Thursday, January 31, 2008

Awesome Thai food in Penang

Prince C & JS sped fr Ipoh to get Monkey at the airport,
that's Bayan Lepas.

went thru the horrible jam on the bridge to cross over,
picked notti monkey up....and cross back to mainland

Where are we goin??????

and for the 2nd time, they went thru the bad jam on the bridge
the pick-up process and crossing over and back again took 3 hours.

yeah superlicious Thai food at Sungai Dua - Butterworth

Name of the place: Khun Thai
Khun = Mr/Ms
Thai = Thai lor......-_-
1st dish that came and tickled our taste buds was Tom Yum Goong Nam Saai
if u want the soup to be clear just add nam saai at the back when ordering.
*sorry I have yet to graduate fr my thai language lesson*

It may be innocent looking but the taste sure damn super killer!!!!
Hot and fiery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this was steamed fish on a bed of vege with another super killer soup
Gaeng Som = sour curry

I failed on this dish *hot & spicy tolerance failed big time*
with only a smack of its soup,
I swear my lips were thicker than Ms. Jolie,
and I was sweating all over fr a sauna experience over this dish!!!!!

Pengsan-ing dish
ppl may die bcoz of this!!!
eat with caution.
to save my lips fr exploding, we had Kao Klok Ka Pi - Belacan fried rice
trust me....this didn't help at all.

bcoz its was bursting with flavours
sweet, savory, sourish and of coz most importantly hot and fiery.
so JS ordered more vege to save my life,

lil did I know...........
my favourite kangkung were laced with lotsa lotsa super damn lots of
Chilis + belacan

every single square cm of my kangkung contained chilis.
but it's damn good.
Called: Pak bung fai deng
Pak Bung = morning glory plant
fai daeng = FIRE!!!!!
well that explains.
this was totally awesome!!!!
fried clams with thai basils in nam prik pow
nam prik pow = thai chili paste
forgot wat do u call this in thai,
steamed variety of seafood
crabs, mantis prawns, super huge fresh prawns in
lemon grass, chilis, coriander, chilis, lime, chilis, galangal, chilis
chilis, chilis, chilis, chilis, chilis, chilis, chilis.
"No name chicken"
yeah it was written in the menu that way,
crispy succulent chicken
so good we had 2 portions.

oh yea...did I mention that we washed all the super chili-ing thai dishes with
2 bottles of Dom Perignon 96???
ouch wat a waste!!! I can't even taste anything except chilis................

lucky I-Ching & JS can tolerate super hot can die food,
we even had to order an omelette for Prince C,

Pad Thai at Siam Express

yeah no matter how spicy,
I can never get sick of Thai food.
kao klok ka pi
with condinments of shredded mangoes, cucumber, shallots,
chilis, long beans, dried shrimps, sweet chicken
and a fiery belacan dip.
this was the starter called Meang Kum
with CHILIS, kacang, dried shrimps, coconut, young galangal, lime,
shallots and a tamarind sauce.
this is how u eat it...
wrap it up with an edible leave.
a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that.
Thab Thim Grob
chestnut + jackfruit in fresh coconut milk

will definitely visit Khun Thai again when I'm in Butterworth next!!!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gurney Drive

Ong Ling, Monkey & Suan Ling
the wife and the gfs of the clan.

We were all prep up for dinner.
Poor us!! stood under the scorching hot weather for RCC,
dehydrated, tanned, and our poor feet :(

okie I missed the part where we sneaked out to do a lil bit of shopping @ Gurney Plaza
worked so hard, had to reward ourselves.
Mr. JS got us some farnie looking seashells for starter.
I dunno what do u call these!!!
but it's sure tasty,
with a lemon grass belacan dip
Penang Rojak

Since the ladies were having sore feet
fr standing and shopping,
the guys were despatched to buy food

Edmund was still sitting beside me when orders were given by yours truly to buy yummy food.

"Since when u are a gal?"
"....................*smiled sheepishly*....................."
"Go and get FOOD!!!"
"I dunno what to eat."
"But we want to EAT!!! Go and get something...anything!!!"

When the above conversation ended, on the dot.
Yip came back hugging 4 plates of rojak already.

Ed, u are super inefficient.
While Andrew came with 3 plates of Penang Char Kuey Teow RM 8
with super huge prawns on top!!
Yeah it's really really big
I dunno whether we were eating a prawn dish or char kuey teow
but it's sure yummy!!!

If u want prawns the above size,
do inform the stall vendor,
*add big prawns*
otherwise u don't get prawns....more like shrimps at RM 3.50
JS got me my favourite hi cholesterol heart choking life shortening/threatening super crispy can die deep fried chicken SKIN!!!

and plus some other peripherals.
well to enjoy the best Lo Bak...must go to Penang!!!
Sotong Kangkung
I dunno this dish originated fr Penang or Malacca.
and then my main course arrived
fully loaded with fish + yummy prawn paste was my penang asam laksa
one bowl ain't enuff

Edmund: "Wah!!! U can reaaalllly eat ar!!"
mimicking KFC XXL Burger ad

well same same, since u r not doin that bad either.
We finished off with dessert - Mua Chee
this one with deep fried shallots
so it's a savory mua chee
me no likey!
CNY is just around the corner,
I better watch my food intake.

Sigh, my 3rd lou sang by far would be tonite.
*stare down at my tummy*

Pls serve me indian food or middle eastern or fusion
I am sick of chinese food already.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ultimate Chocolate Banana dessert!!!!!

This post is dedicated to all ladies who can't cook.

well, Valentine is coming and if u wanna whip up something sexay and delish...
for your loved one,
this would be it!!!
Preheat the oven to 200 degree centigrade,
smack 2 good looking bananas for 20 mins or less,
depending on the size of your bananas.

Well u are cooking for someone do make sure all your ingredients
are super good looking and fresh.
while baking,
toast some walnuts on a pan and chop 'em up.

after 20 mins or so.....
by baking them in its own skin,
its juiciness and flavors are sealed in it.

Looked like egg plants eh?

it's important to use baking paper to avoid mess,
the bananas may spurt its juice while baking.
using a sharp scissors, make an opening like the above,
Golden Yummylicious banana!!!!

Do it gently,
you do not wanna destroy your soft banana,
REMEMBER!!! it's for your loved one.
Sprinkle lots and lots of chopped dark chocolate on top
it's important to use only very good dark chocolate
recommended Amedei or Valrhona.

The banana itself is already very sweet,
so DO NOT use any chocolate below 70% cocoa content.

also sprinkle the toasted chopped walnuts on top.
Served with ice cream of your choice....
in this case, to show how much your LOVE is
make your own ice cream

Banana raspberry ice cream:
1 banana for 100gm of ice cream, so use about 4-5 bananas
peeled them and slice them up about 1cm thick
pack all the bananas in a ziplock bag, and throw in a handful of raspberry.
Freeze them until they are hard.

take 'em out and blend everything,
lastly pack 'em in a nice square container and freeze it for at least 24 hours.

it's creamless
it's milkless
but it's an awesome banana raspberry ice cream.
the banana itself is already very sweet,
goes so well with the sourish raspberry,
it also gives it a nice romantic pinkish color.
*u don't want a pale looking ice cream don't ya?*

and what about the other banana?????
Bcoz it's so sizzling hot,
all the dark chocolate melted.

So good to share together,
but one ain't enuff for monkey!!
tee hee hee.

very easy and yummy.
esp if u are a chocolate + banana person
= Monkey

Thanks baby :))

PS: NO, I didn't make the above, only documented it. Me National Food Graphic mar.

Monday, January 28, 2008

RCC Challenge At Gurney Mall by BHPetrol

RCC = Remote Control Car
It's every boy's fav toy
and some men as well.
and last Friday I flew to Penang to be a slave to Mr. JS and Orange Station.
but heck...
it turned out to be so fun!!!!

Mr. JS and his team
JS, Edmund, Andrew, Suan Ling, Faridah, Yip
First thing I did.....checked the itinerary for the day.
10am - 10pm
this is gonna be a loooOOoooooonnng day.
As early as 9.45am....ppl already thronged the place
and the queue was long.
well the final winning prize is a wholesome RM 30,000 hence the enthusiasm.
Parents, kids, and kids-wannabe were queue-ing up for the registration.
The queue went all the way out of the booth!!
Silver Lightning, Black Mamba, Mr. Furious & Speed Demon.
The Black team, Mr. JS and his slave
The track ain't easy.
with all the sharp turning...
this is sooooooo much harder than the Sepang Circuit.
while waiting for the race to begin,
there's some other games to occupy the kids.
Solve the puzzles!!!

I find the parents are more into it than the kids....
"No.....this one!!"
"Over here!!!"
"Like this like that."
"Put that over there!!!!!"

Chill....let the kids enjoy the game lar!!!
BHPetrol gals
and then the race begins!!!

Vroom vroom!!!
All participants were given a black shirt,
well if u don't win...u still get the shirt!!
there were hundreds of participants....
check the board to see who will u go head to head with in the next round.
U'll be amazed at the participants....
they are good....
very good I must say.
me quenching my thirst with this yummy apple drink!!!
it was a scorching hot day with the sea just beside us...
and all of us wearing a very clever colour for a hot day like this
Mr. JS presenting the prizes.
3rd prize winner with RM 500

and he'll get to go to KL next for the final round to win RM 30,000
in cash
OMG....he's so tiny!!!
2nd prize winner with RM 1,000
they called him "Chicken Little"

I think he's only 7.
JS u don't bully him kay!!
and lastly the Champion for the Northern Region with winning prize of RM 2,000
all these young lads can drive so fast
is that supposed to be a good thing...or erm.....the other way??

well kids,
just be furious with your remote control car but not with your dad's cars kay?
Later on......the cute furious speed demon cars were on sale at RM 19.90 each
*what a bargain!!*
it comes with free batteries
*double bargain*

and I tell ya, you better hurry and grab one or all four at your nearest BHPetrol station,
before it runs out.
*only with every petrol purchase of RM 30*

For the final round of the competition,
it will be held at The Curve
2nd February 2008.

coz I'll be
*I wanna see which chicken little wins that RM 30k cash*