Thursday, August 06, 2015

Kuromon Market, Osaka

Ohaiyo!!!!! I have the best housemate in the universe. He makes coffee for me every morning and decaffe coffee at every nite, doesn't matter which part of the world we are. So in return I told him, I will take good care of him when he grows grey.

JS: "I think more like I have to take care of you. You are so weak and never take care of your health!!!"
Monkey >.< okie lor I old lady u young man lor.

*piak chip & dale* that's my Japanese summer white peach. It's mine!! stop sniffing around. It's so yumzzz and sweet. Only regret, didn't buy that many home. But we had at least one each money with coffee before heading out for the day.
The sun rises around 4.30am here and our day starts early. After Coffee and sweet summer peach, we headed out to Kuromon Market. Nope, it's not kumamon but Ku-Ro-Mon

It's a must visit for tourists in Osaka. Stretching half a kilometre long *it's not that big* but the market is power packed with shops selling all the fresh produce from the region. With a history of 170 years, it was called Kuromon meaning Black Gate because there was really one then next to a temple which is no longer at the site.

fresh sardines...imagine grilling these...with a slice of lemon of some grated daikon? Or just deep fried them...yummmmzzzz.

Peach juice!!! I want I want I want!!! peaches were abundant and they have to turn them into juices hahahaha. Such a thirst quencher during summer

there's even yellow peaches!!! and equivalently sweet!!! Don't be fooled by its color :))

in abundance hence the sale....Sale Time!!! or time for sale? hehehehehe. It cost a bomb back here...Most of the japanese fruits in Msia cost big big nuclear bomb.

all the yummy fruits were so inviting. Since we can't carry all of them home....we carried them back to our hotel and have fresh fruits every morning day and night....inclusive of all the japanese snacks and limited edition haagen daaz ice creams and indescribable junk food....our hotel suite looked like it's infested with 18 kids!!! every day our thrash cans were filled with boxes of kyoho juices, packs of junk foods, sweet wraps, and more food wraps of watever stuffs we had.

the quality of pork here....oh my....imagining using these for yakitoris....or ham yu fah lam poh!! or or...oh my gawd I can think of so many variations now in my head...yummmsss

and the's not expensive...1200 Yen for 100g that's about RM 36/100g
the marbling of the beef fats were irresistible!!!

the poisonous Fugu fish!!!

looking at all these......Monkey was a bit sad...

Monkey turned to JS....*sniff sniff with the kesian look*
Monkey: "I cannot ady........:(..."
JS: "Wat?? u tired already??? cannot walk anymore?"

Monkey: "I cannot wait until lunch.....can we have a sneak peek pre-brunch first?"
JS -_-"

and so JS gave the green light to eat these at 10am in the morning :))))))))))
Wahahahahahahhah so so so so eppy!!!

on top of that, he oso approved of the iced cold japanese beer early in the morning :)))) Wahhh I must have striked TOTO that day :))))
The shop vendor here speaks Bahasa because he studied in UKM for a few years. Think his bahasa better than us coz in the end we spoke english back to him :P

we had Nara beef....with beefy flavour and tender juiciness....ahhhhhhhh. Japanese beef alwiz have this unique sweetness flavour to it.

and the fatty Kobe beef...think I prefer other brown cow breed versus Kobe bcoz it's just too fat and oily minus the flavours.

Monkey: "JS look!!! yum yum can I?"
JS: "No. don't waste calories on these."

Fat fat Tuna belly!!!

I lurve japanese pickled you? :))))

and I found more snack shops here

Monkey: "Ohhhhh Doraemon corn sticks!!! I'm gonna eat u now."
Doraemon corn sticks shrieked in horror...WAHHHH. These are so yummy with cheese flavours...only RM 0.25 cents per stick. Wat can u get these days at that price in Msia?

Towards the end of the market....our nostrils lead us to this corner shop...hmmmmm smell of japanese curry!!!! 

Run by a team of husband and's a very narrow shop.

We asked him if that phone is still in use.....and he said yes with a laughter...he even showed us how to dial it. Stick ur finger into the numbered hole, push it around....then let the rotor disc reverse back on its on...then stick it into the next numbered hole....I was thinking this gonna take forever to dial 7 digits.

Oh well thank you for the demonstration, we may looked young but not that young. I've used this phone before when I was a kid. 

when the wife was cutting this piece of Pork Katsu behind the bar counter....both JS and Monkey eyes were wide open bcoz we could hear it "krop, krop...krok...krop..."
wah this would be damn good man!!!

"JS I want your curry rice!!!"
JS piak my notti hands and pushed the bowl back to him.
"It's mine!!!!"

yes Curry Udon for Ms. Monkey with chunks of meat innit. So so so yummy and flavourful. Slurp slurp slurp!!!!

It's also available for sale. All ready packed. :)))))

as my t-shirt says...That's Awesome

wonderful morning for us :)))) and we have done so much :))) and ate so much kekekeke.

More information on Kuromon Market here:


Ciki said...

Gorgeous photos and essay... You make me miss Osaka's markets.. oh yes you do! :D

CHER-RY said...

Thank you for dropping by Umei. Yes you can go anytime you want...just go!!! tee hee hee.