Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arriving in Melbourne

pic taken during take off
Monkey couldn't sleep on board
she was so tensed
could it be the work?
or the unfinished work?
something she left at home?

Prince C: "WTF???? U travelled in comfy business class and u can't sleep?????"

yeah prollie too busy chomping on satays and my steak :P
7 hours later.....at 8am local time, we arrived
with Prince C waited patiently for us at the arrival hall.

thank God the custom didn't take long....coz the golf shoes were new
otherwise~~~~~they'll take all their might to disinfect the soil on in

Aust practiced tight measures on produces/watever u are bringin in

we even had to declare our vitamins, supplements
and oh yea my medication...but that came with a letter fr the hospital.
Prince C brought us to Altona for breakfast
at this lil Greek place called "Melissa"
yep just the two of them eating
coz I had my supper and breakfast on board :P
neat breakfast for AUD 12 = RM 36

On another note,
it's a diff scenario here...no masks
no temperature checks
no chaos
no erm....do they even know about H1N1????

am hugging my stomach now,
just got back fr Fifteen by Jamie Oliver
tomorrow - Mornington!!!

temperature at a cool 4 degrees at nite
and 15 during the day

monkey enjoying every bit
hiak hiak hiak

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Goin there by road has never been my choice,
well unless if it's Monkey who's driving....
not with someone driving at 80km/h

adui.....can die dot com
will pop a novomin and make meself sleep

lucky I'm flying home
otherwise...can break my backbone.

Hot MaMa Thevi's Birthday @ Twenty One Kitchen & Bar

Nope, she's not 21...
so the chosen location has nothing to do with her age
just good food and lovely ambience :))))
Monkey, So Hilt Sharon, Hot Mama Thevi
I like happy ppl in happy colours :)))
soooo have to change So Hilt Sharon's nick to erm...Baroness???
I'll wait for u to expire first with "So Hilt"
Beautiful CS & Charming YS
welcome back mate!!!
Macho Mani and Hawt Babe Shen
Sweet Devil Rachel was at the back..

she must been wailing the whole nite: "My mie mie got molested~~~~~"
yep your Mie Mie alwiz got molested by us..
keep him at home yea next time.
to start the nite.....a TOAST to the birthday gal
selections of Smirnoff in diff flava
I chose randomly and got lycheee!!!!!
tapas to begin with
PRESSIES time!!!!!!
a lovely bag fr Hawt Babe Shen
all smiles~~~~
quick~~~ rip it open!!!!
dress fr Beautiful CS
Sweet Devil Rachel's card with 2 monkeys on its cover
and it's an apron set with mittens and all
Hot Mama Thevi: "Ohhh tq Sweet Devil Rachel!!!!"
just the perfect gift for a domestic queen
and there's more stuffs fr Sweet Devil
a book -_-
this one erm...for her to hang inside her car????
a Compilation of songs fr 1979
an oil ermmm wat do u call this? fr Stockholm
I dunno, JS chose and bought it...since he's the best person to shop for domestic queen
and of coz a stainless steel Avanti oil decanter
yes this I know :P
out came the cake by So Hilt Sharon
no no no no....she didn't bake it of coz...
I dun think she'll ever need to cook :P
*when lar u gonna make me that pork ribs??*
She's indeed so happy :))))))))))))
Happy Birthday Thevi!!!
Monkey, So Hilt Sharon, Hawt Babe Shen, Hot Mama Thevi, Beautiful CS, Sweet Devil Rachel

Twenty One Kitchen & Bar
20-1 Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2142 0021

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shell Shell & Monkey's bithday

oh yea...I'm still not done with my birthday postssssSSssssss

Bee Ree that's me
Shell 2 = Shell Shell lor

those were our pet names since erm...10 years ago?
these bunch of great friends of mine, grew up with Monkey in campus
staying in the same house...
well if u wanna be sane and alive staying in the same house without scratching each other's face
throwing pillow and cat fighting.......u better be good with each other
but our relationship were much more than that :))))
we are only one yea old.....wakakakakaka
we took care of each other.....made sure everything was in order
or more like disorder
when we were outta our parents' eyes for the first time in our life
woooohooooooooooo *no parents around!!!!!*
Mee Mee lighting out the candle and Monkey was erm....erm
was trying to block the gush of wind fr the air cond????
Mee Mee: "Still can't!!!! the candles got flickered!!!!"
okie maybe my body is not big enuff.
yes this is more like it....hey Miss Monkey, as u age can u pls use your brain a lil bit more?
it was Shell Shell's early birthday celebration and Monkey's belated birthday :P
Monkey and Shell Shell demanded a birthday song fr these two....
dun play play yea.... these two performed at KLPac for all the choir fest
and attend....*do u?* vocal classes.

how sweet!!!! an A Cappella of Happy Birthday to you~~~~~~~
both of us beaming with smiles!!!!
we still looked like the day our parents dumped us in the University
*meaning we still looked 18 wakakakakakakkaka*
haiyak and yak and yak and yak!!!!
my fav past time since I was 5.....
"Mee Mee u wanna lick the knife?"
lickering away and smacking lips
Mee Mee was my roomie for 4 years
u won't wanna do wat we did in our rooms :P
ahem...we were good gals OK?
pressie presentation to Shell Shell
why is Shell Shell so flustered?
Nee Lee: "Happy Birthday Shell Shell and we are giving u Simply Good Living Solutions to Life from Tupperware."
Nee Lee: "hmmmm take pic first!!!!"
Shell Shell: "I am so pressured to receive it!!!!"
coz Shell Shell thought she has to join Tupperware
Simply Good Solutions to Life
soon to be a member *ahem*, downliner, upliner

I'm a Tupperware freak :P
since I was 8
enjoying our cakes
Thank u Nee Lee and Mee Mee for the lunch and cakes and the awesome splendid song dedication
I and pressies
I was so touched
*in tears*
Nee Lee, Shell Shell, Mee Mee, Bee Ree

Oh yea we derived all these name from playing SIMS
woohooo SIMS 3 is out!!!!
yea we are also game freaks!!!