Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Ass Kickin Vonne!!!

Early Birds Specials.....(????)
I supposed only ppl who are "tamchiak" understands the above,

When u are early...

u'll get special privileges
as the saying goes....1st come 1st serve basis.

This........Miss Hungry for Ang Pows aka Chan Lu Ai taught me
*Now I know.... why she's alwiz the 1st the show up for every outings*

So for our previous outing,
poor Ass Kickin Vonne missed the xiao loong bao bcoz she was late..
and this was Su San who was late due to her massive work.
Ms Hungry for Ang Pows, Mommy-to-be Connie, Ass Kickin Vonne

Chan Lu Ai: "hihihihihihihihihih........*giggles like a 5 year-old*......hihihihihihihi we gonna order this and Su San will miss it coz there's only 4............for 5 of us!!!"

It's early birds special wor.....according to her.
Ass Kickin Vonne still didn't get it and flipped thru the menu..
"Oh here got early bird promo one ar?"

Anyway Su San arrived before the food came...and her plan failed.
*now my turn to luff like a 5 year-old....hihihihi...hihihihihihih*
can u differentiate between the eaten ones and the fresh ones???
well for tamchiaks like us.....the eaten plate is on the right.
I like their simple salad with sesame oil dressing.
Mommy-to-be Connie had "Unagi outside the rice"
Ass Kickin Vonne had "Unagi on top of the rice"
hai.....wat's the difference lar?

Ass Kickin Vonne: "I like my rice with gravy....*pouts*....."
ok ok ok ok ok
Lu Ai settled for seafood and vegetable tempura
and Lucky-Su-San-Who-Was-Not-Late had grilled salmon set
pic didn't turn out well for Su San & Ass Kickin Vonne.
Su San, Ass Kickin Vonne, Lu Ai
Lucky their pics turned out pretty....
otherwise they'll come after me and my camera.
well as for me...wat else...
hiak hiak hiak
Monkey and Mommy-to-be Connie
alrite has started,
I'll be the banker.....
and I'll calculate the odds and payouts once u have place your bets
Boy or Gal????
Open Toe Pump shoes with a lovely bow...
yes everyone lurve Ms. Hungry for Ang Pows shoes.

Only available in Singapore.
I dunno wat brand is tat nor where to find it.
Amerikaya??? Amerikakaya?
I've only heard of Americana shoes.

anyway their mass brand like Charles & Keith
can throw Vincci into the drain.

Surprisingly my colleagues fr Singapore come looking for
Vincci and Nose
the gals fitting their palms outside the Petronas Science Centre
u are no longer five!!!
it won't fit!!!

Happy belated birthday to Mommy-to-be Connie
and today is a special day for Ass Kickin Vonne,

Sudah tua already....dun go kickin around anymore.

Nippon Tei
Ampang Mall,
Suria KLCC
Tel: 603 2161 4176


neil said...

congrats connie! can I place a bet too? (this is the effect of too much fluffing)

licheng said...

ehhhh...nihon ryouri (Japanese food)..too bad I wasn't there..boohoo..good food, good company!