Monday, June 30, 2008

You'll be missed

The world is small,
but not that small when you worked for the same men twice.
at two different company.
Him in Switzerland and me in Malaysia...

the man who built Gucci timepieces
and now CORUM.

maybe that's why we shared so much
of Gucci's philosophy...which he brought it to CORUM
and I brought Gucci's standard along as I climbed the corporate ladder.
*my very first job*

maybe that's why we have so much to talked about.
or maybe it was love for music and art?Memories of you will stay in my mind
Wisdom words of yours, I will carry on my sleeves.

Thank you for building us
will alwiz know that U will still be looking at us from above.
We will make it through this difficult time.
We missed u.

Kyrenia Port & Castle

on the background is the Kyrenia mountain,
Castles are always big...big....big.....big.
I got so tired walking on my 2 tiny lil feet.
didn't I tell you it's big and high.
I sat at the common area with Artemis wailing about our poor feet. :(
Anchors back in the old dayzzzzzzz
Kyrenia Castle was built in 330 AD
world oldest shipwreck dated from 4th century
it was also covered in National Geographic
found alongside the shipwreck were these pottery to transport olive oil,
almonds, wines etc etc etc
this was how they store the potteries in the belly of the ship.
no....not fishball.
cannonballs made fr stone.
if kena, sure die dot com.
the castle is so high!!!!
beautiful view of Kyrenia harbour
closer look :)
ok this pic was composed by JS
compared to mine *which was above*
I still have a lot to learn.
there were cafes everywhere for tourists
we found one which served a "rare" Turkish dessert
I forgot the name.......
Dinos chomped down the whole slice,
Artemis must be praying...."don't force me to eat don't force me to eat"
or "I wanna go home I wanna go home"
from where we sat,
we watched sunset over the Kyrenia Castle
Veeny and Artemis
yes next visit to Northern Cyprus
we must go to Famagusta ya!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Really Belated b-day dinner

Monkey, Lu Ai, Kindy Chai, Su San, Ass Kickin Vonne
The May babies = Kindy Chai, Wendy, Notti Monkey
we missed Wendy this round.

we congregated at this dung-wu-dong-shong-i-forgot-dunno-wat-name-restaurant
well all korean names sound like that isn't it?
now we know why Mr. Rain had to rebrand himself RAIN...
otherwise too difficult to remember.
a galore of starter called banchan
when I said GALORE....I did not exaggerate ok!
the ever must have in every korean meal - kimchi
i missed those fresh cucumber kimchi in Seoul.
Guess after all the travel via air/sea,
the taste changed once it arrived in msia.
Bindaetteok - korean pancake with seafood and vegetables
reminded me of something similar in chinese cuisine with lotsa chives.
I forgot wat I
it's a beef ribs broth with noodles and lotsa spring onions + enoki
Kindy Chai had something similar I think.............
the prettiest looking dish got to be Lu Ai's
bibimbap = stirred mixed rice
*guess she must be saying now, pretty dish for pretty gal......-_-*
we wanted to stay for dessert....
but hell no!!!!

no more dung-gong-dunno-wat-bap-chung-chan
we wanna get out and have something NICE!!!!!
like gelato~~~~~~~~~~~~
chili chocolate????
got to be the weirdest flava

lesson learnt,
never ever try something too exciting/adventurous
sometimes it's good to be safe and stick to what u like.
Lu Ai Chan picked a new flava and didn't like it.
but all of us didn't like the korean-jung-wung-dunno-wat dinner.
Kindy Chai & Monkey

but thank u ladies for buying us dinner :))))

we shall have another one in Sept when Kindy Chai is in Msia.
and Lu Ai Chan will get a free ride home.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bellapais Abbey

Constructed in the 12th century,
it is a must see for all visitors to Northern Cyprus.

Situated on top of a beautiful hill
and overlooking the Mediterranean sea....
there are luxury houses around this abbey,
well just say u also need to be on the waiting list
to get a piece of land to build your house.
Seville Orange tree greeting us at the entrance
very good "feng shui"
backing the rocky marble mountain
*which is also the same mountain where St Hilarion Castle sat*
and facing the sea.

No wonder the long waiting list~~~~~~
there's a courtyard in the middle
very very high ceiling.....err do u call that ceiling?
Dinos & Veeny
all of us looked so touristy...
and there isn't a single ASIAN tourist in Cyprus.

The only asians we saw were MAIDS.
well that explained why I had a hard time goin through the custom,
they thought I wanna gate crash their country and work as a maid.
Monkey the maid who only knows how to eat and enjoy life

Unfriendly custom officer: "Are you a couple or are you traveling together?"
Both of us simultaneously.....
JS: "We are traveling together."
Me: "We are a couple."

Unfriendly and now agitated custom officer: "NO. This is wrong. I don't believe you."
Angry and now agitated ME: "....................*WTF*...................WHAT???"

Unfriendly and now super RUDE officer: "Both of u are telling different stories."

GRRRRRrrr are u saying that we are LIARS?

anyway JS had to verify Veeny's details, DOB, the date she landed in Cyprus, whom she married to, her address and it took another 15 minutes before he let us through.

this round your name didn't work at all!!!
I couldn't say "Dinos sent me here!!" and get things done my way.
anyway back to the beautiful abbey,
very gothic architecture....Lusignan period to be exact.
hmmmm, how do u clean the top???
most of it were destroyed during war and earthquake
it's the sea on the background!!!!
Thank you for driving us around to Northern Cyprus,
I think without you help....they won't even let us through
*what are u doin in Northern Cyprus?*

U need a visa to go to the North coz it's being run by a different Government,
the TURKS,
however this Government is not being recognised by the United Nations.

well I felt like I was in Iraq at the border between North and South Cyprus
with armed soldiers and wired fences and more landmines.

I still prefer the Republic South :))))))))))
See, the Turkey flags flying proudly...
hmmm I think Artemis will not approve this...

During the invasion by the Turks in 1974,
the northern Cypriots were chased out of their very own home
*namely the Greek Cypriots*
and they settled down on the southern part.

Now, Northern Cyprus is like er...Turkey = moslem = women with scarves = mosques
but my only concern was...NO PORK for me!!!!!
there's actually 2 levels
the arches that support the upper level
well at least the government is doing quite a "not bad" job to preserve all the ruins
JS with his gadget....
busy busy busy,
hence he ignored me.

I like all his pics, taken with such perspective.
well u got to have passions.
otherwise sure tak jadi like my pics.
yeah like my pics...
neither here nor there.

Busy day today,
will try to blog whenever I can.

Happy reading folks.