Thursday, November 30, 2006

MIFA 2006

Last Sunday was the finale of MIFA 2006 at Hall 1, KLCC Convention Centre.
Though the organising was messy with tonnes of hiccups..
Shawn and his team did a great job!!!

Thank you Shawn for staying put with me and my temper...
and fulfilled all my stressful requirements..
which also made all your hair stand like Goku of dragon ball without the help of hair products!!!
I have a VIP seat!! beside Camelia the singer.
Guess who's seated opposite my direction!! Dato' Professor Jimmy Choo
CORUM presented him a watch - Grande Date by my Vice President, Jacques Wizman.
Monkey and Cris Yong the great stylist!!! *yes i lost 3kg fr work*
I was hopping here n there..backstage...front stage...side stage...hahahha
Cris Yong is one of the best stylist to work with.
and he alwiz does great models looked fantastique!!!
Next time I'll get him to style me for dinners/functions bla bla bla.

Also thanks to Andrew fr famous Andrew Model!!!
He made it happened for me..though we were screaming at each other most of the time!!
Andrew choreographed all his beautiful italian, russian etc models...
I felt so small n short beside them!!!
Then the awards & fashion show of the designers 11.40pm!!!!!
I was seated beside the Mercedes Asia Pacific VP's wife and her friend >_<
I forgot who's who design.....but they were beautiful creation from our local desginers.
with bubbly host Serena C!!! She was styled by Sonny San
Serena C is so petite and sweet.
Enjoyed working with her!!
My boss presented the Most Promising Designer 2006
30k!!! I oso want!!!! He's only bowing low.....
Melinda Looi won the Designer of the Year 2006...Syeba the MD of MIFA, Nancy Yeoh CEO of MIFA, Mel and Chris my sober boss!! Mel won a CORUM Admiral's Cup Chrono.
After all the hardwork for MIFA, it's time to let my hair down and PARTAY!!!!!!
here with Brian...






Monkey & Melinda Looi...ppl said I looked like i wished!!!
Drools....with Bernard Chandran...and Jacky my colleague!!




Thursday, November 23, 2006


Yes..I've been Missing-In-Action for the past dayzzzzzzz...
Blame the above!!

Very exciting event and so much to see...
Yesterday it was opened to public and gosh...
the turnout was incredible.

I met up with so many ppl..
well apart from our local celebrities, datuks, datins, ministers...
I met....................*drum roll pls*.....

Frank Muller the man himself, *weeeeeeeeee weeeeeeee weeeeeeeee*
Patek Phillipe's boss, *ooooooOOOOooooo*
Chopard's son-in-law, *super cute*
Girard Perregaux's currator, *astounding man*

and of coz all the other big shots in the luxury timepieces...
I just can't stop drooling at the exclusive, exquisite, beautiful timepieces exhibited there.
*plus all the cute hunks, and super tall models*

okie, more photos in the next few days,
am super duper busy here coz business been very good and we sold a super exlucisve beautiful diamond embedded Golden Bridge retailing at 500k *that's like half a million* during the pre-event launch.

Just crossed my fingers that we can sell more pieces and I can go for another holiday next month...
As I was typing this, boss called to informed we sold another antique gold coin watch!!!! *weeeeee*

Life is good man!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ipoh Mali

Gosh...this post had been delayed for almost a week!!
so last week, we went to Ipoh for...erm..
him golf and me makan.
*Actually I tagged JS along for his work*
Ipoh has tonnes of limestone hills everywhere...
JS & Prince C been surveying land the whole so bored..
and went to one of their project...
JS proudly showed me...
and more yawns coming out fr me...
Next time I don't want to tag along already!!!
Burp!!! Food there superb!!
Prince C alwiz brings his champagne/wine glasses wherever he dines. Andrew at the back.
Prince C smoking like a chimney all the time!!! On his wrist...Rolex Daytonna-platinum...o_o's true, his name is Prince C.
The whole Ipoh calls him that!
C being his surname and I can't put it here.

his pretty wife I-Ching and fat monkey...*i've gained a few pounds*

I-Ching has never....never ever work before since she finished her studies!!!!
aaaaaaa...that's like soooooo nice.

I-Ching brought me to "Indulgence" a restaurant similar to Angie's outlet..
of coz still kenot beat Angie's place..
Angie, u r still the best..
everyone, head to Sentidos Tapas at Starhill ya!!
Prince C's notti son, Bryan!!
and cute 20 mths old Treymian!!!
and a beautiful pooch called APPLE, same name as my dog...adoi!

3 of them stucked to me like glue throughout the weekend.
then he dropped the damn question
"U like kids?"
".....*pretending not to hear*...."
"U want kids??"
"shuddup n drink your champagne!!"
dessert time with dessert wine at the patio

Prince C has a beautiful house at Chateau Garden,
but I luv his cars the most...

"How do you drive 6 cars yourself?"
"wat the hell question is that?" *he speaks very broken english*

I do not know how does I-ching keep the huge house spanking clean and organised with only a maid.

I can't even manage my 1220 sqft condo.
plus I don't any kids and 3 dogs to care for...and a husband to babysit.
This pooch is soooooo adorable all the time....esp after I fed her tiramisu!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Boss wanted to see me early Friday morning,
Serious look on his face,
Must be something farked up.

"Cherry, I would like to ask you a very personal question. I hope you don't mind or take it personally."

me thinking..
*You've already mentioned that it's very personal of coz I'll take it very personally...WTF*
" personal is personal? If it's too personal I have all the rights not to answer."
"It's personal life."

*HAH??? What does it got to do with work?????*
So I replied..
"....*skeptical*..urm..I guess it's alrite" *Face turned black*

"okay...................erm.........................your bf is XXX *JS's name* right???"
*>_< I knew this will happen but not this soon...on the 8th day with a new company!!*

"yes boss...and???"
"He's a timepieces collecter right?"
"He's one of the preferred customer in the industry and u do know that right?"
"OK...that's all!"
"That's all."
"I understand it perfectly if you are concerned about discreet information but I have pledged the day I've signed the employment contract."
"Yes I trust you Cherry. That's all. You may get back to your work"

I HATE ALL of U..... GOSSIPERS out there!!!

I don't see any prob with who I go out with...whether I go out with Tom Cruise or Ken doesn't make any difference.!!!

Now even my boss, the single person I'm closest with at work is treating me differently. I'm not a datin so u don't have to. If I'm one..I won't be working my ass out there in the rat race!!.

FARK all of you...kepohss!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Pic stolen fr Chai...
Hey's been ages since we met.
The last time I saw you,
you sweetly introduced your special someone to us...
Now before I get to see you next,
I'm about to be invited to your wedding reception..
How time flies!!!

I remembered I knew you since we were in primary 6,
Whenever we "stayed back" for extra curriculum acitivites,
You'll be my mentor for the afternoon...or baby sitter..kakakaka.

Acting like an older sis..
U bravely guided me,
held my hands...and crossed the massive super busy main road,
to get to the other side *of coz*
for our yummy "char siew faan/siew yok faan" lunch.
Damn...that was a luxury at that time..
apart fr the fast food.

I enjoyed your company a lot,
and your hilarious laughter,
which can drive everyone nuts!!!

Yes, growing up can be a headache,
causing us to drop our hair like we've gone through chemo,
and shoot up our stress level faster than the Japanese stock market,

but I'll know you'll continue laughing like you used to,
smiling and be jovial all the time,
that no one can take away from you.

Happy birthday to you Guan,
and congratulations for your upcoming wedding *another headache*
May God bless you all the time,
and may all your dreams be fulfilled.


FYI: Am shooting up north to Ipoh later in the afternoon. Prince C invited us over for the weekend!!!..hahaha..Ipoh sar hor fan, kai faan, tauge, i come!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Balanced meal

Usually I have a meal per day,
excluding my latte early in the morn coz that doesn't count as a meal.

I don't take any supplements/tablets/spirulina/vitamins/anti-oxidants etc..
coz to be frank..I can't swallow any pills since I was young *shy man!!!*
cept my ZYTEC coz I have to take it everyday after I have alcos...
or rashes will be all over my body
scratched and itched like a fleas-infested-monkey.

but ZYTEC is so tiny and small...a few it's easy to swallow.
Anyway back to my topic.
I have to have at least a balanced healthy meal a day coz that's all I take.
You are what you eat..and that's very true.

tuna and olive pasta

No time to create something special everynite...this is what I got.
Sautee the capers & olives with olive oil...
slice the tuna thinly...*must get sashimi quality tuna*
Boil the pasta, drain and mix everything in..
I love my tuna raw

throw in some rockets or whatever leafy greens u can find in the fridge for a balanced meal
Of coz nothing is complete without wine for the Coonawara winery, a 1996 cab sauv.

Well, u may say that I eat so little everyday..
how come the size still so liddat one??
I oso dunno.

Must be the metabolism rate!!!
Slow like a sloth.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Exponential Rain

Yesterday was my 1st time to the KLCC Convention Centre.
It was huge, beautiful and nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh bla bla bla yak yak yak.
Considered it was Tan Sri's project...the one who owns the hill with star!!!
*how many other projects he got ar?"

Met up with a very good looking designer for some fabrication work fr SG...
Looking at him everything also green light....

"yes..yes...yes...can ...can..can..."
anyway kenot lose my plot so I still got what I wanted at the budget given.
Actually I got a very good deal.
Well spending 6 figure on fabrication work for something to last 6 days...
is CRAZY lar....
anyway........JS 12.00pm

"hey babe, Prince C is in town for 24 hours and we are goin for golf now!!! *sounded like a lil boy who's on his way to a themepark!!*
"Great..enjoy your golf..."
"Dinner at 7.30pm ya....Bkt Damansara. I'll be bringing good wines"
"...errrm...I'm B..."
"Ok GTG. Can't wait to see ya. Muaks." *click*
"...Z...." *hmmmph...I'm bz lar..tsk!*
Jalan Sultan Ismail

It was raining like cats & dogs...
thunder storm.....>_<
Monsoon season is here and I don't mind actually cept for the traffic.
I guess the rain grow exponentially as it drop to Earth.
coz most of the roads were flooded...
KL city is really day it's gonna drown.

6 inches of water on the road coz panic station everywhere...
I took 90 minutes to reached...
normal time : 20 mins
Practically cursing and did my work in the car..
made biz calls bla bla bla bla all the way...
Henschke Hill of Grace 1991, price undisclosed

This lite me up when I reach,
the closest Aussie made wine, to a french one.

Chocolate Dream

When u use your spoon to separate it...
Soft warm chocolate ooze out from the middle.
and it's crispy on the outside!!
I promised to get more pics of Prince C
but he didn't let me..
he said he's not cute enough with his new hairstyle.

Well...let's hope it will only rain after 9.00pm tonite,
coz everyone would be home already then...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Nothing GREAT actually
Here I am sitting at the Green cafe having the green brand coffee
which I hated.

Given a choice I would have something else
but there's no other cafe in this building apart fr mamak operated cafe *that one I lagi hate*
U'll know why I'm here later...

Ppl at my new work place has been monitoring me
up and down, side to side, left and right...
kepoh-ed bout my background,
checked where I live,
where I usually hang out,

What I wear everyday
which shoes adorned my feet today
not to forget my leather goods

Yes, I do love variety
and have different bags, shoes, accessories everyday
well, that's me and I'm not making any loud statement about it
nor trottle to their small tiny miserable ugly messy cubicle to shout bout my posession
*I have the most spacious, comfortable, nicest workplace in the office...yaaayyy*

you ppl love to gossip bout me day in day out.
stared at my rear whenever I walked pass
caused me discomfort
and should I refer that as sexual intimidation???

Yesterday was the ultimate,
even when I offered YOU bread coz YOU were having gastric
YOU still have the energy to ask me..

"wah...your bread so nice, designer's bread ar?"

*thinking of it now, RM 7 for a small raisin loaf..of coz it's nice!!! hmph!!!*

coming fr the mouth of the most senior in age employee
I have to imagine that you ppl have been labelling me as a brand conscious/rich/someone's mistress bla bla bla ya ya ya ya...nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh...
Ok...fine...continue to bitch bout me and my lifestyle
and that I have this and that
I dunno how u ppl knew
Well..I believe, if there's a will, there's a way to find out.

anyway back to the reason I'm sitting here...

some dumb fark employee forgot that a memo has been issued,
not to lock the main wooden door till it has been repaired,
just close it and secured it with another lock...

I guess your ears must been at your butt..
at the slit of your ass so u can't listen
and your eyes on your hairy chest,
hence u can't read..

Now all of us have to wait for the locksmith!!!

u soooo gonna kena from me later
No one mess with monkey!!!
but nvm...I guess big boss alone will do this job for me.
Never ever do things that will diminish your integrity, face/market value and most of all image!!!
Let others do it....

Just to vent some frustration...
it's healthy!!

Now I'm back to my happy jovial mood as usual coz
when you are happy and instill positive mind,
everything will work your way..
Good "chi" mar...kkeke
positive ppl attract positive chi....hmmm since when I'm so Zen

cept that the coffee here still sucks big time!!
too acidic!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Patience tested...but not to the limit yet.

woke up early and drove to Bkt Bintang for my usual cuppa..
my engine has yet to warm up and I'm there already.
aiks..bad for the car engine...yes it's only 2 minutes drive.
plus getting out fr my basement to
JW Marriot's basement.

Later drove to collect
a very nice timepiece,
and off for a photoshoot..

"Boss...why are u so kind to me???"
everyone busy preparing the models, lightings, cameras etc.
all the makeup kits by
It took 60 minutes to finish the female model,
3 minutes for the male model...
and yet both of them looked
flawless and makeup-less
after tonnes of work done esp on the female model.
Marcus is wearing the watch I brought!!!!
we took 18 frames for that position...considered very well done.
yeap...hold it there...18 shoots about 20 minutes or so
You can't rush artistic ppl at work can you?
So all I can do my emails...
tottered around with my high heels on their floorboard studio..
kik kok kik kok kik kok...bising only.

Kacau-ed the makeup artist..
Checked out those high fashion apparels loaned from Dunhill & Burberry..
chit chat with the editor..the models..the photographers...the stylist...bla bla bla.
I'm such a menace when I'm bored!

I hate to wait for others!!!!
Golden Bridge is a very exquisite piece
with its movement hanging in between the translucent sheet. Truly a masterpiece.
of coz it's big on my wrist...anyway it's a unisex timepiece...
This is the cheapest of the range...only 86k a pop.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

French Culinary School

Tell ppl also no one believed me..
I went for a culinary class last Saturday.
specialised in
"Artisan French Bread" for professionals.
U percaya tak??

of coz it was
JS's idea so that I can bake yummy presentable bread.
He enrolled me 2 weeks earlier as it was limited to 15 participants..
with a renowed French chef....
Chef Jean Michel Fraisse.

Don't understand...
it isn't
Michael Jackson's concert...
only Michel Frasse mar..
and yet we had to have connections to be listed into this class..

me...half heartedly attended.. :(
Chef Jean Michel Fraisse
everyone busy working..while
monkey monkey-ed around with her media camera

Those students were from places like
JW MARRIOTT, MANDARIN ORIENTAL... this bakery..that bakery....or that nice cafe...or maybe that RESTAURANT!!!!!

MY GOD!!!!!
so intimidated but I found a few students who are like me!!
cacat until can die one...hahaha
lotsa balls...ready to be shape.
really kenot compare with those "expert" students...
they can shape and weigh perfectly!!!
Made me work even harder to match them!!!!
Chef Patrice Faivre from La Bodega was there too!!!!
Chef preparing lunch for us!!!
and we diligently set the table in the kitchen, we ate on the stainless steel table we worked at
not to forget some of the bread we baked earlier
our lunch: norwegian salmon in morelle mushroom sauce, baked potatoes and salad
finished off with a nice yummy rich chocolate base cheese cake
later back to more proving, kneading, weighing, shaping, baking.....
after much practice, I can shape prefectly nice dough *chef made the other one at the back*
My enthusiasm increased and made better bread as time passed. Guess which one is mine? My foccacia is perfectly square and equal.
Wholemeal bread
mixed grain bread
more rustic bread!! Mine is the one on the left with perfectly scored square on top.
Datin Karen in blue shirt, she got a nice house in France
monkey, Chef, May
Datin I-forgot-your-name and May
Our creations...fresh from the oven...the smell was soooo goood...I can still remember it today!!!
all my creations which I brought home for JS
"wah!!! so much??? How are we goin to finish them baby?"
"......u sent me for class, this is what u eat!!!"

So we gave more than half to UCP who will chomp down everything from our kitchen!!!

Bread making isn't what I thought it was...
the more I learn, I realised the more I dunno,

so much to calculate apart from weighing the ingredients,
it's all about temperature of the flour, water, the dough, the environment.
It all play important roles!!!
What those recipe books taught us are soooo sooo wrong!!!

So much of mathematics to do....
sweat man!!
Don't play play!!! I'm certified now!!! Professional u know....more like fofesionale...