Friday, August 03, 2012

Madeleine by Laura Calder

Monkey is in baking mood these couple of weeks.......
and one fine evening, JS was watching beautiful Laura Calder baking french madeleine and he requested that Monkey bakes it for him -_-

so this Monkey went online and dug out her recipe - Lemon Madeleine
originated from North Eastern of France, Madeleine is a small sponge cake
u'll get this as petit four at the end of the meal here in Asia, but I think in France it's eaten anytime of the day as a small sponge cakes?
I couldn't find much history about Madeleine online but it's been around since the 18th century
But Madeleine is very important in the French was used to represent France in the Cafe Europe, and Tiramisu was used to represent Italy
so u get the magnitude on the importance of Madeleine now? 

it's actually pretty simple to make
first and foremost pre-heat your oven to 200*C
grease your Madeleine tins with butter
in this case, we couldn't find any tins in KL and JS got these silicones one from Pantry Magic for Monkey
it should be well lined/greased like the above
if u want ur Madeleine to be rich and "burnt" well....I reckon u line them with more butter

after that dunk ur Madeleine tins/silicons into the freezer
yes u read that right, freezer :)))
can anyone tell me where to get Madeleine tins/pans in Malaysia????
next zest some lemon
I love my Microplane zester, it is already 6 years old and still zest like a saw

Microplane is patented for its technology
and its products grate effortlessly with the most beautiful zest ever

see wat I mean?
it zest without tearing or shredding
not only the zests are beautiful, it's also light
coz u don't want ur zester to zest too deep in bcoz the deeper u go the more bitter it gets
Meanwhile using really super low heat.....melt 150g of butter
I used Golden Churn butter
sift 150g flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt

the butter should have been melted by now
add 1 tbsp of brown sugar
please understand that tsp = teaspoon and tbsp = tablespoon
along with the sugar, add 1 tbsp of honey
stir and mix
crack 4 eggs, lightly whisk them and slowly temper it into the butter mixture
meaning just add in at a slow drizzle until the mixture is evenly mixed up
you don't want the egg to be cooked and become lumpy
and finally add in slowly your flour mixture to make it into a smooth batter
also don't forget your lemon zest :))))
like this!!!!
here all ready to be poured into the silicone mould
once you remove your silicone moulds from the freezer, the butter should be already frozen like the above
do not overfill your moulds
it should be slightly more than 2/3
bake them at the same temperature for 10 to 12 minutes depending on your oven
remember not to open it during baking because it needs really hot temperature
I am sure your oven's door is semi transparent so u can check between 10 to 12 minutes to make sure it's not burnt

again depending on preference some ppl like it slightly burnt
but a successful Madeleine should be like the below
wuaahahahahaha slightly browned on the edges

u can eat them in many ways....
sift some sugar on top
or dunk the top half on melted chocolate

we prefer it au naturel/originale :))))))))))))
Happy baking and lemme know your results :)))))
this recipe makes about 36 cute madeleine


Arlin said...

Hi there!

I came across your blog googling for something a few months ago and since then I've been a silent reader. I really like reading your stories especially the travel-related ones. Reminds me a of few places I've been to myself, like the Gresham Palace entry as I stayed there a few years ago during my trip to Budapest.

The main reason why I thought I'd leave a comment is because I saw the madeleine entry. I was wondering if you managed to get the humps on the madeleines, which the French are typically snobbish about. Haha. :) When I make madeleines I always refrigerate the batter for at least 12 hours before baking so as to get the humps.

Unfortunately I don't know where to get madeleine tins/moulds in Asia. I personally lugged mine back from Europe. Keep up the baking posts! I am really enjoying them, being an avid baker myself. :)


Christine said...

hi, the madeleine looks can try to find the tin one at Eurochef, Plaza Damas. If i'm not mistaken, i've seen it there. as they had most of the professional industry items.

CHER-RY said...

Hi Arlin :))
Thank you for your comment. Sadly, no there isn't much humps on the back of the madeleines. Guess this can't be achieved with silicone moulds bcoz it ain't hot enough and the max my oven can go is only 250*C. I will look out for it when I go to France next :))))

Dear Christine :D
Yea I saw Eurochef last Saturday on my way to French language class but it was closed (out for lunch). Will try to go again this weekend. Thanks for the tips!!!! :D

Unknown said...


CHER-RY said...

Thank you Sue Sulla

Anonymous said...

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