Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Object of Desire 0016: Celine Luggage Tote

the ever beautiful Celine Luggage Tote in Croco leather
When I first laid my eyes on was love at first sight...
it was then 2011 and knowing Celine it's a limited edition for that season
anyhow I cannot afford anything that's Croco leather apart from the leather strap on my watches
*those tiny strap attached to my watch on my wrist already cost 1.6k a pop*
Celine Luggage Mini Tote in canvas

then came Spring Summer and it's available in a different size in canvas
a lighter material for a warmer season
I fell in love all over again with Croco's sister....
Celine Luggage Mini Tote in Pony and Calfskin

a few weeks ago, when I previewed its Winter 2012 collection
I was madly deeply crazily in love with Canvas's cousin who happens to be Croco's cousin too
oh damn....I'm a "player" but thankfully only with bags but it already burned a nuclear hole in my pocket
already can visualise my fingers running on the soft luscious deep chocolate brown pony skin and sniffing its black velvety calfskin

is this gonna remain as my OOD: Object of Desire or will it end up on my lap when it hits the store??? I'm damn sure this baby gonna be gone before it even have the chance to be displayed on any shelves. Maybe I need to put my name on the list already. Already checked, not gonna be available in Malaysia. Singapore yes maybe but I'm definitely not in the list.

I better save up for it :))))
coz it's gonna burn a mother of all holes in my pocket with so many other bags in my list

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neil said...

The previous blue one nicer!

These look like they're all making the :P face. The first one making 8P face.

:| <-- what the bags are making if they are without that little thing dangling from the zipper! hehe

Disclaimer: I'm fashion-illiterate, so please don't be angry! :D

CHER-RY said...

HAHAHAAH NEE LEE ur comment made me luffed like a hyenna!!!!

oh yes I just realised the bags are all making that :P face but in a *_* way


tancy said...

I am dying for a Celine bag! black or beige so basic, or whatever color just want one! I really like your blog, I feel identified with it!