Monday, June 03, 2013

La Tour d'Argent revisited :))))

Prince C and I Ching were so excited, standing outside La Tour d'Argent....the restaurant that inspired the animated movie Ratatouille.

Monkey: "We are going dine at Mousie's restaurant!!!!!"
Prince C was beaming with smiles coz that's his kids favourite cartoon and apparently his as well :P hahahahahahahahahaha.

Such a luxury waiting area :))))
We were waiting in glee bcoz it's such a novelty to be seated here but it didn't last long because our Maitre D soon escorted us up with the elevator.

Once the doors of the lift opened....u can see the dining hall with a magnificent ceiling.
This was precisely our 2nd time here but each time feels new with such novelty :))) It's a treat for Monkey do be able to dine at La Tour d'Argent :))))

The 9kg wine list that needs about 2 hours to go through
I guess when u already know wat u wanna drink, 20 minutes is sufficient :))))
La Tour d'Argent has the largest wine list with the highest value in the entire Europe!!!!

This time we have a different table, just right in front of the podium preparing the famous DUCK and its jus!!!! hahahhhaahha the smell was so good but not so for poor JS....he was practically sniffing his nose the entire evening :P

Master of Sommelier preparing the wines under Monkey's watchful eyes
yes he's opening a very important needs to be very very careful but our sommelier is really professional.

As the wines were being prepared, amuse bouche was served....a pastry with duck pate and black olives. Really yummy and definitely not gamey at all!!!

La Tour d'Argent
has its own silverwares...
didn't know drinking water was such a pleasure from's cold when it touches your lips and give u that lil tingle :))))
available for sale at the restaurant with embossed logo for something around Euro 280??
yes for a silver cup.....
I don't mind a silver spoon though

another pretty amuse bouche arrived with presentation of fresh herbs and tiny croutons.

everything was so fine here :)))

Monkey ordered a fresh spring vegetables starter with special mustard sauce...
I didn't wanna load my tummy bcoz was saving space for the DUCK!!!!
but the portion is really generous :))))

Huge green asparagus with morels mushrooms :))))

Another green asparagus starter with quail egg. Looks like everyone was preparing their stomach for the main course...hahahahahahaha

the other plus point for this half a century old restaurant was its view....of Notre Dame
such pleasure to watch sunset everyday in Paris :))))

The entire duck was presented to us before preparation by the Master himself :))))
seriously the duck looked so beautiful.....with its skin beautifully basted.

Then its breast were removed, its carcass were "pressed" to extract the jus from its bones...cooked with armagnac till it's thick and served with the duck.
its meat was really smooth...u'll be surprised, with all the richness from its special jus.

I had roasted Duckling....the skin was really skinful but that's the best part :P

JS the non duck eater who was so sweet to bring us here...
and si he had a lovely pork with 4 different tyles of carrots...
yeah the colors were so exotic right?

Wahahahaha I know....we were really lucky!!!

Montrachet 1987...notice the bottle number 00002

and the lottery was Cros Parantoux by Henri Jayer 1988....hahahhahahaha
such beautiful bouquet on the nose and such elegant wine, we were fighting for the last bit. It's really a big treat to have these 2 together, side by side. Think we forgot to ask them to remove the labels for us to keep as remembrance.
The main course came with this really yummy potato puffs. It's so crispy and airy. The whiff of potatoes was so intense too...very addicted to this...if only they can gimme a bucket :P

see wat I mean :)))) it's really a yummy potato puffs
really light and crispy.

I Ching was so impressed she complimented the Masterchef who prepared this yummy duck. In fact they were so impressed they booked this restaurant for the following week...hahahahaha.

main course isn't over yet as there's other parts from the duck to be eaten.
I can never get sick of this place. Must return the next time we are in Paris.

JS had cheeses and Monkey stole some hehehehe :P

after a heavy and contented dinner, we opted for lighter dessert such as this lemon meringues and sorbet

the famous chocolate dessert here...the base is cold so when the warm chocolate was poured in the middle, it will slowly melt and create a hold right in the middle of the disc.

Souffle raised so beautifully :))))
everyone on the table still concluded that JS makes the best souffle...hahahaha

served with exotic fruits :))))))))))

I couldn't remember who's dessert came with this dollop of ice cream but it was served on the side. In the end everyone just stole a spoonful :P

Happy and contented people :))))))))))

Soon we bid farewell and went downstairs...I Ching wanted to see the actual "duckpress" and there was one piece at the lounge. It's really huge and heavy.

Au revoir La Tour d'Argent...till the next time

Read about our visit 6 months ago *here*

La Tour d'Argent
15 quai de la Tournelle,
75005 Paris, France.
Tel: +33 01 4354 2331


Chasing Food Dreams said...

serious duck business here... lol.. the pork looks mighty fine here too... and 4 types of carrots?? so pretty... wonder if they all taste the same?

js said...

Hye food dreams. The pork is better than the duck!! I thought I heard objections!! Haha.
The four types of carrots taste the same but texture different. Looks perfect for presentation.

Anonymous said...

Terrible writing ...what s with all the hahahaha...and complimenting the chef ... Really ? must stop there when in Paris ! guys sound like a bunch of spoiled brats turned "Jo Blogger". i guess even la Tour d Argent needs plenty of business....but more and more chefs now refuse cameras understandably enough.

CHER-RY said...

Hello Anonymous :)

Thank you for dropping by. I still lurve this place. Excellent duck and wine list :))) Looking fwd to the next visit. :))