Thursday, August 02, 2012

WY's wedding

a few months ago, we were invited for a wedding by our long lost housemate
I had a pleasant surprise when WY contacted me
and a double surprise when I was invited to her wedding :)) with the rest of my roomies

coz u see, I haven't seen her since 2002 and that's like 10 years ago
after we have graduated, WY relocated to Singapore and I kinda lost touch with her
*yes I'm really bad when it comes to keeping in touch*
**if u are my friend and happened to read this...pls send me an email :))**
Shell Shell and Monkey

Big chinese weddings usually has got a long wait at the banquet
and Shell Shell kept me entertained

She was telling me how she bumped into Justin Bieber in her office
when the lift opened, she being inside the lift with the Bieb on the outside was face to face with each other. With no reactions or whatsoever from Shell Shell....Bieb was amazed for the first time in his career life

He stared and smiled cutely *or pretend cute can die* at Shell Shell
in response....Shell gave no response
WAHAHHAHAHAHA I love you Shell!!!!!

then dearie Shell Shell walked out of the lift past the Bieb with him still looking at her intrigued
HEY SHELL SHELL, U've got JUSTIN BIEBER's ATTENTION and u gave him no response????
*triple thumbs up, standing ovation applause*
I'm glad he finally met the Brandy Norwood of Malaysia
Shell Shell looked so much like Brandy :))))
long lost sister
Mee Mee and Monkey

Nee Lee couldn't make it at the last minute due to family's engagement on the same day
and yes of coz we missed ya :))))

the invitation says we are supposed to bring a plus one
as usual JS will miss all the weddings coz he hated weddings
*maybe his ex-gf dumped him on the wedding day WAKAKAKKAA*
okie sorry, I shouldn't say that :P
it's just a joke for a beautiful cheery Thursday morning
*ok I'm so gonna get this back at home later......confirmed I am goin home late tonite >.<*

so Mee Mee also brought her plus one, her love of her life
guess who????
Baby Rei Rei!!!!
he was so confused and irritated in this pic
this happened when the aunties in beautiful cheongsams took the mic and entertained the crowd
all the adults' jaws dropped and cute kids like this looked stunned and stoned

yes Baby Rei Rei, even though that auntie is in her purple cheong sam, it's not Barney OK???
so don't expect them to sing happy 1-2-3 A-B-C tunes
such a sweet pic of WY and her beau and her lil teddy which she had since long long time ago
WY: "If u gonna bully my teddy, this is wat u'll get"
Nee Lee, Claire, Mee Mee, Shell Shell standing, WY and Monkey

I found a super young *old* pic of us
when we were still 18 WAHAHHAHAHAHAA
my roomies gonna kill me for putting this up

this pic was taken early in the morning *11am*
yes that hour is super early for university students like us OK!!!
Nee Lee's friend *I forgot his name*, came over to shoot our only group pic so early in the morning....and all of us were still hugging our pillows and teddies, snoring away on our respective beds

Nee Lee dashed from room to room to wake us up....
and me being the laziest one...was the last to part ways with my comfy bed

they sat me down while I was still in a daze, can't even open my eyes
shutter went click click and 14 years later, this pic resurface
oh dang.....
my eyes my epic
after this pic, all of us climbed back to our respective beds and zzzzzzz till 4pm *as usual*
we were all night owls

I'm so glad that we are still very much in touch
except Claire who's now in Vietnam

Congrats to WY and KT
many many more happy years to come :)))))


js said...

Wahhhhh....that last pic......was many pounds ago :)))

CHER-RY said...

eh what do u think? all of us still looked 18 right??? right?? RIGHT????