Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby Wei's Birthday celebration

Usually Birthday Gal will get to choose her choice of dining destination
esp when it comes celebrating her birthday
we were surprised because she chose chinese...and to be specific DIM SUM!!!

because she was craving for these like a pregnant woman
egg yolk custard buns......

"Dim Sum? U sure?"
Baby Wei: "Oh yes...I've been craving for it for weeks!!!!"
well it was just a matter of luck that she's been having dim sum for the past few weeks and all the outlets that she patronized, either do not have these or sold out or just not available for that day.
so for her birthday we ordered 2 baskets for her
hahahahahahaha and it was good to watch her gobbled them down with contentment
it has to be the best birthday gift ever hahahahahaha esp when u are craving for something for weeks
the usual fare of Dim Sum courses must have "Har Kou"
yummy crunchy prawns wrapped in thin flour sheets
steamed to order

the thing about Lai Ching Yuen here is...everything were steamed to order
so u just need to have some patience.
whenever u have "Har Kou"..."Siew Mai" will make her appearance as well
just like any partner in crime :))))))))
I prefer Har Kou to Siew Mai anytime for its taste and texture
freshly made fish/meat ball
huge like table tennis balls hahahhaahaha

stir fried turnip cakes with chinese sausages, eggs and beans sprouts
Some places call it carrot cakes...some turnip cakes but guess it's the same?
Isn't it???

deep fried prawn rolls
the portion served at Lai Ching Yuen is pretty huge
we needed to work double hard to finish them :P
Deep Fried Fluffy Yam Puffs
alwiz my favourite
*the best yam puffs I had was at Pun Chun, Bidor*
Xiao Loong Pao was ok-ok
or maybe...just maybe my expectation was higher...
u can look at its's pretty thick huh?
steamed char siew pork bun is a must have as well
the portion was pretty generous here I must say :)))))))))
Homemade Black Sesame Birthday Cake with a Tiger on it
yup Baby Wei is a tigress :P
another year younger for her :))))))
sorry for the quality of the pics...
all pic taken with my iPhone :P

Happy Birthday again Baby Wei!!!
hope you are horning your baking skills with all the beautiful Le Creuset, Typhoon, Maxwell and Williams kitchenware/bakingware that u've got!!!!
and yes your favourite 4 monkeys in the office :))))

Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Grand Millennium Hotel
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2117 4888

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar

I can't remember how many times I've posted about Sage
and I noticed we usually order the same few items :P
yes yes we are very predictable :P
but then again if those are your favourite dishes then stick by it

Below are what I usually have :)))))))))
Carpaccio of Hiramasa fish with caviar
this has been my all time favourite starter :)))))))

our main is usually the wagyu which is alwiz done the way we want it
the sides changes from time to time depending on the fresh ingredients of the day
the sauce was made from the meat jus
I lurve protein this way
Grand Marnier Souffle :)))))
with homemade vanilla ice cream
vanilla macaron with chocolate ganache
*I dunno when will I attempt to make macaron again :P*

simple food done to perfection

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar
Level 6 The Gardens Residences,
Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2268 1328

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All in a Day's work

Last Friday, Monkey was busy dashing up and down the office building for meetings and appointments....coz I usually do it at Starbucks
so I was traveling with the lift...down for appointments...then back up for internal meetings...then down for more appointments and so on

in fact this is my usual morning routine before I head out for more lunch appointments/meetings/market visits etc

out of my busy morning routine of dashing up and down, Chris da Boss was trying to be funny and hid my handbag. Of all the places...he shoved it to the corner among the carton boxes inside a storeroom before he himself headed out for his meetings

yes my Prada bag
yes inside the filthy storeroom

2 hours later, I realised that my bag was gone
*yes it took that long*
either I was not receptive to my personal belongings or I WAS THAT FREAKING BUSY

so on Monday....which was was Monkey's turn
nyek nyek nyek
the moment he stormed to the toilet for his routine morning "session", Monkey had his car key.....
went down to his usual same parking lot for the past 8 years....and re-parked it at a different spot.
came back up the office and he's still doin his "session" I had plenty of time.

and it HAD to be yesterday, that he had a really REALLY extremely important and urgent meeting in Cyberjaya :P a place he's not familiar with...bcoz he asked Monkey for directions and address etc much earlier in the morning. So after his "session" he rushed down to the basement parking to get his car for his meeting which was 56km away and...... of coz he was running late...

the clock ticked...
I waited for his call...
it was the longest 15 minutes I ever had before his call came in.
*bcoz he went to every single level/deck to check for his car :P*

"Baby Wei, can u direct me to Mommy Jacky?"
and when he got through...
"Mommy Jacky, can u gimme the security office's number? I think I've lost my car?"
and so Mommy Jacky gave him the number....

well u know the rest... :P
He said over the phone, he's gonna kill me today
so wish me luck folks!!!! If there's no update on this blog tmrw morning, u'll know what happen to me

All in a Day's work :)))))))
Moral of the story is...don't mess with Monkey hahahaha

Nope, the actual moral of the story is...never ever have routines/habits that are today's dangerous world, u'll never know who's watching you.
so for a change...go and do something different today :))) park at a different spot, eat somewhere else, approach a problem from a different angle, see things in life differently.
shall we?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sin Huat Eating House, Singapore

the famous Lorong 35 in Geylang,
Geylang is famous for its red light district and FOOD *hua hua hua*
this dinner outing was planned for JS bcoz he's never been to this place
yeah dun ask me why, but he's very "atas"

the above pic is truly important as a benchmark....bcoz u can see the sky is still bright and the sun was just about to set...looks like late afternoon right?
well kind of, coz we arrived her at 5.50pm
yes read me again 5.50pm

Monkey, J&J Jelina and James discussing on what to order
in case u are wondering...yes that's the boss/cook/sous-chef/commis/chef/waiter/runner/everything
u must be wondering how did he multi-tasked all the roles
dun ask...I find it over-whelming too.

if u are unlucky, sometimes the chef will sit down and watch his fav show before starting performing his own show in his kitchen :P

We were there early to book a table and also to order food
the ordering format here is pretty straight forward..

u cannot choose how u want it to be cooked
he will just ask u if u want prawns or not....if the answer is yes...that's it..dun ask him anything else...he will cook it the way he does it so well for you.
he will also asked do you want fish? don't even ask him wat fish and what's the cooking style...
for there's only one...just eat
if u would love some vege...just tell him u want asking what vege they have for the day bla bla bla...for there's only one type of vege in the kitchen

we then kept each other in company
bcoz we knew it's gonna be a long wait~~~~~~~~~~

Sin Huat is known to serve the best crab bee hoon in the world of Singapore
plus it is the only "tai chow" that accepts credit card
Sin Huat is not your usual eating house bcoz the boss cum cook has his own modus operandi in running this business...he decide how it's gonna be cooked and its price is definitely much much higher than most places. *that's y u need a credit card*
Later, Chef put on his sexay gangnam bootie and off to work, preparing mis-en-place, chopping tonnes of stuffs and cleaning vege
yes he's a control freak bcoz only him can do everything
the Missus helped out with serving drinks and preparing the table setting

Flatmate Amy soon came to join us in the waiting game for yummy food
thank goodness everyone has got their gadget to keep each other company

soon late evening turned to the sun sets..all the illuminated billboards and advertising boards lit the streets of Geylang and turned it to a really happening place
so now u understand why we needed a benchmark pic at the beginning just to describe the wait

as more customers filled the place, we soon know our food is on its way
but wait...the Chef then came out to check on us...and informed that he's not serving till everyone's here
and at 7.30pm sharp, after 1 hour and 40 minutes wait...
our FIRST dish of fried kailan/Brussels leaves came!!!!

it has got the breathe of fire with umami sauce innit
everyone was smacking their lips, either from hunger or this simple fried vege deserves its applause
the famous "gong-gong" or better known as sea snails
just blanched it and served with the famous homemade dipping sauce of garlic, chili, spring onions
the butterflied prawns steamed in special sauce, chinese wine and loads of garlic
only the tails were peeking out
the prawns were really fresh and sweet.....juices collected at the bottom were the best

everyone bz updating their Facebook, Twitter, watever~~~~~~
next dish was my favourite!!!!
steamed fresh frogs with chicken essence
the green bottles of yummy healthy goodness were steamed together with the fresh frogs

I can assure you it's really fresh bcoz a moment ago, I just saw them croaking happily in their cages
the auntie then served us this dish
she must have been busy chopping garlic bcoz her hands were full of GARLIC!!!
she then proceeded with snipping them off with a really sharp pair of scissors
I dunno wat's with J&J James's face...prollie the auntie has got BO
as she snipped, she kept on telling JS not to take her pic
pai seh pai seh
by then, all the chicken essence already blended in so well with the juice fr the frogs
this dish was gone within minutes

yes thanks to GOE, our champion :)))))))

a day earlier, the guys were pondering on what to bring to drink for this dinner...
they were contemplating a few bottles of champagne or whites
thank goodness we didn't coz Flatmate Amy can't even get a can of coke from the convenience store nearby bcoz this place only serves Pepsi and when asked if we can get coke...the lady just pointed to the faded signage that says...
"No outside food or drinks allowed"

all of us sighed in unison

next dish was a really fat deep sea fish
I'm really an idiot on identifying long as it's good...then it's good for me tummy
on the contrary side, if u present me sashimi cuts of fish...I am able to identify them for you
gawd....I have joined the Generation crowd where kindergarten teacher asked children to draw a chicken...and they drew a yummy drumstick -_-"

oh yum yum yum yum....
all gone bcoz we wanna follow the instructions of "eat while it's hot"
well when u dine at Sin Huat u better listen :P
hello crabie!!!! we are gonna eat u soon u know???

this was what we've been waiting for!!!!

there's not much of bee hoon actually
u cannot and must not ask for more bee hoon...else the chef may come after u with his knives or frying wok :P

in order to have sufficient ommmpphh flavour u need to have more crabs
the bee hoon was heavily infused with crab as it soaked up all its juicy yummy goodness

nobody touched the crab :P
but bee hoon all gone
Dinner cost about SGD 800
for a partay of 8
yes no one said this place gonna be cheap
but the frogs and crab bee hoon were to die for

Thank you M People for hosting us again
we went home with happy tummies :)))))

Sin Huat Eating House

659-661, Lorong 35 Geylang,
Singapore 389589.
Tel: +65 6748 9495