Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My work station

My work station with its own instalment for the last couple of months.
Monkey dearie acquired these postcard during her visit to Yoshitomo Nara's exhibition. His very first solo exhibition in HK. Oh well since I can't afford his art pieces, these beautiful postcards in different sizes will do. Plastered it on with my butterfly magnets. The other merchandise that I could afford were an Iphone hard cover and his book.

Colleagues commented that these pics were so so so Monkey.
Monkey when she's at work -_-
Monkey when she's focussed -_-
Monkey when she's throwing that slitted eyes stare -_-
Monkey when she's listening to them -_-
Monkey when she's on the phone -_-

I didn't realised I looked like that all the time.....-_-"
geeee thanks guys for watching me so intently all the time. They even added that it's never a good time to approach me.....coz I'm looking -_- all the time. So when is a good time?

Yoshitomo Nara got inspired through his journey of visiting innocent children who were separated and dis-allocated from their families and lives.  From Wars and natural disasters such as tsunami and earthquakes. Hence the looks with innocent big eyes but in actual fact, they were traumatised and in pain, so much more for them to even understand at that age.

*pic taken from the web*

Yoshitomo Nara paints children from around the world, so the difference in hair and eyes colors. The main iconic feature remains.....
*pic taken from the web, painted on wood*

True!!! It will always be hard....but we gotta move on!!!!
If u can get hold of his books, please do get it. Not too sure if you can get them in Malaysia, prollie you can try Kinokuniya? If you happen to be in Japan, it's available in all major bookstores.

JS said this so me....
geeee thanks again...u are the best!!! I will smile more for you then.

Ta-DA!!! my new "installation" of Andy Warhol :))))

Got it changed after our trip to France last month. We attended Andy Warhol's very first exhibition of 102 pieces of Shadows in Europe. Oh well, since I can't afford the pieces....here goes the postcards again. Wahahahaha. Spot one of me. I queued up for 15 mins to have that pic taken in Andy Warhol's pop-up colors.

If I have the time and money, I would wanna work in an art museum :)))) modern art to be precise. When I don't have to worry about paying bills...just focus on curating art pieces for exhibitions...but have to be artists that I have passion in. Hahahah so selective...nobody would wanna hire me. Think I'm already doing a great job being a guide inside art museums around the world, with Mr. JS being my only guest/tourist. Or he's just entertaining me by pretending to understand. LOL

So what would you wanna do if you have time and money?
Guess the bottom line is, all of us want good health....for when there's health...you can enjoy LIFE. yes...life :))))

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chiffon Pink - Le Creuset

*pic courtesy of Le Creuset Singapore

Received the usual monthly newsletter from the group and I'm not the person who will click on most newsletter and this one caught my attention from its header. HAHAHAA women are suckers for anything in pink I guess? Prollie not all, but most of us do. Especially when the cast iron lid was styled and shot among the beautiful blooms of peonies.

*pic from Cuppa.org.za

Christmas is around the corner, so why not get something really nice from Le Creuset. It's available in multi colors to suit the lucky recipient and occasions. I know I would be happy to receive one or two even if it's the non-cast iron ware. 

So far at home, we've been collecting a multitude of colors including grey....yes grey...-_-" my dear Mr. JS only loves rustic colors.

For more info:

Monday, November 16, 2015

La Morue Fish Restaurant, Montpellier

Such a rustic and stunning pic taken by Mr. JS

We arrived Montpellier in the late afternoon, checking into a really cosy "gentlemen's house". I will prepare a separating posting on our accommodation Baudon de Mauny in Montpellier, so love it and highly recommended. The next morning we found out from the owner of the place, an aristocrat that the bicycle belongs to his son, when we showed him some pics from the camera. Oh, so we were staying in the same building as the owner of this place.

our dedicated concierge Thibault recommended a really nice fish restaurant that we wanted. Southern France is all about fresh produce like this - grilled fish, languedoc olives, lemon and vegetables. Montpellier is really quaint, a walkable city with so much of history and yet there's a certain degree of modernity that you can find here. City trams crosses in between the old buildings and churches. Oldest medical university is still in operation with students from around the world and clusters of town houses gave this city its quaint character. Old Charm I'll call it.

Prior to dinner, we hung out for 2 hours at a wine shop - L'atelier du Vins and asked for some recommendation of wines at the restaurant - La Morue. I guess when you are not familiar always asked.

We had such an amazing time and 2 hours passed by too quickly as we were chatting for that long with a couple from Switzerland. The hubby quit his job to study french in Montpellier!!! I wished I could do that....such passion and #YOLO. I guess one has to embrace this in mind, that you only live once so make the fullest out of it. Go travel the world, learn things, meet new friends.

This is exactly what we've been preaching and also living up to it. :)))

salt from Carmargue...which is about 40km away from Montpelier I think. Now you can get this specialised salt from B.I.G

speciality of southern France - Fish Soup!!!!! served with aioli :))
the intense soup was made with fish stocks, with almost melted fish chunks innit with the beautiful aroma of saffron. I can almost compare the texture of this soup to our local "asam laksa" soup. So sweet and hearty and so you just butter some garlic aioli onto the croutons and dunk them into your soup. That's the way to consume this.

JS had his amazing grilled Dorade fish...so beautifully done over charcoal fire. With its crispy skin and some rustic mash on the side.

It was really really grilled so well, as the flesh around the bones are still slightly pink. JS concurred and approved this place hahahaha for he's one man who can steam fish so well this way...just pink around the bones. Now we'll see when will he grill fish this way, to test his skills. Hehehehehe.

monkey had her favourite flounder fish.....yummmssss. Such sweetness...it's so good that one can really really finish the entire fish on his/her own. No sauce needed just natural jus and sweetness. Happy days!!!

The restaurant recommended their lemon meringue tart which was really yummy. Lurve that the crust is just a piece of yummy buttery crust at the bottom, then lemon curd followed by perfectly whipped meringue. Simple, rustic and good.

Bcoz this is a fish restaurant, even the coffee was served on a sardin tin. How creative!!!!

Highly recommended for fresh seafood. There's also an array of oysters. Service was extremely friendly and their menu changes accordingly so do look up their blackboard for fresh fish/produce of the day :))))

La Morue Seafood Restaurant
23, Rue du Palais des Guilhem,
Montpellier, France.