Wednesday, August 05, 2015

All in a day's work

I've been lagging in my postings, which is not my dear fellow readers please accept my apologies with this yummy glass of iced cold refreshing Caprioska...oh so yummsss.

and bcoz it's not acceptable, Monkey must work harder to ensure in continuity in this blog, with more updates. Not as a few as once a week. ARghhhhh~~~

 Not your kinda drink?? Ok what about this??? One of my favourite too hehehehehe

Work has been great. I've met so many people, learnt so much, achieved a hell lot and had so much of fun along the way. Yes someone told me I must live life and not let life passed by like that. Make things happen for yourself :))))

Despite the tiredness, hectic schedule, immeasurable amount of stress, work load and added responsibilities I really do find joy. A lot of it :)))) 

Monkey and a new Hobbit admiring the city skyline

Monkey: "U are really cute, everyone wanted you at the club...I really do wished I could take u home u know?"

He's still staring intently...mum and quiet

Monkey: "I really do u know...but what would the rest of the hobbits at home say??? So I am sure u will understand my predicament that I can't and I need to keep peace at home. As much as I wanted you, I have to let you go."

oh well since u are still so quiet, let's just enjoy the view together in pure silence of our own lil world :))) and Monkey and new hobbit watched the sun set and created beautiful silhoutte of concrete jungle.

let's just enjoy everyday....because life is as beautiful as u make it. Don't wait...take charge now :))

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