Thursday, January 28, 2010

Away notice.....

will be back very very soon....
like erm Tuesday :))))))))

Have a fabulous weekend folks

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prada Saffiano, Cruise 2010

whenever u r in Milan....Prada is a must buy!!!! :P
however I've laid my eyes on the latest collection before we were in Italy
so basically know wat I wanted...cept the color choice was a headache
Prada has a good mix of colors and I went with the mindset of getting the pink + white + dark blue mix
next headache was the different type of bags..
the clutch? the tote? the handbag? the shoulder bag? or the wallet?
I alwiz thank JS for being there to solve all my headaches and chose the col
that's MOST-ME!!!!
with perforated leather and hand stitched finish :)))))))))
it comes with a padlock and 2 set of keys :D
been 2 months since I got this so I can't really remember how much I got it for...
think it's around RM 4200 compared to Malaysia RM 5400

if u are asking already by now....yes I spent MORE than JS in Italy
I'm the Champion :P for leather goods
and he's the Champion for household, fish roe, pasta, -_-" x 10000000
pots and pans...ermmm wat else? yeah designer households stuffs
one of those day....we went to a factory outlet in Rome and got some stuffs....
along the way..this Prada Travel Wallet in black Saffiano caught my eyes
and it was laying inside the glass display inside a massive huge factory outlets with everything u want
Monkey was like....."wat??? this can't be at the factory outlet yet???"
it's too new to sit here....and retailing about RM 2000++ in Malaysia
with like wat? 12 or 15 card compartments,
different currency holder and passport holder all in one
when Monkey saw the price...she told herself if she dun get it....she's soooo not gonna forgive herself...

it's F-king retailing at RM 450 OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i bought it without thinking 1st :P
then gifted it away
to dear Mr. JS

JS: "WAHHH i got new travel wallet!!!"

yep we got *I mean I got* other stuffs as well fr this factory outlet and will blog bout it soon.

Prada Prada Prada!!!!
dee daa dee daa dee daa
who's the happiest of all :)))))))))))))

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mak's Noodle, Hong Kong

can u spot Lil Monkey there on the right?
looking hi & lo for the wonton noodle shop
but then this one I can spot fr mmmmiiiilllllleeessssss awaaaayyy~~~
Mak's Noodle is one of the top wonton noodle in Hong Kong
and is famously known as Stingy Mak for its small serving of noodles

this shop runs for 3 generations and the 1st one actually
served its famous wonton noodle to Mr. Chiang Kai Shek!!!!

Mak's Noodle is so famous they have their own page in wikipedia
dunk into the hot water......some kung fu required here...
then move the noodles into the cold water and shock it for a while
before dunking it back into the hot water....and he used the long chopsticks to swirl it around the pot...
at times he'll dunk the long chopsticks into a pot of oil.....and move the chopsticks back to the noodle
so confusing!!!!
oh yes the portion is really small but just nice for the two of us since it was..
ermmm snack???
it's HKD 28 = RM 14 for a bowl of wonton noodle
with the yummy crystal crunchy prawns wonton
I devoured everything including every drop of its pork + flounder bone soup

other things on the menu are
beef tendon noodles
beef noodles
prawn roe dry noodles
abalone noodles
and actually 20 other diff types of variety and we can't read chinese

Mak's Noodle
77 Wellington Street,
Central Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2854 3810

Monday, January 25, 2010

I want!!! Berr wants!!!!

read why am I so crazy over these stools :))))))))
*click here to read*

Royal Langkawi International Regatta

JS Lightroom-ed my pics -_- make the sunset more dramatic :P
cun eh?
ever since we got the software, he's been hijacking the macbook for his 2nd outmost passionate hobby
*sob sob sob*
so back to the event....suppose we only stayed up late for the final nite with dinners and more socialising around...
on the final nite, the graceful Minister of Tourism came with her entourage
also the royalties were flown in with VVIPs
and we had dinner by the sea side on the deck
*lucky no mosquitoes*
the sober looks during after-party :))))))))))))
very very sober
these already halfway down the road...holding their drinks with one hand, dancing away
later.......when their feets can't balance no more.......u'll know
Baby Wei & Monkey chilling by the pool
this is our se-cu for the nite......whom Baby Wei hired on that nite *how much u pay him?*
He's actually our driver for the week and was kind enough to watch us gals and protect us fr malicious human beings at the event...kekekekekeke....
so we can partay with peace of mind :)))))))))))))
her favourite *look at tat face :P*
with my permission.....yes u may quit your job and go to Aust now :))))
Royal Queensland team.....the winner for Sportsboat category....CONGRATS!!!

all red like lobster fr the damaging SUN.....
look fwd to the next regatta :)))))))))))

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our favourite past time in Langkawi

the BEACH!!!!! wat else!!!!
but then again we didn't get to go as often as we wanted to :P
this pic was taken at Pantai Cenang
one of the famous beach in Langkawi
Cenang stretch is just like Pathong in Phuket...
crowded and full of tourists
everynite without fail...a visit to uncle's duty free shop to load some drinks
I can't remember how many litres was that but it was retailing at RM 88
yeah so cheap we almost soak ourselves innit.
Hoegaarden RM 4
Sapporo Beer RM 8.50
Ritters Sport only RM 4.50 *buy 5 free 1 sumore*
Premium Kit Kat fr Switzerland RM 5.50 *this one I pop like candy everynite*

all other beers like Tiger, Carlsberg, Heineken bla bla bla retailing at RM 1.30 per can
request for an ice bucket...and there goes our la-la time in the room

yeah wines and champagnes goin cheap as well
but storing condition was a nightmare plus limited vintage
and certainly they dun have much variety goin there for wines.

for those who can drink 2 cartons in 4 days..
pls do consider Langkawi as your next destination

Hotel Gritti Palace, Venice

Oh my gawd...this place is so beautiful~~~~
overlooking Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute and the Grand Canal of coz
it's within walking distance to the shopping strip and San Marco.
due to our hectic schedule, we didn't even get a chance to sit by the canal and have a real good cuppa coffee :)))))))))))))))
the hotel was built in 1525
>_< does that scare u?

the beautiful red marble on the reception table was worn off and polished smooth over the years.
I like the fact that it's so classical and elegant and this place just transformed us back into the 16th century.
and decorated the walls were all the Venetian mirrors cantik!!!!
I wanna bring home!!!!
the waiting area with a painting of Napoleon???
yeah all the lights were made from Murano Glasses
our room key....*wakakakakaka*
so nice but then it's very heavy :P
I like the pom pom at the end :))))
the room was huge, we didn't expect it to be...coz land in Venice is like so scarce
and in Venice are the most expensive of the lot.....
so most tourists tend to stay mainland and travel to the island each day for visits.
really special rugs *well we call them carpets here*
and we got our own Venetian mirror in the room!!!!
it was so old that it was stained with its age.....not to be used as a mirror but as a deco on the wall :P
the powder room was decked in all sorts of marbles
everything in marble...were they dated back to 1525 too?
even the taps were so antique!!!!!
Monkey reading the Journey of Marco Polo to Berr
*he's on my left arm*

the only thing I hated bout hotels in Italy are the
1) statues staring at u inside your own room
2) paintings with piercing eyes staying back at u....
quite eerie...but rest assured nothing happened :P
I alwiz look fwd to favors provided by hotels during their turn down service
most of the time, we get chocolates but this round we got chewy yummy jelly :)))))
with weather forecast for the next day
weather can get as warm as 12 degrees and as low as 2 degrees
we were so lucky during our stay in Venice coz it only rained on the day we departed
we'll definitely come back to this half a century old hotel
Hotel Gritti Palace was the private residence of Doge of Venice *duke*
Mr.Andrea Gritti

Hotel Gritti Palace,
Campo Santa Maria
del Giglio
2467 30124 Venezia
Tel: +39 041 296 1111

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Da Fiore *One Michelin Star*

Da Fiore is one of the first restaurant to be rated Michelin Star in Venice
so we went with high expectation...
somehow the evening started with the wrong note coz we went to the wrong place...
and took another 15 minutes to walk to another piazza
*15 mins is very very far in Venice ok????*

worse part was we had to enter another restaurant and asked for direction
well it's never good to ask a restaurant the address of another restaurant :P
beautiful Murano glass vase
Murano is a small lil island near Venice producing the world most expensive and beautiful glassware
erm...I didn't buy any coz it's so difficult to carry em back....just got some nice mouth-blown murano glass necklace
and so they used the exquisite Murano glass vase to store bread -_-
we were first served with a deep fried white fish ball with sabayon
very well balanced flavour...

at least this cured our frustration of:
1) the difficulty locating this restaurant
2) environment was not up to expectation *it was way to rustic*
3) JS's Murano drinking glass has a chip on it
4) they dun have nebbiolo glasses for our wine *double frus*
yes we had Barbaresco 2003
drink until scared...
ate until it was a light nite for both of us
since it was a lite nite we shared a torre di insalata di mare = tower salad of the sea
and they were kind enough to separate one serving into two making it easier to eat
the octupus was outstanding!!!!!!
prawns were so sweet and it came with pickled onions
*the 2 rings u see on top*
simple and yet amazing taste
we saw every table has we ordered fritters of seasonal vegetables Da Fiore style
dunno which species of aubergine they has such good texture and amazing sweetness innit :))))))))))))
since it has to be a lite nite JS ordered a green pasta with muissels and clams
it's green coz it's a pesto pasta :P
Monkey had deep fried soft shell crab with rucola, orange and pomegranate salad
I like the fact that the small chunks of oranges came with its skin to give it some bitterness and acidity to the dish...well the rucola was bitter too...and pomegranate was sour.
all these melting pot of flavours were combined to kill the richness of the crabs..

mind u....their soft shell crab was full of....errr...well in short..there's no meat.
u bite innit...there's white creamy stuffs oozing out...bite sumore...more creammy stuffs
so guess i was just eating creamy high cholesterol roe with crispy shells :P
no dessert for us tat nite...coz by this time, notti Monkey was so tipsy
she can barely say yummy!!!

guess i drank too fast tat nite.
and poor JS had to navigate us back home to hotel in the narrow alleys of Venice
bcoz throughout this Italy trip, notti Monkey had been the GPS...
and since GPS was drunk and tipsy...JS had to lugged the heavy monkey home without getting us into trouble :P

Osteria Da Fiore
*One Michelin Star*
S.Polo 2002
30125 Venezia
Tel: +39 041 721 308