Monday, August 06, 2012

Malaysia Butter Pound Cake

Monkey baked the above cake in anticipation of our only chance of getting a GOLD medal in Olympics 2012 yesterday. Though he didn't get it, but his perseverance, determination and fighting spirits won the hearts of many :))))))

Now Monkey will share with u the recipe of this cake
it's basically a basic pound cake
a pound of everything
but this recipe has been scaled down coz one pound is a hell lot
so it's kinda half a pound of everything but I will do the conversion to grams for your goodness sake!!!!

we'll start off with 250 g of butter
salted or unsalted it's up to you and I've alwiz used salted
Golden Churn is my fav brand :)))))))))))

crack about 4 to 5 eggs depending on the size
it has to be 250 g in total
whisk your butter with 250 g castor sugar
*I have reduced it to 220g*
for this cake, the temperature of your butter is very important
it must not be too hard that your mixer gonna go konk soon
nor too soft...
the butter must be soft enuff and yet still cool
whisk till it turns creamie and fluffy
then slowly add in your eggs like the above...
have some patience, let the mixture absorb the 1st egg before putting in the 2nd
u just need to monitor and wait
lastly 250 g of self raising flour
mix in slowly and it should be like the above
next, pour it into any baking tin as you wish.
Usually I'll use my round baking tin

bake at 180*C for 40 minutes
or until your skewer comes out clean
alwiz pre-heat your oven when u start to prepare the ingredients
even way before your step 1
it should be moist and crumbly like the above
with the awesome buttery smell and taste
okie now that u are more interested in the FLAG cake.....we'll go to this step
since this tin is thinner, I've only baked for 30 mins

initially Monkey wanted to make a UK Flag cake, thanks to the Olympics fever
Mee Mee who learnt about this actually enlightened me

Mee Mee: "Tonite is the most important night for Malaysia and you are making a UK FLAG CAKE???"

I almost can sense the tension in her voice with her gritting her teeth >.<
heheheheh ok ok ok for you and for LCW I will modify the design a bit
in fact UK Flag Cake is so much easier :P
so after my cake has cool down and ready to be decorated
I took out all my toppings meant for UK flag and look at it
hmmm now wat should I do?
how should I change into a Malaysia's flag?
first the butter cream frosting goes on top
just sparingly will do
then line up the Moon and the Star
I didn't know wat to use, just some leftover peaches from my previous experiment
yea yea I should be 14 pointed star but nvm....:P

then line up the blueberry around it
and raspberry to form the lines
yes again...I know...there should be 7 lines of raspberry but my cake can't accommodate

Finally fill the gap between the "Red" lines with your butter cream frosting
hmmmm it looks OK but not fantastic but nvm lar!!!
my first attempt!!!

even in making butter cream frosting, I was asking Nee Lee for a simple recipe,
and that woman who has an amazing accolades in baking gave Monkey an Italian Meringue Frosting
eh my baking level isn't like please gimme idiot/bimbotic ones next time
nevertheless thank you so much!!! U've inspired me to bake :))))))))))

then I looked at it one final time before I get to Haiyeeaaakk Yak yak yak and mutilate it
yeah the cake was looking this pretty for less than 5 minutes
coz my housemate aka JS was hungry and he wants a slice of cake
okie u go!!!
ur favourite corner and part
 it's edible
*of coz*
u can make many different variation and flavours out of this recipe

250g butter
250g castor sugar *I reduced to 220g*
250g of eggs
250g self raising flour

so this cake was dedicated to my roomies first...Mee Mee, Nee Lee and Shell Shell
and of coz our dearie LCW :))))))) we are very proud of u
*Lin Dan Bphen Dan...pls go home and eat chou chee dan....coz u are definitely DONE!!!!*

lastly my dearie JS who was zZZzzzinking away on the sofa
though my Kitchen Aid was cranking noisily he slept like a baby

JS bought this flan/tart tin for me to make Onion tart for him
he was disappointed to see it was a cake instead when he woke up
"where's the onion tart?" round next round!!!!


neil said...

You are SO TALENTED! *Muaks*
LCW is the best!!! and I echo your message to lin dan *hmphhh*

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Nee Lee!!!!! *big HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Your 'bendara' cake very nice. I like le....Looks quite neat oso =)
And if you would to say you can't bake or deco...I will langgar dinding! hahaha

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Melissa :)))) it is Ok lar..not the most perfect thing but just for the fun outta it :)))

ps: dun langgar dinding hehehehe...

Christine said...

this looks really good!!especially with all those berries. anyway this is the link of eurochef catalogued.thought you or JS might be interested

CHER-RY said...

Christine!!!! what have you done to me?!?!??! I've already listed one thousand and one thing to buy this Saturday....D.I.E!!!!

but thanks for recommending this place :))) love it!!!

tehgoldfish said...

Beautiful and creative cake, Monkey :D you must send LCW a slice or the picture, at least!

CHER-RY said...

Hello Shan....Thank you :))) hahahaha it's not a perfect cake to be sent to Malaysia's hero!!!!

Christine said...

you are welcome!! happy shopping!!! if they don't have the item, request them to carry in for you..

Chasing Food Dreams said...

a bit late but salute for the effort!! so pretty to feast on...

CHER-RY said...

Christine: this Saturday I am goin there to donate money with my credit card hohohohoho.

Food Dreams: Thanks babe!!!