Friday, June 14, 2013

Object of Desire 0019: Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals

the ever beautiful ICONIC, evergreen, classic pair of Tribute Sandal by YSL

I'm confused with the usage of the brand used to be YSL or Yves Saint Laurent...and ever since that the designer Monsieur Laurent passed away in 2008...a major revamp was done for the it's known as Saint Laurent. I would still prefer to refer this brand as Yves Saint of my favourite legendary designer
*apart from Karl Lagerfeld, he was in Singapore last month and I was in Paris...else I would have flown down Singapore to see the Legend in flesh*

PR jobs aside...I think this pair of heels is so stunning

every season, there's new colors, new materials
u'll bound to find YOUR color somehow
but what if all of its colors really suits u?
yeah I think there's no such thing as one single color one dimension for anyone. Though I am sure everyone has their favourite color, but why stick to one when u can have many? I love colors :)))))

I can't think of any celebrities that don't own a pair

it's so wearable be it casual or on the red carpet
u can pair it with dresses, jeans and even shorts!!!!

lurve how Bootylicious Beyonce wears her Bright Yellow YSL Tribute

yes I must have one now :)))))))))))
Fuchsia is my favourite color but fuchsia heels isn't so everyday
I know, some of u may wanna whack my silly monkey head and say that YSL Tribute isn't everyday honey?? wake up!!!!

I lurve all my heels in patent leather
well if u gonna step on it, u better make sure it's easy to clean too :))))))))
oh yea, Monkey bought 4 pairs of patent leather heels in Paris. Yes Yes Yes I know, I will post OK!!!!

Notice that the older version of inner sole has got a zig-zag design around its logo???
Now under the stewardship of Creative Director Hedi Slimane, everything has gone minimalistic...seriously very very minimalistic, sometimes u don't even find the Iconic golden "Y" clasp on its bags anymore :"((

Red is so so so sexay!!!
I will own her day...but not today nor this week or this month yet but.....I just saw a pair selling at 30% off in Changi Airport!!!!

Come to your sense now.......u won't die without a pair of heels.
but u will die without air if u gonna continue to hold your breath staring at this stunning pair!!!
hahahhahahahahahahahahaHappy Friday Folks!!!

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neil said...

Oooh, so your final choice is the fiery red! :D

CHER-RY said...

Yes Nee Lee!!!! :))))))))))
but since it made it to the Object of Desire will remain as one.

Anonymous said...

Already 50% @ ion

CHER-RY said...

really??? OMG...I hope they still have my size and colors...

Anonymous said...

how much is the ysl tribute heels in SG? intend to buy one in few days- kris