Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fifteen by Jamie Oliver

It's an establishment to build junks to be better ppl...
well that was how they described the restaurant when I called up..
the recorded message of coz!!

well Jamie O built the restaurant to be part of his TV series - Jamie's Kitchen
hired homeless unemployed young ppl to be chefs,
most of them had already left to top restaurants in London.
Fifteen's bread was yummy but
it was the vinegar that became the talk of our table.
carpacio of beef which was aged for 28 days....
with red radish salsa,pecorino and aragula.
GBP 12 = RM 84

YES carpacio is alwiz RAW.
Someone not gonna like this.
I dunno why the Pasta King *JS that is* is having pasta elsewhere again,
I still find the best pasta got to be in his kitchen.

This one was the seafood linguine with lots of fresh mussels and chilis.
GBP 16 = RM 112.00
I had an extremely succulent leg of saddle back pork which was cooked for 12 hours...
with mint and parsley...and more braised savoy cabbage at the bottom.
GBP 22 = RM 154.00

JS keep stealing my crispy yummy caramelised roast potatoes.
I supposed if u roast potatoes with animal fat,
it's gonna be totally awesome!!!
Their famous classica tiramisu with a new twist,
with lotsa savoiardi biscuits and stracciatella ice creams,
and my fav crushed amaretti.
GBP 6.50 = RM 45.50

still prefer the traditional ones - my way!!
got to have a nice cuppa after meals,
except for dinner I'll settle for camomile tea.
we sat at the lower dining room,
this place is full house...
I guess if u wanna dine in any restaurants in London,
reservation is a must!!
I was so happy that Jamie O used my fav color - FUCHSIA
and we bought some merchandise fr there!!!
shopping bags made fr jut.
GBP 4 = RM 28

we didn't buy any books though...coz I think JS bought everything that was published by him.

Fifteen Restaurant
15 Westland Place,
N1 7LP.
*Very very near to Old Street opposite the Eye Hospital.*

For reservation tel: 0871 330 1515
International reservation tel: 0044 870 787 1515
Reservation time: 9.30am - 9.00pm

Oh yea...forgot to blog about reservation timing in London
-_- so got to hate this...

Just make sure u dun call during lunch or dinner
when nobody is there to layan your call.

but worst of all...
if u dun call,

u dun get to makan!!!


licheng said...

Way cool! I love watching Jamie O. He's gonna be on Iron Chef America against Mario Batali (gonna air on 6 Jan). Then he'll have a new show airing here on Food Network.

The Tiramisu looks so yum-O!

EternalLove said...

just today i watched Jamie's Kitchen XD yummmyy.. *drools while reading your blog*

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yep, Jamie O's food are simple and easy to make. Do let me know the outcomes of his meetup with Chef Batali...

Choyuki: oh yea, if I have time I'll make something for u. :)