Monday, June 10, 2013

Lil smarties from Tokyo

MW Maho gave Monkey a beautiful quaint lil box of chocolate fr her last visit back home in Tokyo. Anyway she flies back every month but she calls Malaysia her home now :))) Tokyo isn't that near and not that far I guess such monthly journey were OK for her?

the Up side would be we get to enjoy yummy imperiale beef, high quality green teas, japanese spices, and sweet lil things like this :))) Now we missed them so much and wish for their return soon, coz we wanna do another round of makan & minum session.....hahahahaha

so what do u do when u miss your friends?
You take out things that remind you of them :)))))

hah!!!!!!! my unopened box of Enfat chocolat fr Tokyo!!!!
yes I know MW Maho, I am only eating them now!!!!
all the smiley faces inside the box just made me smiled and missed her even more!!!

these are really huge babies...
made from high quality sugar and chocolate. They are handmade apparently :P

it's not as sweet as ur usual smarties, with natural colors on its sugar shell, u dun really need to worry about tainting your tongue and teeth with colors :))))) So I've been popping them like pills and it's really really yummy!!!! crunchy shells and not too sweet smooth velvety chocolates :)))))

Come back soon and we'll pop champagnes instead of these smarties ok?

Read about our previous dinner at their beautiful home *here*


licheng said...

How cute! Any occasion? The white chocs says 'omedetou' = congrats.

Chasing Food Dreams said...

so adorable... even comes with smiley faces... how to eat? ;)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: izzit? errr no occasion and we can't read japanese :P think this is like a gift for ppl expecting/new babies....coz enfant = child in french and nope, we are not expecting :P

Food Dreams: how to eat? just close ur eyes and pop them into your mouth. Enjoy...kakakakaka