Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Furla Candy - Sunset collection

Monkey just got back from the sunny island of Singapore and no trip is well executed without some retail therapy. No, u don't want me as your therapist....coz then u'll need financial planner and consultant to give you therapy on your bank account.


but isn't the Furla Candy Sunset edition so so so very very pretty????
aawwwwwww nyo nyo nyo nyo~~~~~~
I went crazy and gogo gaga after seeing online

this one in different shades is also so so so pretty!!!!!

the Furla Candy Sunset bags are limited edition for Summer 2013
and this would make a perfect BEACH bag coz it's high quality rubber

this one in emerald and citrin yellow is pretty too!!!!
oh dang!!! which one??? which one???

I was dashing from the mirror to the shelves with different bags at its boutique. The sales assistant was tagging along telling me which color is better. She's not helping coz she's like asking me to buy all FOUR!!!

so? one for the BEACH one for the pool one for the waterfall and one for the jacuzzi at my home???

in the end, after much foot work inside the boutique, Monkey narrowed it down.
she still kept asking me to buy both!!

Monkey: "Hello missy!! I can't afford both coz I'm paying!!!
S.A.: "Oh that's even better....you pay for one....and *pointed at JS* he pays for the other!!"


and I finally got her :)))))
Furla Candy Sunset in Grapes-Violet and Orange :))))
it's actually more of yellow but the description states it's orange...okie watever

so so so in love with her :))))))))))))
u may add an extra leather trap for SGD 139 so it will turn into a sling bag but I wasn't too keen. It looked so good on its own :)))))

Tokyo celebrity blogger TV-host designer Misha Janette is carrying one in Grapes-Violet Turqoise
so so so so pretty!!!!!!

pic stolen from jadorefashionlove.blogspot.com
She carried it so well with matchin shoes and jeans :))))
because the Candy Furla didn't burn a hole in my pocket, I decided to go for a pair of their oh-so-pretty sandals!!!!
and settled for a simple black and white Venus Sandal :))))))))

ok ok ok no more shopping coz I thought I was already broke after Paris
now I am broke broke broke broke

View the beautiful video of Misha Janette and her variety of Furla at the official website:


Anonymous said...

Indeed a tough decision! All so niceeee....But ur choice is niceee too!

neil said...

What super cute bags! Good choice, Bee Ree =)

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Yes u are right!!! such tough decision!!! hahaha thank you :)

Nee Lee: Thank you :) I will bring her out during our next outing :))