Friday, August 28, 2015

Icho, Nikko Hotel Osaka

Icho was recommended by a friend a few years ago and now it is one of our favourite must go restaurant for decent piece of beef steak. Seen here is the typical table setting right in front of the hot plate counter. The copper looking thing was actually a stand for the ingredients. Platter of ingredients are being stacked on top of it so that it is away from the heat and within easy access for the chef.
The other reason that we lurve it here is the wine list. Surprisingly they have quite a decent wine list. Though some are quite young in vintages, if you take ur time to look through its simple list, be sure to find something that suits your liking. When u gonna chomp and nom on those juicy japanese beef, u better have some red wines that gonna give u some grip on the tongue for japanese beef are so really yummy, juicy, flavourful and fatty. :)))

Usually before the cooking begin, chef will present to you your sides to be cooked and paired with your main course - the beef itself!!!

Seen here were thickly sliced sweet onions, japanese peppers, mushrooms, konnyaku Konjac and japanese sweet potatoes.

see....this is how they utilise the copper holder.

our amuse bouche consist of a really yummy small bites of pork with baby herbs and homemade sauce. Some acid and sourness innit to tantalize our tastebuds.

and for that wonderful evening, we have a really beautiful chef cooking for us. Our usual sensei dr.chook-look-alike was on leave that particular day. She is the disciple.

When frying these yummy japanese garlic, one needs to have patience and continue moving it in oil so that it won't get burnt.

wow it sure left some tyre marks there...I mean onion marks...hahahahaha.

Next we have our homemade pumpkin soup with crispy croutons on the side.

the other main reason we alwiz return to Icho is its brown cow!!!! Seen here with such wonderful marbling and grains is the Grade A5 Brown cow beef from Shikoku which accounts only to 9% of nation productions.

gourmet salts hacked straight from one huge piece of crystal salt from the mountains range in Iran.

All the sides were now ready and chef has already sliced it to bite sizes with her knife like spatula as she cooked.

ABALONE!!!! a must have :))))))))))))))))))))))

Remove it from its shell....and find the liver...most prized part of an abalone.

there!!!!! it has slight bitterness and rather rich.

Gimme gimme gimme my abalone!!!!!

WAT??? u mean I have to share with JS this piece of solid yummy abalone?

and now.....the moment we had been waiting for :)))

Just look at the crispy thinly sliced garlic that was prepared to perfection :))))
oh my.....u hungry yet?

and I love it with my finely grated daikon and mirin ponzu sauce.

I like it that they don't serve you the entire portion at one go, else it will get cold....

and we have more and more and more beef :))) yummms no complaints at all!!!

I like her showmanship....such power and yet elegance...ain't easy being a chef yo!!
look at the burnt ends.....caramelized and yummss...I was saving my onions for the last and Mr. JS was bz picking at my plate...

"u don't want?"
before I could answer, he was already popping onions into his mouth

FRY RICE!!!!! with beef fats!!!

After the fried rice....we were really really contended!!!! Happiness beyond descriptions :))))

We were made to wear these napkins at the beginning to protect ourselves.

a tradition, to snap pic with chef before we leave.
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after so much of food one just gotta walk about to burn those calories....but before the body got started...i saw these gals having some nice iced cold beer...and Monkey follow suit. :))))

It's impossible to rest your tummy whenever u are travelling. My advise is don't....just enjoy yourselves. :)))

Icho Teppanyaki @ Nikko Hotel
1-3-3 Nishi-shinsaibashi,
Chuo-ku Osaka-shi.

Tel: +81 6 6244 2468