additional....errrr....too many stuffs *just like a Xmas tree* I still prefer the old classic one
and my favourite piece fr 1960

dun think u think so????
everyone and every brand is re-tracing their roots and heritage
so folks, dun throw/give away ur vintage pieces
they'll definitely make a comeback!!!!!

for more visit: