Sunday, June 21, 2009

SuperDog, VivoCity

Firstly we went to Pu Tien and had a galore of chinese food
then walked around VivoCity looking for Awfully Chocolate which was highly recommended by Prestige Mein *ooo it was really good, will blog bout it soon*

and after the sinful chocolate...

Si Fu Lawrence: "U like funky hotdogs?"
Monkey was beaming away with a huge smile on her face.
At this juncture, JS gave up with so much of food in 2 hours.
Monkey and Si Fu couldn't decide which "dog" to eat
Superdog serves high quality hotdogs
huge board to proclaim their high standard
*after playing Restaurant City for a month now, I know where the heck CHUCK is in a cow, also loin, rump etc......*
though it's a fast food outlet, we had to wait for our food
Si Fu had this dog which was longer than its bun
char-grilled to perfection
I like its sauce with some good amount of fresh onions
I had this special dog :D
look at that greasy crispy bacon
YES pork bacon
topped with cheese and onions
Monkey was so ready to consume it
mouth opened wide jawed until JS warned:
JS: "Can finish or not??? We have dinner in 4 hours time at Les Amis ok???"
gave me his u-r-so-not-gonna-finish that look
okie lor, ppl gave warning already so I had to skip the bun
it's a skill and art to eat it this way :P
very good quality dogs with a "snap" and crunch in everybite
but price was on the steep side.

Next time will try its burgers :))))))

1 Harbourfront Walk
#B2-40/41 VivoCity
Tel: +65 6376 9379

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