Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Food Hall, Siam Paragon (Part 2)

Busy today....
gonna keep this post short and sweet
really sweet hence I begun with the above pic
exotic ice cream stalls were everywhere inside the food hall
from gourmet ice cream to everyday ice cream
mind u the above was the "everyday" ice cream
u won't wanna see the pic of gourmet ones...
*coz a certain Baby will whack my head for posting all her fav food*
I'm a savoury person
sights of yummy meat on sticks, grilled to perfection made my heart skipped
*oh babi babi babi babi babi babi*
oh different types of Swine Sausages with spices in it
some local savoury delicacies aka kuih
at the banana station they have GRILLED BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
fried bananas with sesame seed in coconut cream batter
move over u goreng pisang!!!
my fav golden brown SWEET POTATO BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to faint at the cake section
fantasy land cakes
yeah this is wat I meant.....
famous Thai delicacies which I dunno its name
in different fillings, the above was the coconut and corriander served with more coconut cream
coconut cream with choco chips
there's coconut cream with raisins
coconut cream with shredded eggs

oh my gawd it's never ending
the above was only 10% of the Food Hall.

Would love to snap more pics for u guys to drool at
but my stomach was calling~~~~


js said...

the one that you dunno what it's call is kanom beung(ขนมเบื้อง) which literally translate to "tiles biscuit" and tiles as at roof tiles.....get it??:)

Wei's said...

OMG.. The fooodd.. Makes me wanna go BKK now.. G A H H H..

Tsu Lin + + said...

Pisang Goreng, not goreng pisang. Goreng pisang is the verb. :P

(A wannabe "know-it-all")

Leanne Chook said...


you're blog makes me hungry! (:

CHER-RY said...

JS: ok ok now I remember

Baby Wei: Nvm, we had Thai yesterday already....satisfied?

TL: yes u are rite bout the Pisang Goreng...just like Menteri Perdana (MP)...PM is actually wrong and nobody corrects it here. :P Long live Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia

Leanne: Hi was you birthday celebration?