Thursday, June 27, 2013

Belated Birthdays with Roomies

a really pretty Tree of Love cake by Wondermilk
just really suited for our 3 in 1 belated Birthday celebrations :)))) Everyone was so busy to catch-up lately, and when opportunity arises we wanna make full use of our time spent together :))))

so it was the right thing to do beginning of this year, when we were hanging out as much as possible before the busy period kicks in. Which is like about now.....or more like 2 months ago for Monkey. Ramadhan is coming really soon and I hope it's a quiet month for me to catch up with more analytical work, friends, re-organizing of my life, baking and reading. And some major paperworks to be done in my personal life. Time...time....time...NEED.MORE.TIME!!!!

Mee Mee wasn't feeling well that day but she posed well :))))

ain't easy when u are the head of your department at a MNC, having 2 young kids and one of them is still a baby, being the eldest in your family having to guide your young siblings into their young adulthood life finding themselves. Balancing between being a mother, wife, sister, friend, boss, colleague.....arghhhh. All without a MAID!!! I think she's a superwoman.

Next was Shell Shell's turn to pose with the cake :)))) hehehehehehe

I guess everyone had come a long way in their recent life, apart from work and's also about health. I alwiz believe health is wealth. Shell Shell is slowly recovering and she's really a strong woman. I broke down the day I visited her at the hospital, I know I'm such a baby...when your friend needed u the most u are not suppose to cry but be strong, show them courage and lend ur shoulder for them to cry on. Definitely not the other way.....Shell, I promised I will learn to be stronger like u...emotionally especially. :))))

Now let Monkey teach u how to pose with u cake :P
since it's gonna be eaten, might as well...HAIIIYEAAAKK!!!

Time to blow the candles but we were still busy cam-whoring
Nee Lee the camera-lady was soon getting restless...

Nee Lee: "Do u have anymore poses? Please let me know coz I'm waiting for the blow-the-candles pose!!!"

Thank you Nee Lee for organising this lil party and Karaoke!!! we had so much fun. She gave me a really soothing nice peppermint foot spa salt!!! YEAYYYY!!! that's wat I needed after trotting around in my 5.5 inches stilettos. It matched her top so well hahahahahaha

Mee Mee: "Yaaaayyy I got a beautiful yellow top in my fav color!!!! it came with contrasting necklace."
She's one eppy gal!!!! :)))))))))

Shell Shell got a pair of lovely earrings which she past on to Monkey....coz apparently all of us being her closest friend, forgotten that her pierced ears were no longer pierce. Our bad...sorry :P note taken now...we'll remember that for the rest of our lives unless u decided to do piercing again. I'll go with you :))))

YAYYYY!!!! I lurve this soft chiffon butterfly top!!! so PRETTY!!!!!!! I so can imagine myself innit with skinny jeans and pumps with a ciggie on my hand :P yes...looking like a gangsta precisely :P

They were so happy with their new dresses hahahahahha
each of them were planning to utilise it soon....oh well if only u understand small lil things can thrill them. Oh well if there's nothing to look forward to at work, then at least u should look fwd to dressing up for work!!!! hahahaha Monkey's philosophy :P

We got Lego toys!!!! Look at my eppy ecstatic face!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Mee Mee said, these days she has got no time to shop except online shopping. The only shops she goes to these days are TOY shops!!!!! hahahahahaha

I lurve the pink, orange and fuchsia bangles from Shell so much that I had it on the spot...still with its tag on!!! Yes I'm that vain :P

After all the crazy cam-whoring, screaming over the microphones and singing for freaking 4 hours, stuffing our faces with food and cakes....we decided it's time to go home, back to our respective duties - be it mother, sister, wife, gf etc.

it's good to let ur hair down on a Sunday afternoon like this...being silly and girlie and doing fun things like this.

and on Monday morning, I was so looking forward to dressing for work....
in my new bangles, new Lego keychain that has got LED lights when pressed. It was hugging my Turquoise Prada bag. And my colorful color-blocked dress....hehehehehe....

Thank you Roomies for a wonderful time spent. I look forward to our next outing as usual. Take care and be well in the mean time. Hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At Work.........

Last Friday, Monkey was hanging out at Majestic Kuala Lumpur for work. Such a beautiful property to be at...we were here when it was newly opened and a few months looked even more beautiful with more refinement done here and there.

I lurve my shoes which I got at Bangkok together with Kindy Chai. Nice to kick around innit...hahahaha and my limited edition Lana del Ray pink jeans from H&M. I've noticed I have a lot of bimbotic pink stuffs on me alwiz.

so we got the largest suite on the new wing for our "work". I must say the new wing is quite a disappointment though, looking like any other hotels with no distinctive features. Unlike the old wing @ Majestic it evoked a nostalgia feeling with its impeccable butler service, old tiles and very very colonial rooms, windows and wooden blinds. LURVE~~~~~

I can't decide if he's sexier or the watch he's wearing

Monkey: "Hey this isn't a just-woke-up look....his hair is too NEAT!!!"
Stylist: "Oppsss sorry!!!"

Go and ruffle it up...if u not gonna do it I am climbing into the bed and do it myself
nyek nyek nyek

Finally....the just-woke-up look with ruffled hair and lazy eyes

Casper the model: "I like this watch a lot.."
Monkey: "Thanks. Me too :))))))))))))"

Casper the model: "Where can I get it like for RM 100? I want an imitation."

Monkey >.<
No u can't get this for RM 100 and no there's no imitation on this iconic watch!!!!

and the bathroom scene....

Sexay Back Maggie: "Woiiii this is a bathroom scene....he's supposed to clad in only towels...why is he still wearing jeans underneath that thick towel???"

All eyes on Sexay Back Maggie
hello woman, I thought I was too are an entirely different animal yourself. Hahahahaha. Anyway there's only one thing that can make Monkey eppy eppy.....

Cat came later bringing 2 boxes of yummy goodness
when she walked into the suite, the whiff of freshly baked eggies rumbled everyone's stomach.

Monkey: "can I order room service to go along with these babies? Actually I'm dying for some alcos."
Stylist Sarah: "u wanna start the Friday party earlier izzit?"

Swiss Rolls from Yut Kee Coffee shop
the hainanese establishment since 1928

Cat waited 45 minutes for these babies to be baked at its oven, prepared and cool b4 she could rush to Majestic for the photo shoot. LOL!!! all for yummy food, guess I found my match :)))))

yeah u got it right, everyone was ogling at this box of swiss roll instead of the model :P
after the photo shoot Monkey went to do coffee with Hotelier Nij who's no longer Oreo Nij bcoz he's a grown up young man now. It was a productive Friday afternoon :)))) I love my job :))))

and finally a long slow steamboat dinner with my bitches :))))
I lurve my day

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dinner with Chefs at Soo Kee

Lady Boss Jessica Hon was cooking for us on Sunday
when the boss pulled up her sleeves to cook for her clients, u know it's gonna be SUPERB!!!

Soo Kee has been receiving mixed reviews from its inconsistent standard and price. Then I found out bcoz some of these ppl went to the wrong shop. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
to the one opposite this original Soo Kee with the same name

the one opposite operates as "Soo Kee's Son" so it's pretty confusing I know.....we've tried both but stick to this one for its intense Sang Har Mee - Big Head Prawn Crispy Noodle and Dry fried Beef Hor Fun. When it comes to price, oh well....I know it's expensive if u compare it with other similar establishment but hey this is Jalan Imbi!!!

anyway everything has got demand and supply.....

We were hosting 2 prominent Japanese chefs....
not just any chefs but Head Chefs from Shinji Kanesaka

JS was gasping for breathe.....where to bring these discerning chefs to eat???
and ran in panic
ok ok ok he didn't do that but I was imagining him running in panic...bahahahahahahaha

Shinji Kanesaka is a 2 michelin stars establishment in Tokyo, serving pure, holistic, balanced sushi....
yes just pure sushi and nothing else. The sushi artisan opened an extension in Singapore at Raffles Hotel headed by Oshino San and while the OUE Tower branch is under the care of Kikuchi San
I will alwiz remember Kiku san's name because 3 years ago when we first met, I kept on calling him KIKO
as in K-I-K-O
Kiku san -_-"
"It is KiKu K-I-K-U!!!! u know flower??? flower des???!?!?!??!"

Ok ok ok I get it...I'm sorry....don't point ur sashimi knife at me...
hahahha just for some laughs...KiKu San was very professional, he didn't point any knives at Monkey. He prepared every single slice of the fresh fish with respect and care. The sashimi knives were alwiz placed and cleaned with high pride on his wooden board all the time.

Chef Oshino San and JS

he has got really sharp palate. The secret to their sushis were the rice...and it is a HUGE secret...very very big secret...everyone has been guessing what is the proportion of XXX and YYY rice to achieve the texture, consistency, pure distilled taste. oh yummmsss....I really look forward to dining at Shinki Kanesaka again soon :)))))

Deep Fried paper wrapped chicken
just to start off the dinner, it was really tasty but I am not a fan of paper wrapped chicken. Hahahaha.
They have never eaten something like's simple and tasty and juicy.

Aman K and Allure Anneke joined just for dinner....people with extreme detailed palate. Yes I know it's stressful to bring ppl with high expectation for meals.

a really really simple stir fried fresh squid with garlic chives

so simple and yet tasty....the squid were just done alright with the sweet crunchy chives. Everyone was wondering wat type of vege was's just some local chives. Allure Anneke was asking if she could get this fr the market......I really dun know. So, clever her snap her pic with her phone as a reference in the future.

the ever famous Sang Har Meen
with its gravy completely drenched in Prawn Head sinful...super high cholesterol can die.

the noodles were thin and crunchy so its' best eaten once it's served. Oh well it really depends, if u like ur noodles soft then u can drench more gravy into it. This dish really vows everyone.

As both chefs were indulging the food, we could see their astonished face were busy dissecting the ingredients, taste profile, methodology in achieving it. Only thing missing, they have yet to opened up their notebook to write down all these...hahahahahaha

Veteran head chef here was preparing our other main dish - Dry Fried Beef Hor Fun
Our dearie guests were bz hogging this work space snapping pics

full of wok-hei....the breathe of fire....literally.
can almost taste charcoal in this dish.
Awesome...never fail to impress :)))))

as alwiz...the Camera(s)ssss get to feast on the food first b4 we humans can
I lost count on the number of cameras that evening. hahahahahaha

The Chefs and their partners were deliberating discussing about the food that they had
while Monkey and Aman K were bz discussing about the wines we just had....oh well we are drunkards, wat do u expect :P

JS was our acting sommelier for the evening..
"More wines for u Monkey?"
"Alwiz... :))))))))"

The two chefs made a pact to visit each other again soon.
they exchanged name cards and numbers :)))))))))

Aman K wanted to "style" the bottles for the final shot.
and this was the end result.....

yeah all the drinks we had including Asahi and mineral water :P
hey mate I think u can do better!!!
to his protest he added: "I'll need at least an hour to style them properly!!!"

Wifey and Chef Oshino-san
enjoying a refreshing Malaysian "kat-chai-shuen-mui" drink

Oshino-san: "What is this?"
Monkey: "It's Malaysian yuzu."

Oshino-san: "U have yuzu here?"

hehehhehe that's the closest comparison I could come up with. Of coz the yuzu is much more delicate and so blarddy expensive!!!!

Chef Kiku and GF are pretty romantic young couple :)))))))))))
He had a one year stint in Indonesia before ending up in Singapore so Chef Kiku can speak Bahasa Indonesia....

When the platter of squid was served he said "Cumi-cumi!!!"

I noticed we have 3 bald men...
the chefs had to shave bald for discipline in the kitchen...but as for Aman K, guess he wanna be a kiwi....hehehehehe

The chefs thanking Chef Jessica for the great awesome meal.
nope, dinner isn't over....coz we crossed the small road to the durian stall.

Their first "Musang-King" durians....
looking rather skeptical here

the ladies were sniffing it....
hmmm it smelled like onions!!!!
hahahahahahahahhahahhaa. It took them many minutes before they can put them into their mouth.

Chef Oshino: "OIIIIISSHHHIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
the ladies agreed it was much more tastier than it smelt
hehehhehehehe just like custard.

in fact we had many other dishes at Soo Kee, I didn't post them up. The other dishes are pretty tasty like the kongfu chow, fried rice and some other vege...lastly, I almost had to wheel our guests into the MPV back to their hotel.

The chefs finally concurred that Malaysian food is so much more tastier than Singapore's food....bahahahahahahaha
Glad that all of you enjoyed our lil Malaysian local food fare. Till the next time!!!!

Soo Kee Restaurant
14, Medan Imbi,

Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2148 1324